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Not Forvo audio downloader

0.17MB. Updated 2019-11-19.
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Thin does not work with Forvo. Download a pronunciation and add it to the card: Sources are: Some of these have stopped working, but I cba to update them. Sorry folks. Altho someone came up with a fix, and JapanesePod seems to be running at the moment, November 2019. Also, the Anki 2.1 version may look odd here and there and not work 100%. This whole Anki thing has dropped to a a very low priority for me. For any problems, you’re probably better off fixing them yourself than hoping that i will do something about it them. There will be no downloader for Forvo, because of their terms of use. This will require a little set-up by the user. Go read the manual. Please report general issues at the Anki support site, issues with the code at github. Check github for enhancements i may or may not add. Oh, did I mention that there will be no Forvo downloader? I did? Seriously, then stop asking for it in the comments. I have read their terms of use, apparently more carefully than some of the commentors.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools->Add-ons menu item, then click on Get Add-ons and paste in the code.

All Anki 2.1.x Add-Ons


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似乎不能在2.1.46 上工作, Forvo不支持下载音频,那么 https://howjsay.com/ 是否支持呢? 这个网站也是真人发音 ,与Forvo类似。
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I somehow made it work in Anki 2.1.35:

For those semi-proficient in Python, do the following:
1. Download the furigana.py from Anki's 2.1.15 version, https://github.com/ankitects/anki/tree/2.1.15/anki/template, and put it into the addon's folder
2. Within field_data.py, replace "from anki.template import furigana" with "from . import furigana"
3. Within download.py, in line 108 (of the do_download(...) function), replace "note.flush()" with "if note.id != 0: note.flush()"

There may be other bugs, but it works for my current workflow (adding Japanese audio to new cards).
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didn't work
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I've used this addons since Ankii 2.0. It worked perfect, but now Ankii wants me to upgrade to 2.1. Ok, I did it. It seems working OK. But I've got a problem with this addon. When I download video, it appears in audio field in the card. Then I close card Editor and open it again. What I see? Nothing! Audio filed is empty. Has anyone else faced this problem?
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The version uploaded on 2019-11-19 works for me getting Japanese audio in Anki 2.1.15 (I also had issues with earlier versions, as others have indicated in recent reviews).
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didn't work
on 1565778071
Doesn't work in 2.1. Nothing downloaded for en. Also I don't see any megaphone icons when editing or adding cards.
on 1564254737
DOES NOT WORK ! "nothing downloaded" for Danish (ordnet.dk)

I tried to modify the file, as someone suggested below, in the folder addons21/download but it does work.

Can you fix it?
on 1563371672
Stopped working :( !

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary: English is a great option. Any chance to fix the addon?

I added addon again but there is no aby button or anything in Anki.
on 1560162869
The add-on menus are not showing up in the recent 2.1 add-on update. Also, the icon is not showing up in the Add Card menu.
on 1560047686
Recently not working for japanese, but worked perfectly a few days ago.
on 1541508961
please upgrade to 2.1. Thanks!
on 1539082852
Danish fix:


self.url + urllib.urlencode(dict(query=field_data.word)))

self.url + urllib.urlencode(dict(query=field_data.word.encode('UTF-8'))))
on 1528156800
can not receive words with special danish characters
on 1522540800
Like someone else said, doesn't download for Japanese. Hope it gets fixed!
on 1519948800
Looks like downloading from JapanesePod101 not working anymore (shows "Nothing downloaded" for any request). Still works for French, English and such though.
Oh well, it was really damn good while it lasted. GJ!
on 1518739200
Awesome! Very simple and incredibly useful.

I hope one day this can be updated to 2.1.
on 1518480000
So helpful making my Japanese deck!
on 1513814400
So far this works great! (for japanese)
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on 1508630400
Oxford just stop working today

Please update
on 1507939200
Without Forvo is merde.

Absolutely useless. For now - i delete this piece...
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forvo does allow people to use their audio

"There will be no downloader for Forvo, because of their terms of use."

check: https://forvo.com/license/

it is licensed on the CC3.0, the same one of wikipedia.

can we get this addon working with forvo? thanks

and I would like to apologize on behalf of the troglodytes giving this addon 1 star because it 'doesnt work' - i think it is a very stupid thing to do, to rate something 1 star just because it didn't run, like the rednecks at Google Play's reviews section do
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For who failing to download Japanese audio

In your Add card screen, you should have Text, Kana, and Audio fields. Then, when you fill out Text (kanji word or kana) and Kana and select Download audio icon (Make sure your language code is ja) it will work perfectly
on 1500508800
Doesn't work as of 2017

The Japanese audio does not work!
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on 1484179200
on 1479686400
on 1478476800
5*. Registered just to add this review and say thanks.
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on 1471132800
nothing to download

Plz help me ....!!!
on 1466985600
No longer download Merriam Webster

this add on no longer download audio from Merriam Webster.
on 1466899200
Way to download from only one source

I was looking for a way to download from only one source and saw that many people have the same problem. Here is what you can do.

1. Find the audiodownload directory on your computer. On mine it was in c:\users\MY_USERNAME\Documents\Anki\addons\downloadaudio

2. In the "language.py" file on line 21 change the "default_audio_language_code" from "ja" to the language you are studying, in my case "de" for German

2.1 On Windowns if you need a tool to display the new lines in the file properly (notepad will not display them), you can use Notepad Plus Plus (https://notepad-plus-plus.org/)

3. Open the subfolder "downloaders" and then the file "__init__.py".

3.1 There are two sections you need to edit. Section 1 is between lines 20 and 35 and each line starts with "from ." The second section is from line 39 to line 54; the line immediately before it is "downloaders = [" and the line immediately after it is a closing bracket - "]"

3.2 In the first section, put a # in front of every line except the downloader you want to use. For example I left DudenDownloader for German.

3.3 Similarly, in the second section, put a # in front of every line except the one you want. Be careful NOT to put # in front of "downloaders = [" and "]".

4. You should be downloading the audio from only one source now!
on 1466553600
Good. Fix for the language changing back to English (or your native language)

at the bottom of the page I found the solution to my problem.
on 1465603200
Good plugin

It doesn't seem to be finished, but it is the best plugin for adding audio for the moment. And also you can modify it to make it almost ideal.
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on 1463788800
on 1453420800

Super helpful for getting audio for my Japanese vocabulary cards. Have to admit I miss it a bit when I am doing my Korean cards. Would it be possible to add support for Korean (maybe Naver or Daum dictionary would be possible)? Other than that, totally awesome! Keep up the great work.
on 1451865600
Amazing Addon

It's definitely the most useful addon for learning languages.

Like many others I have been searching for a way to disable some of the many sources from which audio files are downloaded because it takes quite some time to disable them one by one in the download video.

Luckily the FAQ offer a simple solution:

Thank you and please keep up the good work!
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on 1448496000
on 1448064000
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on 1444694400
Great addon!

I've been using this addon for more than a year and am very grateful for it! Many thanks to the author!!

However, I usually only download one audio file for a card, so I had to uncheck all the other files i didn't want, which was a bit inconvenient (also mentioned by another user here). Therefore I had a look at the addon code and found where to set the default download option to delete. Now I am even happier with this great addon :-D

If you are wondering how to do it yourself, just follow these steps:
1. Find the path Anki\addons\downloadaudio on your computer.
2. Open the file "download_entry.py" in the folder with an editor.
3. Change line 31 "self.action = Action.Add" to "self.action = Action.Delete"
4. Save the file and restart Anki.
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on 1440547200
on 1438646400
Annoying user experience

I always add only one audio file to my cards but every time it finds a lot of audio files and offers me to add all of them. That is really boring and annoying because every time I have to unset (delete) a lot of the audio files to add only one that I really need. I'd like to use only one source, how can I disable all the other sources?
on 1433635200
a must-have !

but can you just add the possibility to choose one or more audio's sources, because with my low internet connection it takes a while to load.
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on 1431561600

Can't believe I didn't use this earlier.
I ususally download already made decks and when the next Japanese books deck had no audio my success rate dropped a lot - turns out I'm the auditive type.

Only complaint is that there seems to be no shortcut to the download function when adding to an old deck (that I'm aware of - might be just me). I made myself a mouse macro for "ALT+B->+M->Enter" to speed up the process - really nice!

Thanks for the awesome work!
on 1430697600
I'd kill for this to work with Dict.cc

A lot of people, including myself, get a ton of pronounciations from Dict.cc, if we cannot find them on Duden.

Any chance you could add support for this huge resource, please?
on 1428019200
Great addon!

It helps a lot with learing languages!

There is a small request for a feature.


For most of the words, like on the screenshot above, there are multiple sources for the prononciation. In most of the cases user needs only one file with prononciation, so he has to uncheck all options except for one. It is quite time consuming, when you add severl tens of words.

My proposal is to make some sort of priority list, so only one option with the highest priority would be checked on.

Priority lists would make it possible to skip this window at all. For example, i always prefer Duden to any other prononciation, if there is non then Beolingus or Wiktionary. So if the addon finds a file with the spelling on one of this sources, i don't need to see this window at all.

Thanks for your work, you are doing great job for users!
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on 1423353600
Great plugin, but could you make a few changes?

Brilliant plug-in and is amazing...only couple of things is would it be possible to limit the audio types to mp3 only or add an extra field so I know what audio type it is? Ogg files don't work on iphone. And can you modify it so the audio files are 'x' by default?
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on 1419033600
on 1418688000

This is spectacularly useful if you're learning one of the supported languages. I used to download the files one by one… Thank you so much for your work!

Please consider adding a donation or flattr button somewhere.

The Cambridge dictionary would be a nice addition - e.g. http://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/media/british/uk_pron/u/uks/uksta/ukstate022.mp3

(Yes, I know that you said you won't be adding any more English dictionaries – but the Cambridge one is one of the very best!)

In the case of the OALD, would it be possible to filter out either the UK or the US pronunciation? e.g. http://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/media/english/uk_pron/a/ame/ameli/ameliorate__gb_1.mp3 vs http://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/media/english/us_pron/a/ame/ameli/ameliorate__us_1.mp3

Another small thing: would there be a possibility to display the SOURCE directly as text in a separate column i.e. not only when one hovers over the link? In my case at least (Mac Yosemite), the icons are not showing, which, I gather, is due to the fact that I don't have Qt installed.

To the users asking for Forvo – have a look at the Manual! In short, use https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1211332804
on 1418601600
Great, but pleaes add forvo!

Need forvo as it has hebrew. I can imagine this would be a great time saver.
on 1418342400

A very good plugin! I use it for German. The only change I made in the code is to have all files default to "X" - meaning, I have to explicitly mark an audio file if I want it imported to the current card.

Really great, saves a ton of time.
on 1416009600

This is great but please add forvo, it is one of the best sources for native audio for many languages out there.
on 1414195200
Default dictionary option

This is a godsend! thank you very much. Please add the ability to select a default dictionary to download from.
on 1412208000

I love this one sooo much, but Collins French Dictionary has just stopped working. It would be nice to hear audio files from Larousse.
on 1411689600
on 1410912000
on 1410739200
on 1404172800
on 1401580800
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on 1395792000
on 1395532800
Brillant but just one thing to be PERFECT

Thank you so much for having created this add-on.
BUT the best would be to add theses links for British English : http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/british/
AND http://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/definition/english

Then, would it be possible to choose by deflaut the dictionnary database from which I want to download my files. Or having codes (like "pt" for Portuguese or "fr" for French) like "mm" for McMillan, "ob" for Oxford British, "oa" for Oxford American, and the "pt", fr", "es" etc. for the google voice languages ?

Thanks a million again for your work !
on 1388966400
on 1388793600
Useful app

Thank you. Please, could you add a search voiced words site - www.forvo.com
on 1384214400
Fantastyczny dodatek !

Brawa dla twórcy - bardzo pomocne przy nauce wymowy danego słowa !
on 1383523200
on 1383350400
on 1380758400
excellent plugin. by modifying source code I have managed to use my local pronounciation files
on 1380758400
on 1376697600
on 1375142400

on 1374796800
on 1373673600
on 1370390400
on 1369612800
fantastic add-on

There are many options, you can choose audio from different dictionaries or Google TTS as a last resort. I recommend...
Well done :)
on 1366502400
on 1361664000
on 1359590400
on 1359504000
Works well

This is an awesome plugin, perfect for my Japanese vocabulary decks.
Keep up the good work!
on 1359244800