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Human Japanese

24.20MB. 1529 audio & 0 images. Updated 2016-02-13.

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Disclaimer and copyright information: This deck is made available to the public through the express written consent of Brak Software, Inc., the company responsible for the Human Japanese line of software. Brak Software retains all rights to the content. The deck itself was created and is maintained by Giuseppe Pagnoni, who is not affiliated with Brak Software and is solely responsible for its content. Any inquiries regarding the deck should be directed to him at gpagnoni@gmail.com. Neither Brak Software, Inc. nor Giuseppe Pagnoni make any representation about the fitness of the deck to any particular purpose (but they hope you enjoy using it!). Learn more about Human Japanese, which is built around a fantastic text that ties everything in this deck together, at www.humanjapanese.com. This deck contains all the sentences in Chapters 6-44 of Human Japanese (Chapters 1-5 deal mainly with learning the syllabaries Hiragana and Katakana, and were not included). If you want to use the deck in a selective fashion as you progress along HJ, you can make use of the tag facility in Anki: eg, all the sentences in Chapter 6 of HJ ("Greetings") are tagged with the keywords "C06" and "greetings". PS: Some users correctly pointed out a mismatch between the chapter keywords (eg, "C06") and the actual chapter number. This has now been fixed, thanks for noticing. Enjoy!

Sample (from 1478 notes)

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Meaning I like fruit
Kana くだものが すき です
Tags C17 food
Meaning three things
Kana みっつ
Tags C32 counting objects
Meaning wear on the head
Kana かぶります(かぶって)
Tags C38 clothing

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on 1597260971
Thank you! This is a great deck!
on 1596728064
Thank you.
on 1595698491
Awesome deck
on 1595599981
Oh, by the way (currently "processing it" using in parallel it iOS application.
There's a mistake in C32 ten things, it's とお, not とう
on 1591910635
I wish it had kanji+furigana instead, but beggars can't be choosers.
on 1589484959
So helpful! I love that it has the audio and the text.
on 1588644078
Just what I was looking for while studying on the app.
on 1566447926
on 1566305695
Such an awesome deck.


Very good and easy to understand. Awesome deck. Would recommend for absolute beginners.
on 1560799194
very helpful, just great. im thankful that this deck exists as a companion and that the human japanese author has allowed for the original audio files to be used. i read through 20 human japanese chapters in 4 days and then it took 3 weeks to learn the vocabulary. it was more than i thought, so if you want to be thorough, i think this is a must have, also because the in-app quizzes are slow and not srs. this deck is so good: it includes not only the audio files but all the words and sentences. the material is tested in multiple ways: audio -> meaning, kana -> meaning, meaning -> kana.
on 1557710047
Essential companion. Couldn’t do without it. Thank you!
on 1549553123
Awesome! This is very helpful in memorizing the vocabulary in the Human Japanese app.
on 1533371050
Great Deck. Thank you!
on 1531642731
Thank you.
on 1531301918
The deck is great but I had issues with ordering. It went from greetings in chapter 06 to describing the weather in chapter 44. It was a challenging transition to say the least.

If you’re having similar troubles, there’s another deck with the chapters ordered correctly here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1704372532
on 1529352842
Great deck, thanks a lot!
on 1521936000
good selection and order of cards, +1 also for the recordings
on 1519257600
It's basically everything from the course, including the audio. HJ is awesome, but without this card deck i would have given up already.
on 1518307200
This is awesome and pretty much a necessity for Human Japanese, there's now a deck for the intermediate course, finally! so do a search for that too if you're going to take HJI. And many thanks to the author(s) for the decks!.
on 1517788800
This is from the Human Japanese app that I'm using.
on 1517702400
This Deck is the perfect addition for Human Japanese!
on 1515110400
So great to have the audio files with the words, and also great to have full sentences instead of just vocabulary words. I have noticed though that some words in the set differ from what is in the Human Japanese app (for example: せいと vs. がくせい). Not a big deal since they are synonyms, but just wanted to note that the app is a 100% match with the app. Great resource, clearly a lot of work went into it, so thank you!
on 1513987200
Great job!
on 1513728000
learn many vocabulary and also grammar step by step and repeat them with practise sentences
on 1512432000
on 1511568000
found this extremely helpful
on 1509494400

Thank you so much for all the hard work putting this together. After a lot of trying this finally seems to be a great way for me to learn Japanese I can actually remember and use.
on 1501459200
cards in the opposite order!

This deck is helpful and useful, but the cards are in the exact opposite order. There isn't a way to fix this afaik, so i'll be downloading the anki deck with the cards in their *proper* order.
on 1486166400
Any chance you could do HJ intermediate too?

This deck is so useful, the perfect supplement to the HJ apps. (IMO, HJ should release an Anki deck of their own, since it's so necessary.)

Is there any chance you could make a similar deck for HJ intermediate? The currently available one is sadly inferior....
on 1481068800
Thank you so much for this. Looking forward the intermediate one. Hopefully you will create one. Thanks again
on 1464048000
Help pls

I've downloaded this deck but it showed 0 deck added, done it a lot times and I got the same message. This isn't my first time to download a deck from Anki, please help me.
on 1456099200
Cards are backwards

When I opened the deck, the deck is in reverse order. So I will be getting the last chapter of words first. So instead of going Chapter 01, 02, 03, it will show me Chapter 39, 38, 37! But within the chapters, the cards are in the correct order. So dialogs make sense. I don't know how to fix this. Is this an Anki 2.0 thing?

This is an excellent deck otherwise. Human Japanese should really include this to begin with.
on 1449187200
Great deck, but almost perfect

There are some errors in the translation, but those were also in the Human Japanese app itself. Other than that the chapters are off and don't correspond exactly to what they are in the app. I believe it was after chapter 11 that there were chapters in between that did not have any lessons and because these flashcards were tagged consecutively, they don't match up with the chapters in the app. Not that big of a deal, but for slow learners like myself it helps to know where I am and what's next.
on 1442188800
really great whether or not you're actually using human japanese

When I started using this deck I didn't even have human japanese, but I found myself picking up grammar points and (of course) vocabulary quite naturally as I studied every day. Eventually got human japanese too (which is also great).

The thing I like most about this deck is that every word or phrase has a reading card, a listening card and an english > japanese card.

Thanks so much for putting it together!
on 1438646400
this is a lifesaver

The summary is incomplete: this deck contains not only example sentences but all the vocab in Human Japanese. It's exactly what the textbook itself lacks. Thank you so much for making this!
on 1435276800
Exactly what is needed, thank you.

How did you get the audio from this app, was it through the Desktop version? Do you have any plans on converting the Volume II to a deck?

Great job ;)
on 1433548800
Essential companion to Human Japanese

I don't know what I'd do without this deck. I pray that Human Japanese Intermediate will get eventually get a deck as well. My only complaint is that the chapter tags don't match up with the actual chapters in the app (because of the culture chapters that don't have any Japanese language content), so you sometimes have to trial-and-error your way to finding the right chapters for custom study sessions.
on 1420675200