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My first deck :) Flag->Country for 204 countries (taken from Wikipedia)

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Back Antigua and Barbuda
Tags North_America
Back the Marshall Islands
Tags Oceania
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on 1625340556
it's good
on 1625175333
on 1623413555
Very useful for pub trivia
on 1622025657
on 1609768590
Really good pack, but there seem to be some mistakes. For example Malawi changed their flag 2 years ago.
on 1595616326
on 1595040371
Muito bom!
on 1589195924
I like it, thank you for making it!
on 1583461304
Seems to have some mistakes. Eg. Costa Rica and Peru flags don't have the crests on them. Using AnkiDroid.
on 1558159400
I added some more areas to my deck and i updated Malawi's flag in my deck, but generally this deck is very useful to learn world flags.
on 1556044986
it does what it says on the tin...
on 1533982341
on 1518134400
I tried to change Mauritania's flag, but I am not able to. Can somebody do it? It changed 8.7.2017.
on 1516147200
Good deck. Only problem is that there is no border for the flags, so it can happen that you can't exactly see where the flag ends, for example if the background is white and the flag has a white area adjacent to the background.
on 1512259200
Great fun!
on 1471651200
Great deck - I just add some borders

Thank for your great deck. I try to add some border to avoid trouble mentioned by previous comment!

Here it is: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1961408431
on 1454630400
Good first deck!

First of all I want to thank you for this deck. There is just one thing I stumbled over: Some flags have big white spaces at their edges, others have black ones. So no matter whether you are using the nightmode or not there will always be some flags that you can not clearly see as a whole..