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HSC Biology: "The Blueprint of Life"

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The second of 4 Australian HSC biology study packages. Each contains roughly 250 cloze format cards orientated towards fulfilment of Board of Studies outcomes.

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Text Divergent evolution = The process in which two or more {{c1::related}} species become more and more {{c1::dissimilar}} over time due to evolution. eg. {{c1::Darwin's Finches}}
Text DNA molecules are composed of 2 strands of {{c1::nucleotides}} (one {{c1::running upsidedown to the other}}) which are joined by a {{c1::bonding between the 4 base molecules.}} ({{c1::double helix}})
Text {{c1::DNA}} is coiled up in {{c1::46}} threads known as {{c1::chromosomes.}}

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