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Chinese provinces and more

3.44MB. 28 audio & 33 images. Updated 2013-01-26.
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Collection of locator maps of Chinese provinces and municipalities. Extra cards: * capital of each province * written Chinese name (only simplified form, but if you prefer traditional, there is a field already filled, so you can change this easily) * name of the province in pinyin (including sound file for most items) * how to read the written ideograms (the simplified written form is presented, and you have to guess the province) * etymology of the province name (sometimes learning names with no meaning in difficult, so etymology can help a bit) All the information and media are from Wikipedia.

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Name Tianjin
Name in simplified Chinese 天津
Name in traditional Chinese 天津
Name in pinyin Tiānjīn
Pronunciation [non-mp3 audio]
Etymology 天 – sky津 – ferry
Name Guizhou
Name in simplified Chinese 贵州
Name in traditional Chinese 貴州
Name in pinyin Guìzhōu
Pronunciation [non-mp3 audio]
Capital Guiyang
Etymology 贵 guì - Gui Mountains州 zhōu - zhou (prefecture)
Name Macau
Name in simplified Chinese 澳門
Name in traditional Chinese 澳門
Name in pinyin Àomén
Etymology Perhaps from the A-Ma Temple (Chinese: 媽閣廟; Mandarin Pinyin: Māgé Miào), a temple built in 1448 dedicated to Matsu – the goddess of seafarers and fishermen.The present Chinese name (Chinese: 澳門; Mandarin Pinyin: Àomén) means "Inlet Gates".

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on 1674756143
on 1674188965
Great set of cards.

If you believe Taiwan should be included. Add it yourself.
如果你认为台湾应该包括在内。 自己加吧。
on 1666113484
Great deck.
on 1663743119
on 1657436807
Catalonia is not a part of Spain!
Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are not parts of Britain!
Texas is not a part of America!
on 1655863507
on 1650298945
on 1648283745
Great, complete deck including all the provinces of China
on 1647512625
on 1644183294
Very accurat, no provinces missing :)
on 1638117859
Taiwan is an independent country
on 1634829188
gotta counterbalance the Taiwan spam
on 1630857346
TW is a province of China.
on 1623643239
Excellent resource. I ended up deleted some of the information, like the etymologies, because I just wanted to learn the provinces and capitals. However, some people will find that extra information interesting and it was easy to adapt to my needs.

P.S. Since everyone is weighing in, Taiwan is a fully-functioning independent country which has never been ruled by the CCP.
on 1623298801
Good map.

Weird that they have Tibet as part of China though.
on 1617795498
Excellent and comprehensive set of flash cards of Chinese provinces
on 1614456084
Return what you have stolen from me! Return! Return the map! It will bring you great danger. Stop! Now!
on 1610903493
China belongs to Taiwan!
on 1605345435
So nice map!
on 1605225022
Taiwan is not a country.Repubilc of China is a country,TAIWAN is just a provinces of ROC,go study some history.
If Taiwan is a country, please tell me what year it became independent? Does your country recognize TW as a counrty?
on 1593825184
So many salty chinese people hating on this. Bow Wow! Go fetch a bone!
on 1592645777
China is a province of TW
on 1591481698
Taiwan is a country so obviously it would not be included in this deck of Chinese provinces.
on 1589109252
Where is Taiwan?!
on 1585906070
Taiwan is a province of China!
on 1585732954
台湾是中国不可分割是一部分,是中国的省份!Taiwan is an integral part of China and a province of China!
on 1582426279
good job!
on 1577450817
Although Taiwan is not governed by the Chinese Communist Party, it's always a province of China.
on 1577284625
Taiwan is a country
on 1570322599
Taiwan certainly belongs to China, its color should be yellow, not green
on 1553042099
Macau's simplified Chinese is 澳门, but not 澳門.
on 1552407990
Great deck!
To the previous commenter: This deck is only about the provinces of China, Taiwan is therefore not included.
on 1546657954
where is Taiwan?
on 1540164122
Great deck. The capitals are not displayed properly however. Checked the card for capitals and I don't understand why it does not work...
on 1537723687
Something I always wanted to learn, did it easily in a month.
on 1537289107
Great deck! I have modified it for my needs by putting all the fields into the back template of the map card.
on 1530698169
it´s great,but all i need is the map
on 1523404800
Absolutely Taiwan is a province of China
on 1522972800
Taiwan is not a province of China.
on 1512864000
Very complete and well designed. do consider removing some of the card sides because it might be too much.
on 1509840000
Thank you

Thank you for this fine deck
on 1490572800
Simple and useful way to learn the provinces

Painless way to learn the locations, pronunciations and characters for Chinese provinces. Very useful.
on 1484524800
on 1470268800
on 1463875200
on 1459036800
on 1446595200
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on 1420416000
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