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AwesomeTTS (text-to-speech playback / recording)

0.17MB. Updated 2017-09-12. Only supports Anki 2.0.x.


***This add-on only supports Anki 2.0.x. It will not work with the newer Anki 2.1.x.*** AwesomeTTS makes it easy for language-learners and other students to add speech to their personal Anki card decks. MP3s can be stored with your collection, or speech can be generated on-the-fly. See the AwesomeTTS Website for full documentation, including available TTS services, usage, and configuration. The add-on is free and open-source software, released under the GPL. For source code and more, visit AwesomeTTS on GitHub. Problems? Ideas? Go to the Anki Add-ons Forum (no registration required) Please note that add-on authors cannot respond to reviews made below! I want to help everyone get the most out of AwesomeTTS, but I can only do that when I can respond to your message! :) ***This add-on only supports Anki 2.0.x. It will not work with the newer Anki 2.1.x.***


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into the desktop program:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 2018-05-11
Me gustó mucho.
on 2018-05-09
It frees up my time and my energy.
on 2018-05-09
on 2018-05-03
it's awesome!
but I want to know how to rename the file automatically?
even I changed the setting to "human-readable",it's still name the file with hash code.
on 2018-05-01
on 2018-04-26
This is how god was created.
on 2018-04-24
Very useful
on 2018-04-23
The add-on is great.
but why the app is sleeping after every single word for 30 sec?
I would make a list 100 words that take about 1 hour.
on 2018-04-22
Oh, So good, Very very convenient.
on 2018-04-16
Я только пожелал и тут же нашел эту возможность. Как по волшебству.
on 2018-04-16
It's the most useful addon. I use it to get quick pronounce in my own cards
on 2018-04-15
Exactly what I am looking for these years! Perfectly solved my demands! Anki is soooo wonderful!
on 2018-04-15
苦逼小语种路过。在全网都有anki英语背诵资源包的情况下,俄语资源简直是濒危系列,甚至灭绝。加上这个插件妈妈再也不用担心我的俄语学习了!旋转跳跃我闭着眼!虽然只能用谷歌娘念出来,那也好过啥都没有啊( Ĭ ^ Ĭ )
on 2018-04-14
on 2018-04-14
it's so indispensable
on 2018-04-13
It's not working on the version 2.1 :/
on 2018-04-13
Temporary upload for 2.1 is here https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/900455869 (and it was here for a while, really).

As the temporary upload has some of the features disabled, you may also want to try installing an up-to-date version from https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon. In case of any problems, please post a comment in the following discussion: https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon/issues/29 (specifically there so all the people involved will be notified).

And before giving thumbs down, please read Glutanimate's post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Anki/comments/8bsv8d/anki_21_incompatibility_is_not_a_valid_reason_to/
on 2018-04-13
This addon is a miracle of the universe

this is basically: "Why the fuck does this not already come with Anki? - The Add-On"


HEY RETARDS, DON'T GIVE THIS A THUMBS-DOWN BECAUSE IT DOESN'T WORK FOR ANKI 2.1. Stop being autistic manchildren. The developper does not owe you anything.
on 2018-04-13
on 2018-04-13
NO WORK ON 2.1 😏
on 2018-04-13
on 2018-04-11
On 2018-04-05 someone wrote:
Excellent plugin, great work.
But the following message began to appear
<urlopen error [Errno 1] _ssl.c: 504: error: 1407742E: SSL routines: SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO: tlsv1 alert protocol version>
I agree: it's an excellent plugin! This problem only appears in MAC computers. A temporary fix is to use this add-on in Windows 10, and then export the file to your MAC.
on 2018-04-11
Works great. I tried with modern Greek language from the internal OSX speech engine, on-the-fly as well as adding speech files to a deck. Pronunciation is very good (better than mine, haha!). And awesome that you can add the speech to your decks so that it works on your mobile device as well! I'll advise this also to my son who uses Anki to learn his German and French!
on 2018-04-05
Excellent plugin, great work.
But the following message began to appear
<urlopen error [Errno 1] _ssl.c: 504: error: 1407742E: SSL routines: SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO: tlsv1 alert protocol version>
on 2018-04-02
on 2018-03-30
very useful
on 2018-03-27
Great functionality!
on 2018-03-27
THE add-on for language learning. In my opinion, foreign languages are impossible without this add-on.
on 2018-03-24
So good
on 2018-03-23
Perfect :)
on 2018-03-14
on 2018-03-13
saved me lots of time for studying! Althoug sometimes it's not possible to add several (thousand) speeches to the deck. In this case just wait a day or two.
on 2018-03-04
Thank you! It is good addon
on 2018-02-24
Awesome. I couldn't ask for more.
on 2018-02-22
on 2018-02-19
on 2018-02-18
on 2018-02-10
I have ample experience with various TTS providers for the development of news reading apps. One advise; take utmost caution when dealing with Neospeech. I have lost thousands of dollars on this TTS platform. When it comes to their VoiceText TTS or SDK , once you have invested in installing it into your environment and are ready to deploy to production they will unilaterally change contract terms. The deductible developer license is actually not deductible from the production license fee and they will add steep royalty costs to their regular pricing. They pulled the plug on my app without notification. I lost $4000 on a developer license and setup apart from the SDK programming costs. Months of correspondence including their CEO Devin Lee but I was never even dignified with an answer. On the bright side; I’m currently quite enthausiastc about AWS Polly. Very transparent and competitive pricing and obviously a much more reliable provider. If you want to know more about my TTS experience with Neospeech Inc. or my current development with AWS Polly drop me a line.
on 2018-02-07
No phone support
on 2018-02-05
so necessary
on 2018-01-31
on 2018-01-29
Very good application. Thanks
on 2018-01-28
pretty well
on 2018-01-25
very good! Excellent tool
on 2018-01-19
Probably the best Anki add-on I've found. ^ _ ^
on 2018-01-19
amazing! thnk's a lot
on 2018-01-17
Awesome and nothing else.
on 2018-01-16
This is indeed good.
on 2018-01-14
It's just awesome!! Thank you very much :-)
on 2018-01-01
Very useful add-on but the main feature <tts> tag doesn't work in card template on Android Anki.
on 2017-12-31
Because yes
on 2017-12-31
on 2017-12-24
on 2017-12-22
Preliminary support for Anki 2.1 is available at https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/900455869
on 2017-12-15
on 2017-12-14
Amazing addon! It´s very useful! Great Job!
on 2017-12-14
It is amazing, great job guys!!!
on 2017-11-23
Worked great with Microsoft SAPI to generate English word/phrase audio files (which are usable on mobile too).
on 2017-11-18
Literally awesome.
I could successfully use it with all notes from "Nihongo So-Matome N2 Kanji", which sorely lacks audio files. That just saved me..
on 2017-11-16
on 2017-11-15
It works!
on 2017-11-11
Sometime voice is muffled.

sometimes the voice is muffled, I try to change to another narrator, sometimes it gets normal sometimes not, how to solve it? thanks.
on 2017-11-11
Great Add-on

on 2017-07-27
Awesome add-on

It's indeed an awesome add-on, but recently doesn't generate any audio through Oxford Dictionary with the message:
<urlopen error [Errno 8] _ssl.c:507: EOF occurred in violation of protocol> ; nor through Collins: <urlopen error [Errno 1] _ssl.c:507: error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure>
on 2017-07-09
One of the best and most well-maintained add-ons out there

on 2017-06-04

The variety of different voices is amazing and it didn't take much time to set up at all.

The voice "VW Misaki" doesn't seem to work anymore though, so I have switched.
on 2017-05-21
Great Add on

This is one of the most used add-on on my Anki. It was excellent without any flaws. But it now shows:
<urlopen error [Errno 8]_ssl.c:504: EOF occurred in violation of protocol>
When trying to record from Oxford and

<urlopen error [Errno 8]_ssl.c:504: error:14077410:SSL
routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure>
When trying to record from Collins
on 2017-04-30
Collins and Oxford dictionaries aren't working in Anki.

For Oxford I've got this error:
Cannot preview the input phrase with these settings.
<urlopen error [Errno 8] _ssl.c:504: EOF occurred in violation of protocol>

For Collins I've got this error:
Cannot preview the input phrase with these settings.
<urlopen error [Errno 1] _ssl.c:504:error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure>

Does anyone have the same problems? Any suggestions, please? They are very useful to me. Thanks for your time.
on 2017-04-29
Thank you!

It's very useful , thank you author.
on 2017-03-03

Thank you soooooooo much!!
on 2017-03-03

This add-on is not only incredibly useful, but also gives so many options and is so incredibly well documented that virtually anything is possible with it. Amazing.

To the poster below : Acapala Group changed their conditions, and do not allow anymore that their voices be used if you do not pay. It has nothing to do with AwesomeTTS (which, in this case) and should not impact your review, in the same way that Anki is not responsible for the material that you put in it... I agree that it is sad, as Acapela Group's voices were great. Fortunately, if you look closely, some other voices are really good too... and free.
on 2017-02-22
If I said it was good....

If I said it was 'good', that would be an understatement. Job well done! This project is the best!
on 2017-01-31
Easy to use, amazing audio services, add audio to all your cards automatically.

Amazing addon, significantly enhances your learning experience.

I used this for over 10 000 Japanese Pronouns using the built-in OSX Speech (Kyoko) and it worked like a charm.
on 2017-01-06

loves the multiple card voice addition feature and the variety of voice sources

thanks so much, keep developing
on 2017-01-06
It is awesome .... BUT!

The acapela group is gone ! ?
Very very sad....
Please, is there any chance to get the acapela group back?

Die hervorragende Vertonungsmöglichkeit über die Acapela Gruppe ist nicht mehr aufgelistet.
Die Datei .py ist nicht mehr vorhanden.
on 2016-12-29

Thank you, thank you so much! I used the Naver Translate for Japanese and it's wonderful. In English, I'd call it a game changer. In Chinese, it's almost heaven bending!

Suggestion to move forward: Make the installation and tutorials even more easy to absorb.

I studied IT stuff in college and use computers all day (for more than 10 years), so I have the patience for figuring it out. I can imagine that those unfamiliar with tech would give up once they see the documentation. (Ex. parents, aunts, siblings, et cetera).

All it needs is some simplifying/prettifying (delight-giving) from a user experience design perspective. It already works wonders! I'd love for more people to benefit from it :D.
on 2016-12-12
Many thanks for add Ukrainian language !

You are biggest!:)
on 2016-12-12
please add Bing Translate for Awesome TTS~

Bing Translator can perfume a perfect and fluently speech in many languages.
Would you please add the support for Awesome TTS?
on 2016-11-30

This plugin is SOOOOOOO USEFUL!
on 2016-11-05

on 2016-10-22

I have sign up to thank you. 10 stars!!!! Thank you so muchhhhhh!
on 2016-09-29
Extremely useful

Thank you very much for your fine work.
It is a great contribution to the language learning community.

I am using this to generate Finnish flashcards( using Oddcast as a service ) and to generate Icelandic and Latvian flashcards (using espeak and espeak+mbrola installed locally )
on 2016-09-24
Cannot download audio from Oxford Dictionary any longer in us sound ,

Cannot download audio from Oxford Dictionary any longer in us sound, in Britage is ok . help me and fix it
on 2016-09-19
Cannot download audio from Oxford Dictionary any longer

It has happened for few days. I deleted the add and downloaded it again but it doesn't work. Need help.
on 2016-07-19
If this add-on can automatically record all TTS audio via 'Tap to Template", it would be perfect, and mobile device can have audio as well.
on 2016-06-24

After having trouble remembering certain phrases on review I decided to make my own deck with example sentences. Originally I was going to record mp3s and insert them painstakingly into each card which would have taken a lot of time.

Fortunately, this add-on allows you to easily select text from your card, choose a voice to interpret it into speech, and insert the audio file directly into the card without having to leave Anki at all. Brilliant!
on 2016-06-24
Absolutely Awesome

I am power anki user. I've used it to study Japanese for 7 years and counting and nothing comes close to this level of awesomeness. It's quick, customization, and gives you a variety of sources to choose from.

I can't express how amazing this is. If I could give 6 stars, I would.
on 2016-06-12
how to use it ?

I installed this addons, but i did see any change?
no sound in my japanese deck.
please help
on 2016-05-30

Why did I not know about this before? This add-on is great and a must have! I agree with the other reviewers that this should be part of Anki in the first place. Even so, it was pretty easy to set up and the translations by Neospeech are great!
on 2016-05-26
ivona voice

Dear author, please add IVONA, because ivona voice is really an native and awesome voice.Thank you so much.
on 2016-05-18
Very good add-on

I love it so much
on 2016-05-01
my horn in the page is gone

I think the previous version is really perfect. however, when updating this new one, I find the horn in the review card is vanished. I tried different way, but not work. Anyone know how to fix that. many thx.

--update --- Fix my prob, I should install replay button. So this add-on is still very great and very helpful. many thx.
on 2016-04-29
Please New english Voice Translators

App's like Itranslate, IHandy or Voice Translator.
on 2016-04-05
Integration is flawless

I just discovered this add-on last night. I initially assumed I would have to go back and remake a new deck or card type to use this, but alas, it's as simple as just adding an HTML tag to the template. Truly a gold-standard add-on, a rare gem that exceeds your expectations. Thank you!!
on 2016-02-29

This is really flawless. Super great job. But please add the option to add [sound] tag to both sides. I mean add "both sides" to destination field cause sometimes pronouncing a word two times is desired. Thanks
on 2016-02-12
No Anki should be without this add-on.

This add-on is a complete game changer, I literally cannot imagine using Anki without it. It does the job perfectly, not to mention new services are added constantly.
on 2016-02-03
Awesome addon!

Plz feel my gratitude!
on 2016-01-24
The best add-on form all for Anki

I think AwesomeTTS should be installed by default. It's indispensable. Also maintenance is better than in many commercial programs.
on 2016-01-18
Very impressed - can now learn while driving.

It just does what you expect.
on 2016-01-17
Love Love Love this awesome add-on

Works flawlessly AND it just keeps getting better. The new spanish voices are a huge improvement in realistic voices.
on 2016-01-16
AwesomeTTS........just like the name tells.......really awesome!!.......it's very handy.......it's very powerful.......it's the most useful addon for me.......many thanks to you guys......a great job..........
on 2016-01-13
Thanks for adding Naver support!!

I had been having issues with Google translate recently, so I'm delighted that you've acted so swiftly by adding new translation services.

Great work!

on 2016-01-06
10 Stars for support

the support is first class - learned from the problem with Google and already solved. I give 10 stars
on 2015-12-19
Please fix/update!

I love love LOVE this addon, and use it all the time. It saved me weeks of time vs having to add audio files manually. It's stopped working over the last few days, please fix so we can have this great tool back!
on 2015-12-18
update plz, Google Translate I've changed its API. Try to choose another engine. E.g. ImTranslator with female voice sounds pretty well.
on 2015-12-17
update plz

doesn't work. Please update this grate addon
on 2015-12-02
Is it a dream?!

on 2015-11-26
I like it.

I Remembered it was somehow possible to get the audio-files from google translate, wanted to download them and add them to my anki-cards.
Didn't get it to work (except english files), so I kept on looking for a way. Thank god it didn't work, so I came accross this...

Sometimes you think, there has to be an easier way, and then... there is. Mass-generation of audio-files.

It works, I like it.
on 2015-10-22
thank you so much

i have to go back here and rate it , it helps me a lot , sometime ago , i had to spent 2-3 hours for create card , now i just spend 15' , thank you so much
on 2015-09-23
Audio file creation

Really Awesome .
I could make flashcards from Spanish 4steps, and was able to add audio to 100 flash cards in about 5 minutes at one go.Thanks a lot.
on 2015-09-17
please add longman

hi tanx for best addone
oxford tts not complete
pls insert longman tts
on 2015-08-13
Spectacular add-on which works exactly as expected

Works exactly as expected. Great !
on 2015-07-31

perfektní pro mé studium španělštiny :-D
on 2015-07-26
Saved me years

I've acquired the Japanese core Plus deck from way back, but the thing is, the cards outside of 'CORE' usually lack audio. With some tweaks in notepad++ and excel, I used Anki's Tools>Check media feature to narrow down the searches in the browser to only those without mapped audio and I used this plugin's mass-generation feature.
It generated over 3000 audio files with acceptable to high quality.
This is invaluable to me because I study with an audio card (I play the sound of the vocab then I try to remember the vocab and its meaning).
So, in short, it saved me the trouble of having to download all of those manually.
on 2015-07-09
Н Е Т С Л О В :)

Спасибо разработчикам приложения! И в особенности за добавление Яндекс-а и imTranslator! THANKS! THANKS! THANKS!
on 2015-07-07
Massively add sounds to a deck

Dear author, can you add this link about massively add sounds to a deck? Thank you.
on 2015-06-16
6 Stars

Saved me so much time!
on 2015-05-24
Da' best

Wow, this is a wonderful time saver. Thank you so much!!
on 2015-05-15
deserves more than 5 stars

this is really an awesome voice generating add-on for Anki, nothing possibly can beat it.
Many thanks for the developers.
on 2015-04-07
Work perfect (funciona perfecto)

The best add-on for Anki. (Me ha venido de lujo para aprender la pronunciación del inglés)
on 2015-02-15
It's perfect.

It's a very useful tool and it works perfectly.
on 2015-02-02
Great work!

This plugin saved my life! I have eye surgery in a few hours and a big exam coming out and I just figured out how I can have this great plugin simply read my cards to me - brilliant!
The functionality is amazing and it does exactly what it's supposed to do!

One tiny suggestion: The "Advanced speaking options" where substitutes for tts can be defined (e.g -> for example etc.) is a little cumbersome to use. It would be great if one could duplicate those rules for the MP3 generator. If you wish to do that for the time being, you'd simply have to edit the TinySQL database in the extension directory.

And - for other German speakers: OSX speech synthesis (Yannik) is the best voice I could find for medical vocab.
on 2014-11-22

Found out about this extention half an hour ago.

I used to insert my sounds through a time consuming and hard work way. For the first view looks, this just looks AMAZING.

Thank you sooo much for making my hobby even more enjoyable!!!
on 2014-11-19
It is very useful to automatically add audio to many cards

But could you make it work with Forvo? The audio on there is by real people, no computer generated. I think that making Forvo one of the options would add a lot of value.
on 2014-11-09
Totally Awesome

Awesome is not a big enough word to describe this Add-on

Thanks, developers :)
on 2014-10-23
awesome, for real

thanks guys
on 2014-09-23
Make the audio with simple one click

This is very helpful feature to add audio to my flash card right here in the edit mode with one or two clicks.

I would like to see if it can be improved:
- add the TTS in batch-mode for selected fields for all cards in a deck. In this case, instead of clicking on each of the field in a card, it can be done in one click for all cards.
- if there an option to specify the TTS engine over the internet by providing URL (an excellent example is http://www2.research.att.com/~ttsweb/tts/demo.php) since sometime given TTS engines do not provide a good voice.
on 2014-09-08
This addon saves me hours of every month

I need all the help I can get while learning German. This addon helps tremendously when creating cards. This addon is awesome.
on 2014-09-06
Can I buy you dinner?

Dear developer or development team,

You totally rock. BEST ADD-ON/PLUG-IN/MOD of any piece of software I've seen in 30 years.

It really *is* awesome.

Thank you!
on 2014-08-10
British v American English

The accent seems to have changed from UK to US - how do I restore UK?

on 2014-08-05

An error occurred in an add-on.
Please post on the add-on forum:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\cygwin\home\dae\win\build\pyi.win32\anki\outPYZ1.pyz/aqt.addons", line 39, in loadAddons
File "c:\pyi\iu.py", line 436, in importHook
File "c:\pyi\iu.py", line 521, in doimport
File "C:\Users\acer\Documents\Anki\addons\AwesomeTTS.py", line 109, in <module>
import awesometts # imported for side effects, pylint: disable=W0611
File "c:\pyi\iu.py", line 455, in importHook
ImportError: No module named awesometts
on 2014-07-24
Does exactly what it claims!

An incredibly useful addon that delivers what it claims.
Now I don't have to have that "Pronunciation audio" field for my notes; neither do I have to find audio clips for words, nor do I have to record my own audio for sentences.

The interface is user friendly and very intuitive.

Eagerly waiting for the auto-split-long-sentences fix. :)

Edit: Having the Pronunciation audio field is in infact beneficial.
Adding audio to a normal field will cause it to play multiple times if it is on both sides of the card.
Instead, you can customize templates using the audio field (so that the audio plays only once), and mass generate TTS audio from other fields into the audio field. That way, you don't have multiple replays even if a filed appears multiple times in a card, and you can still use the Mass TTS tool.
Also, this will work with AnkiDroid. So you get the best of all worlds!
on 2014-07-21
As the name says, it's awesome. Thank you very much.

I did used in several decks with different laguages and all worked smoothly. But I've seen there is no obvious way to doi it with cloze deletion type note. I mean, instead of grabbing a filed, grab the string like that: {c1:example::hint}} and and generate "example" in audio field.

Is this possible to implement ? Is there anyone who knows how to do it ?
on 2014-07-03
Almost perfect!

- it doesn't remember Japanese in Google
- the Google languages are limited (way less than on the actual Google Translate).
on 2014-06-05
Thank you for this valuable tool!

Thank you for this valuable tool! I have a queston though. Could you please add a new option for speaking a text selected in the main reviewer's window? I mean: select a text > RMB + "Say it" or a shortcut (in preview mode and by using default settings). Moreover, it would be useful to have a shortcut for quick generation of sounds in the editor by using two user-defined source and destination fields. Thanks again!
on 2014-04-21
REALLY AWESOME but one question about the 100 characters google restriction

First of all I really want to thank you for making this add on. I helps me so much, i m really happy especially about the add mass mp3 function trough browsing!!!

But I have one question.

I study chinese, english and türkisch with Anki.

But also I study law, so I study my law definitions with anki. I thaught it would be awesome to also get a audio feedback of this definitions. And it works just well. But the definitioons are mostly very long. And for the long definitions I never got a mp3.

After I researched I came to the conclusion that this must be because of googles restriction to 100 characters.

Since my definitions are in German i couldnt use the other options of awesometts other than google, because they gave me an english pronounciation of the definitions. These wouldnt work.

Unfortunately I dont know anything about programming. So I wanted to ask you if it would be possible to change this in the next update?

I thaught maybe awesometts could recognize cards longer than 100 characters and split these into parts after the last word within these? And than later in the card let play the two or more mp3s in a row?

I m sorry if i make any impolite request I dont know much about programming. But i would appreciate the change very very much, since I study very hard for my exam with anki. If it would be possible in anyway I would be very grateful.

However this is still the best add on on anki for language learners so far, from my point of view. It is just what we always needed.
on 2014-03-11

Add translate.yandex?
on 2014-02-07
Best plugin of all time - game-changer!

What can I say? This app is probably the best plugin I've ever used in Anki, ranked alongside Japanese and Chinese support plugins. What's better with Awesome TTS is it works with any language that has TTS. The TTS built in to the Mac happens to be very good (and recently updated) for many languages, so this plugin has enabled me to easily expand my studies into other languages and collect text phrases from all around without having to worry about double checking how to pronounce them. Batch import from Excel via TextEdit + Awesome TTS mass mp3 generator = audio files for anything on my iPhone. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I would tip you if I could.
on 2014-01-20
Wonderful add-on ... until it had a bug

your add-on is truly great, and I wanted to thank you for that. However, I got a bug: my OSX say list doesn't appear; and the program tells me this :

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/Users/wahidslaoui/Documents/Anki/addons/awesometts/main.py", line 154, in <lambda>
QtCore.QObject.connect(form.previewbutton, QtCore.SIGNAL("clicked()"), lambda form=form: TTS_service[getService_byName(serv_list[form.comboBoxService.currentIndex()])]['filegenerator_preview'](form))
File "/Users/wahidslaoui/Documents/Anki/addons/awesometts/services/say.py", line 68, in filegenerator_preview
return playOSXsayTTS(unicode(form.texttoTTS.toPlainText()), voicelist[form.comboBoxSay.currentIndex()])
IndexError: list index out of range

How can I fix this ?

(my e-mail : wahid.slaoui@gmail.com)
on 2013-09-15
Great Job! Time saver... only needs a speed setting.

Great job at find the mp3 files I need.
on 2013-09-08

This is truly a blessing for all people trying to master a new language!

Kudos to you, mr developer!
on 2013-06-06
Many thanks

The add on works brilliantly, and is really useful, thanks a lot for putting the time into making this. Very much appreciated.
on 2013-04-05
Is there a per-deck option somewhere

This plugin works very nice, I've tested it on a few of my German cards. The problem is, I'd like the Google TTS to automatically read the answer in all the cards. I don't think adding a this <TTS ...> html tag to every card a nice way out.
Have anybody found an option to set the per-deck preferences, so that it implicitly adds <tts service="g" voice="de"> at the beginning and </TTS> at the end of the answer? I'd be most grateful for your help!
It should be per-deck only, not per the whole program, as I have different languages too, and would like to use a different tag in the other decks.
You can write me on
wojtasskorcz [at] gmail [dot] com
on 2013-03-20
AwesomeTTS is Not working for Chinese Language!

Great Idea as add-on for serious Language learners.

In my case I'm learning Chinese and wanted to try this out. However, I was unable to see the results as there were some errors/bug somewhere! Please fixed it soon ;-)

Keep the great job
PS: I even tried what a guy suggested with the Japanese change on the settings, but didnt work for me (in the Chinese language), but standard nor modified seems to work ...

An error occurred in an add-on. Please contact the add-on author.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\Miguel\Documents\Anki\addons\awesometts\main.py", line 312, in
editor.connect(a, SIGNAL("triggered()"), lambda e=editor: onGenerate(e))
File "C:\Users\Miguel\Documents\Anki\addons\awesometts\main.py", line 293, in onGenerate
result = generate_audio_files(sf, frm, service, fieldlist[srcField], fieldlist[dstField])
File "C:\Users\Miguel\Documents\Anki\addons\awesometts\main.py", line 220, in generate_audio_files
filename = TTS_service[service]['record'](frm, note[srcField_name])
File "C:\Users\Miguel\Documents\Anki\addons\awesometts/services/Google.py", line 112, in recordGoogleTTS
return TTS_record_old(text, slanguages[form.comboBoxGoogle.currentIndex()][0])
File "C:\Users\Miguel\Documents\Anki\addons\awesometts/services/Google.py", line 119, in TTS_record_old
file = util.generateFileName(text, 'g', slanguages[get_language_id(language)][2])
File "C:\Users\Miguel\Documents\Anki\addons\awesometts\util.py", line 20, in generateFileName
file = file.decode('utf-8').encode(slanguages[get_language_id(language)][2])
NameError: global name 'slanguages' is not defined
on 2013-02-19
feature request

One problem I keep having is that a small percentage of my mp3 files periodically disappear. My guess is that it has something to do with naming of mp3 files after the text it plays. I would like a current date and time to be appended to each mp3 file to avoid name collision and to lowercase everything to make sure that using those files work the same way on case sensitive and case insensitive file systems (I am using it under Linux and Android). That would also solve another problem: there are words that are spelled the same way in different languages but are pronounced differently. Currently such words would be overwritten by the latest one.
on 2013-02-06

how to add on the fly audio to downloaded shared decks, only to a field. just one word. to all 4000 cards.
I downloaded a deck of 2000 cards and would like to add audio to them all, but don't know how to add the audio to just a field, w/o having to do it 1 by 1 to all of them.
on 2013-01-25
A wonderul plugin!

This plugin, just as its predecessor, is the reason why I was able to develop my French/German listening skills.
The only thing that would make it even better would be ignoring certain strings of characters, such as {{c1:: and }} used in Anki 2. It's a pain to add sound to multiple cards after they've been clozified:/
on 2012-11-30
Very good solution

Plugin works very well.
It's convenient and saves a lot of time. The pronunciations provided by google are not perfect, but usually quite decent - and the best thing about this plugin: as it can download on-the-fly you can immediately benefit from the TTS improvements implemented by google.
on 2012-11-28

Man, this is helluwa' addon ! :D Thank you !!
on 2012-11-16
Truly awesome!

It would be great if it would automatically insert a sound file from the text on the clipboard (select text, click icon, file inserted) instead of having to open the dialogue box and paste.
on 2012-10-22
Very handy

Thank you very much for this plugin. Works great.
on 2012-10-20
Great plug-in

I was looking for a plug-in to generate audio and I found it. It works like a charm!