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Gandolfi Emergency Medicine FRCEM / MRCEM Revision

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Revision cards for MRCEM / MCEM examination parts A B C (or primary and intermediate FRCEM now) Due to exam cross over also useful (though to a lesser degree) for MRCP / MRCS. I went to Brighton and Sussex Medical school, and these should be useful for medical finals as well Also plenty of knowledge about EM / A&E to help you be an awesome emergency medicine doctor / physician! Updated regularly with more free cards. Make sure to update your deck regularly too by downloading again... Any issues or mistakes found, please message me: @abcaffeination on twitter

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Front Layers of pericardium:
Back Outer = fiberous pericardiumInner = serous pericardium(subdivided into 2):- Parietal pericardium - fused to fiberous- Visceral pericardium - part of epicardium (Is reflected back at great vessels to become continuous with parietal pericardium)
Front Classification system for thoracic dissecting aortic aneurysm. Which need surgery?
Back DeBakey classification- Type I – originate in ascending aorta and propagate at least to the aortic arch and often beyond it- Type II – originate in and are confined to the ascending aorta- Type III – originate in the descending aorta, rarely extending proximally but will extend distally.Stanford A = I and II (includes ascending aorta)Stanford B = type III (Descending aorta/arch - distil to left subclavian artery)Ascending need surgery (I and II). Descending (III) may be treated medically by controlling BP
Front HELLP syndrome: Who gets it, what signs, complications and how to treat
Back Pregnant women, 3rd trimester usually. Considered to be pre-eclampsia variant.Haemolysis (low Hb, raised LDH)ELevated liver enzymesLow Platelet countVague symptoms such as RUQ pain and malaise. Can be hypertensive with proteinureaComplicationsDIC/renal failure/hepatic failure/placental abruptionTreat with tight BP control, magnesium, and definitive treatment is delivery

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Very nice
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Brilliant - am a medical student and this is perfect for my finals. Thank you!
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Fantastic deck - best resource out there
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Best revision resource out there!!!!!!! Thanks so much
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Seriously!! Seriously!! Wow.
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Amazing revision resource
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Great deck

Fantastic for preparing for MCEM examinations