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Image Editor

1.83MB. Updated 2022-05-11. Only supports Anki 2.1.x.
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Draw or edit images while adding and editing cards! How to Use To create a new image, click the button (A pen scribbling on a paper) on the toolbar. To edit an existing image, right click an image and click 'Edit Image'. After editing, click 'Save' to save the image. If you have the same image across multiple notes, check 'Replace All' to replace all of them with the new image. Otherwise, only the image on that one note is edited. If you are using Anki v2.1.50+, the image should not be selected when you right click on the image. Or the 'Edit Image' context menu will not show up. Image Editing Tools Long press the button to access the shape library Left color square is the fill color, Right color square is stroke color. Miscellaneous Github Link


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1652178552
Love this add-on. I use this add-on!!!! I see numerous ways to improve my study.
But whenever I type in Korean and re-edit the image later,
It gives me an error. (UnicodeDecodeError: 'cp949')
English works perfectly
I removed all other addons and tried it, but still doens't work.
Is there any way to fix the problem?

Dear Author, thank you for your super fast reply and fix!
It no longer gives the error message, but the language is broken and unreadable
Could you please take another look kindly..?
Comment from author
Fixed! Thanks for the report

Update2: Should be fixed now!
on 1651908445
it doesn't work on the latest version :(
Comment from author
on 1651133969
An essential add-on for me. The editor is user friendly and powerful.
Works great on 2.1.49.
Just one simple issue with character encoding, when you re-open an image you previously edited the characters with accents aren't recognized. It's not a big deal as you can simply put the accents back manually and it will work. Still an excellent add-on !
on 1647768342
on 1647320465
Much Love Habibi
on 1643315828
This add-on would be perfect if you could resize images with it (image resizer isn't compatible with 2.1.49). Still thumbs up since it does everything it claims to pretty well
Comment from author
Actually, you *can* resize images. Right after opening the image, you should see the width and height panel on the right side. Double click or drag to change its value.
on 1641628645
This addon was working okay with a just one glitch relating to re-editing images containing accented letters (such as á, é, í..) until recently. Now when I save an edited image, it disappears, leaving a small image icon.
on 1639863477
Very useful add-on! I make use of it every day.

Small suggestion: I always have to set fill color, stroke color, stroke width, font size for every image anew. It would be optimal if the addon would remember the last setting. or also suitable: If you could set the standard settings in the addons settings.
on 1636842109
Superb add-on !
Many thanks !
on 1633619217
Very useful and intuitive! Just what I was missing for a long time! Thank you!
on 1631197542
Very useful. Thank you!
on 1629402620
I love the addon, but recently when I try to save de the edited image the image just turns into an little icon, its actually hard to explain, but it is what it is, I save the edited image and after this it becomes an little icon on the card I was creating, this litteraly leave me with no condicions of using the addon and put mty work on
Comment from author
I think the add-on doesn’t work with ankiv2.1.45+ right now.

UPDATE(2021 Sep 10): Fixed in the latest update!
on 1628091197
Very nice work! Esp that it remains editable and works on android aswell.
on 1623266730
on 1620623497
Great tool, I'd love to be able to save my settings on stroke size and stuff.
on 1620382633
Amazing add-on, highly under-appreciated!

Thank you for this
on 1618784226
is there any way to pre-set settings?

I have a lot of snips from pdfs of my textbooks. I would love the ability to quickly highlight some texts as I review cards. However, in order to highlight, I have to create a shape, change color, change opacity, etc so it takes a lot of extra time just for 1-2 highlights
on 1617286575
Should be implemented in Anki
Must have add-on
on 1617176909
A real time saver!
on 1616111667
Great add-on, wish I knew about it sooner!
on 1614176119
on 1611957934
Amazing add-on. Couple suggestions:
1. It'd be nice if it remembers the previous settings (i.e. remember that I've changed the rectangle fill to transparent) instead of having to change every time.
2. Could you add an 'area highlight' tool?
3. A dedicated 'arrow' tool would be better than the shape library since the arrow shape tool looks ugly when stretched
on 1605472967
This helps me a lot to fix or update images in cards quickly without an external tool. It also works great so far. Thank you!
on 1603958586
on 1602405246
great help
on 1601766042
Nice work! Thanks for sharing.
on 1600994961
Absolutely amazing. Is there a way set default shape properties? Right now I have to always manually change the stroke size when drawing boxes.
on 1600528572
Amazing addon. A suggestion would be if you could copy/screenshot and paste another image into the picture you're editing.
on 1600056571
on 1599776304
This is what I neened
on 1598740530
Great idea.
on 1597685403
I love you
on 1596741199
Exactly what I needed! Thanks!
on 1595422623
Wow! Wonderful!
on 1595193187
Really really useful! Great idea

(I am having trouble using the "arrow" function. Also, I think it would be useful if you could edit the parameters on the right by typing e.g. after a double click and, while using the lens, if you could zoom-in with left-click and zoom-out with right click)

Thank you for your extremely useful contributions!