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AnkiWebView Inspector

0.02MB. Updated 2022-04-09.
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See the GitHub Wiki for documentaion. Screenshots:


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools->Add-ons menu item, then click on Get Add-ons and paste in the code.

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on 1680149282
Brilliant extension.
on 1678567126
ty ty
on 1675429229
I can't tell you enough how many times this was helpful!!
on 1675318577
It helped me a ton. Thank you!
on 1673899118
This is very helpful for development
on 1672070817
on 1670858805
on 1670768470
Immensely useful for all kinds of debugging
on 1670480801
works well
on 1664056024
Works extremely well and very useful!
on 1661782443
on 1658222051
Easy to use
on 1653333817
Very useful. Thanks for making this!
on 1652606717
very useful for styling
on 1644005523

Thanks to the authors it has become very easy to identify and change the elements in any windows in Anki.
It's just like the chrome/Firefox Inspector.

Good job
on 1643918226
Does exactly as advertised
on 1643063765
This addon is incredible. Singlehandedly responsible for me being able to edit the code of an addon that wasn't working how I wanted it to.
on 1641443649
a must have extension for developers, but how do I make the console bigger? and if there's no method could you add it in a next update?
on 1641381656
Thank you so much! It's useful.
on 1640712072
This is awesome, works perfectly, and super-helpful. Thank you!!
on 1639630514
It's terrific.
on 1637227691
works on Anki 2.1.33. Thanks!
on 1634293989
Very useful to debug code! Thx!
on 1630337555
Works well!
on 1629668447
Very helpful, thank you so much!
on 1628343422
on 1627400984
Good plugine
on 1626126513
perfect! Very helpful!
Also works in version 2.1.45!
on 1625994651
Super useful, thank you !
on 1625255386
Fantastic add-on for dealing with complicated templates.
on 1622687549
Good addon to inspect the template. Thanks.
on 1621682691
great addon! thanks!
on 1617804104
Great debugging tool.
Worked fine for me in Anki version ⁨2.1.38 (355e4cd5)⁩
Produced an exception in 2.1.43, however everything seemed to work fine if the exception was ignored.
on 1617451219
Comment from author
Edit: Thank you for changing the rating!

Hi, thanks for your feedback!

This add-on has nothing to do with "edit HTML", so the error cannot be caused by this add-on. I'm sure it's due to another add-on. I would really appreciate if you could remove your downvote because the error is completely unrelated to this add-on.
on 1616921912
helpful for designing templates
on 1616202799
on 1615906565
Great tools
on 1615740792
Does what it should.
on 1615164528
Thank you! The plugin is useful!
on 1613776431
It's actually possible to use the Chrome devtools to inspect Anki without using an addon now, however you can't beat the convenience of having it internal and only a right click away.
on 1612069812
Works as expected.
on 1611500173
Does what it says on the tin !
on 1610993524
So useful
on 1605750743
Really useful!
on 1605649258
on 1600895232
seriously useful
on 1600169690
It works!
on 1599448462
Very useful.
on 1599230948
Really helpful for add-on development.
on 1598984066
Great Add-on. Makes development and Styling much easier.
on 1597810447
It works perfectly!
on 1596607170
been waiting my whole life for this
on 1595809592
awesome, it's exactly what I was looking for.
on 1595253845
I was looking for this!
on 1594956929
Amazing ! I should have discovered this add-on long time ago ! Thank you for sharing
on 1594332423
Extremely helpful for debugging CSS problems in my over-engineered cards!
Only problem is that the inspector seems to only work for the review window; trying to use it in the card editor just opens the devtools in the review window instead.
on 1594258093
This is essential functionality. A million thanks to the creator!
on 1591685385
Without it, I could not have done most of my add-ons. Thanks a lot!
on 1585880363
This is absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for developing this. It was indispensable for a little add-on project I was working on which required altering the html in one of the Anki web views. Your add-on allowed me to do a live test-run of the javascript code right within Anki. Amazing, can't thank you enough!!
on 1585384089
What A Fucking Nice Plugin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have used fucking shit anki's default editor for 1 year!!!!!
Thank u for your Nice and Useful plugin!!!
on 1583616013
Very helpful for those writing Anki plugins!
on 1582897073
on 1582244788
This is so cool! Would have saved a lot of time if I had known that this existed earlier
on 1581775396
Really, really helpful if you're developing advanced note types. 👍👍 Thank you! ❤
on 1581230251
Must have for debugging and building GUI addons
on 1578443679
Super handy for someone developing an addon that is modifying the reviewer HTML / JS / CSS etc. Even enables live editing of attributes so that you can restyle elements without restarting Anki!
on 1577394581
Super useful
on 1572390007
on 1564725381
god job,i really like it
on 1553071727
awesome idea
on 1553059011
Works way better than the default one.