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Language API - Clojure

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Deck of functions and vars in the Clojure programming language. All cards are tagged with namespace, version added and var-type. Updated to Version 3.0. Probably best to set to random order and review within a specific namespace. Will be useful to people who have a grasp of how the language works and don't know all the inbuilt functions. Feedback? Improvements? Requests? Email me: annanfay@gmail.com

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Front [clojure.zip] What does seq-zip do?
Back Args: ([root])Returns a zipper for nested sequences, given a root sequence
Tags 1.0 clojure.zip function
Front [clojure.core] What does symbol do?
Back Args: ([name] [ns name])Returns a Symbol with the given namespace and name.
Tags 1.0 clojure.core function
Front [clojure.core] What does *print-level* do?
Back *print-level* controls how many levels deep the printer willprint nested objects. If it is bound to logical false, there is nolimit. Otherwise, it must be bound to an integer indicating the maximumlevel to print. Each argument to print is at level 0; if an argument is acollection, its items are at level 1; and so on. If an object is acollection and is at a level greater than or equal to the value bound to*print-level*, the printer prints '#' to represent it. The root bindingis nil indicating no limit.
Tags 1.0 clojure.core var

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Great effort
on 1585749415
Was going to make a similar deck myself, and now I just have to add functions since 3.0