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First 440 Words in Spanish (Most Common)

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This deck contains the 440 most common words in Spanish (according to one method of counting common words). Learning this deck should help you get off to a good start in being conversant in the stock of common Spanish words.

Sample (from 440 notes)

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Front other
Back otro
Front the nonsense, silly thing
Back la tonterĂ­a
Front bad, wrong
Back mal

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no pictures
on 1560109088
I was okay for a few days on this... but then it gave me the word "solder" which I cannot believe is one of the first 440 words.
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on 1535382928
Has profane words.
on 1522713600
I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I get the same dozen words repeatedly. There are not 440 of them.
on 1519257600
Has profane words.
on 1517875200
Solid deck
on 1511913600
I like jt
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