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100 Basic Hebrew Phrases (TeachMeHebrew.com)

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This deck is for learning 100 basic phrases in Hebrew. The deck contains: -a Hebrew phrase, in both masculine and feminine forms where relevant, -a voice recording of the phrases by a native Hebrew speaker, and -the transliterated pronunciation of the phrases, including underlining of the appropriate emphasized syllable. Note: In Hebrew, words are generally emphasized on the last syllable. I underlined only the syllables in words that aren't emphasized on the last syllable. The fields are {{Hebrew}}, {{English}}, {{Transliteration}}, and {{Sound}}, so you can easily change up the order if you want. For learning Basic Hebrew, I recommend following the decks in this order: 1. Hebrew Alefbet 2. 500 Basic Hebrew Words 3. 100 Basic Hebrew Verbs 4. 100 Basic Hebrew Phrases Please visit www.TeachMeHebrew.com for much more.

Sample (from 101 notes)

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Hebrew תקן בבקשה את הטעויות שלי בעברית.
English Please correct my Hebrew mistakes.
Transliteration ta-ken be-va-ka-sha et ha-ta-u-yot she-li be-iv-rit.
Hebrew אני רק מסתכל.אני רק מסתכלת.
English I'm just looking.
Transliteration a-ni rak mis-ta-kel.a-ni rak mis-ta-kel-et.
Hebrew אני צריך ללכת עכשיו.אני צריכה ללכת עכשיו.
English I need to go now.
Transliteration a-ni tsa-rikh la-le-khet akh-shav.a-ni tsri-kha la-le-khet akh-shav.

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on 1685926693
It shows Hebrew phrase and its meaning in one slide.
on 1680346954
Good amount of real phrases.
on 1659073843
excellent starter deck
on 1651879267
on 1649551757
So helpful! Changing my learning style. This is exactly what I am looking for.
on 1615176958
This is so convenient and easy to use, thank you!
on 1594740923
Very useful, great pronunciation.
on 1565638492
Just wanted to answer the point made by the reviewer who was asking about ?כמה זמן אתה נמצא בארץ
In fact, this is correct. If you are still there you use the present tense. If you used the past tense as you suggested that would mean 'how long WERE you in Israel?' ie you've now left.
on 1552405440
Was good help to get started as a beginner.

I believe I might have spotted an issue though on the following card:

"?כמה זמן אתה נמצא בארץ" (ka-ma zman a-ta nim-tsa ba-a-rets?) : How long have you been in Israel? (masculine version)

According to: https://www.pealim.com/dict/1084-lehimatze/ shouldn't this instead be:

"?כמה זמן אתה נִמְצֵאתָ בארץ" (ka-ma zman a-ta nim-tseta ba-a-rets?)
on 1540171195
It’s clear and concise
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on 1457136000
on 1456531200
on 1453420800
on 1444608000
on 1423094400
on 1415318400
on 1400371200
on 1375488000
Really awesome!

This deck is really awesome. One request though -- could the audio be a big louder? It's rather quiet.