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Chinese support v. 0.10.10

14.18MB. Updated 2015-09-27. Only supports Anki 2.0.
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Helper for Chinese language study, a better replacement for Pinyin Toolkit. Instructions: (see also: Youtube video, Frequently asked questions, Learning tips) *Use the supplied Chinese (basic) or Chinese (advanced) note type, or use your existing note type (just make sure your field names are called "Hanzi", "Meaning", "Reading", "Color", "Sound", "Traditional" and "Simplified".) How to create a note type. New in rev. 0.10.10: New features in rev. 0.10: Many thanks to Varbird for these improvements! Note to existing users: If you are studying Cantonese or Taiwan Pinyin, please rename your Pinyin field to Reading. From now on, transcription choice only applies to the Reading field. Pinyin will always be treated as Pinyin. This change allows you have both Pinyin and Bopomofo/Cantonese in the same note. Main features: Here's what your cards will look like: How to edit Hanzi and correct pinyin: Progress graph: Don't forget to set your preferences in the Tools menu: Future plans Please note: I'm listening carefully for feedback and questions on the Anki-Help forum. If you have questions or run into difficulties, please don't post them in the comments below, as I can't reach you to give you an answer. If you experience a bug, please report it. Chances are, I don't know it's there, but many other users are seeing it. Older versions can be downloaded here. Have lots of fun, Thomas TEMPÉ


The add-on author has not uploaded a version of this add-on compatible with Anki 2.1. Old add-ons for Anki 2.0 can be downloaded from the archive.

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on 1606945406
Dowsnt support anki 2.1
on 1576523333
The meaning and the sound doesn't work well
on 1576144291
Doesn't work on latest versions... Please update !
on 1565003688
Does not work
on 1561803212
The code will not work with new Anki
on 1561121313
Thank you very much for your help :) This tool is AMAZING!!
on 1559229694
Doesn't work with never anki versions
on 1555642355
Very well made, streamlines chinese card addition by at least 10 fold!
on 1550943080
Fantastic add-on
on 1550276111
It is very easy to use, and it comes with bopomofo. That is huge for me!!
on 1548583906
This addon does not work with Anki 2.1.8 and the maintainer is unresponsive.
on 1547688270
This is really incredible. Can't wait til it supports the newest Anki. Nothing as good for vocab recall 用中文
on 1545147103
so good
on 1544697273
NOTE! This dosen't wortk for Anki 2.1.6. Please fix!
on 1544691131
C'est très utile pour mon étude, voire indispensable!
on 1544634846
Used this addon for years now, it is very good. But now it seems not to be available for Anki 2.4.
on 1543807801
Excellent add-on.

Is there a way to make it so it never adds traditional characters to fields? Especially the measure word field.
on 1543141547
it works on version 2.0.44
on 1542936726
simple, convenient and beneficial
on 1541152071
Reduces the time I need to put cards into Anki by 99%! The essential addon for learning Chinese.
on 1540997789
on 1540803719
Amazing. Truely amazing. Thanks for the video showing how to install it, too!
Btw, what's the "mean word"?
on 1540263926
on 1539870790
Very useful
on 1539790215
on 1537040703
A must have for Chinese study with Anki
on 1536456514
on 1536254735
I love it BUT it isn't compatible with the latest Anki V 2.1.4
on 1533603405
I particularly like the fact that it gives me the pinyin and that I can colour code it like I do on PLECO. Great add on. Thanks!
on 1533470611
So useful
on 1532933954
good for both foreign student and native child
on 1530510756
I have every reason to believe that this is the best chinese-support add-on ever!
on 1526169600
Love the automatic coloring!
on 1524873600
on 1523577600
Extremely useful
on 1522195200
It's a really great add-on. It helps you a lot in your Chinese learning.
on 1521590400
Has been a godsend to use on new and existing decks
on 1520899200
Awesome Add-on. Keep it up!
on 1519776000
It's been a great help when I started learning Mandarin (and still is!) because it allows you to create several fields on every side of your card, in addition to a complex srs system of repetition and practicing! I love it because it's easy to use and very efficient.
on 1519516800
It makes creating Chinese Anki cards significantly easier and better
on 1518134400
This is incredible - it has saved me so much time and improved my chinese learning
I have been learning for more than 10 years, and it is the first time in a long time that I have felt such a steady progress in my level

Thank you very much for your hard work, its a very complete add-on, very clever and helpful
on 1518048000
Awesome project - super useful for adding Chinese flashcards. Saves me a ton of time.
on 1516492800
perfecttttttt <3 真的很好!太好了!
on 1515110400
on 1512950400
on 1512259200
It works as it says
on 1509580800
not working properly on Anki 2.0.48

sound isn't inserted, online translation doesn't work either... :-/
on 1509494400
on 1508025600
on 1506556800
on 1505952000
on 1503014400
on 1502582400
on 1501632000
on 1500768000
on 1500681600
on 1500508800
on 1500336000
on 1499731200
on 1495324800
on 1494979200
on 1494201600
on 1490054400
on 1489449600
A necessary part of studying Chinese

I've been using this add-on to study Chinese for over two years now and it has definitely become the most useful part of my study regimen - I would be quite lost without it. I edited the add-on to suit my own needs (e.g., the speaking is rather useless for me) and have recommended it to all my classmates or study buddies. Many think it's too much of a hassle, but for any of you who studies by writing out characters or by making flash cards, this will only be an efficiency booster.
on 1489017600
on 1487635200
Love the program, but please read my comment

Is there anyway to have more than one hanzi field in note? I want to have several fields for different chinese characters and their respective pinyin, meaning, and audio in one note. I was hoping to have a sentence at the top, and pick up the words in it in other fields in the same note. Then, I would make cards with all these new fields.
on 1487030400
on 1486684800
on 1486252800
on 1485475200
on 1484697600
on 1484524800
on 1482969600
on 1482710400
on 1482451200
on 1480982400
Works great

Works great. I type in the pinyin, select the right characters, hit tab, and the English translation, Chinese pronounciation, Chinese characters and audio file get linked automagically. Nice!
on 1480636800
on 1479254400
on 1478995200
on 1478649600
on 1477353600
on 1477094400
on 1476662400
on 1475971200

Awsome add-on.
I scan my chinese books and use Baidu translate Android appli to transform pictures in text.
Now I can create my decks by simply copy pasting the chinese texte. Awsome.
Juste be carreful if you are in China to stop your VPN before making it otherwise you will not able to donwload the sound.
on 1475625600
on 1475539200

Very useful plugin, saves huge time usually wasted typing pinyin. Gave it 4 stars only because Google TTS doesn't work. Otherwise perfect.
on 1475539200
on 1475280000
on 1474156800
on 1474070400
on 1472774400
on 1472601600
on 1470787200
on 1469750400
color feature more beneficial than expected

I had several simplified vocabulary words along with their Pinyin and English meanings for which I wanted to create flash cards. I learned about the Chinese support plugin and wanted to use it to add the sound. What I did not expect was how quickly I benefited from the tone color scheme. I also like that I could match the colors to the default colors of Pleco. I even changed some colors in another deck from blue to an otherwise unused brown because I did not want to start thinking of those blue characters always as third tone.

Google TTS does not work, and Baidu TTS audio quality is lacking. However, this plugin followed wth the AwesomeTTS plugin are essential for my generation of Chinese flashcards.
on 1469404800
Great plugin to learn chinese

works seemingly great for the most part.

TTS from google does not work, not sure why. Baidu translate is a little slow when entering new data.

Meaning is not loading automatically, which means I have to add all translations manually.

Plugin is overall good, though, especially useful for automatic pinyin and sound input.
on 1469059200
on 1467763200
on 1466380800
on 1465430400
on 1465257600
on 1465171200
on 1464739200
WOW that's exactly what I wanted!!!

I was looking for exatly something like this! It does everything:
- personal dictionary
- automatic translation
- pinyin and chinese characters
- audio (not only new words but also fills up old words with audio)
on 1464048000
on 1463529600
on 1463529600
on 1463443200
on 1463011200
well done

it is quite useful, thank you!
on 1462924800
on 1462924800
Very useful

I have been using this extension for about 4 months and find that it saves me lots of time I would have spent filling out that data myself.

For new users - always check your pinyin to make sure it is correct, because many characters have more than one reading and the extension has no way of knowing what you want.
on 1462665600
on 1462233600
on 1462147200
on 1461110400
on 1460419200

This has been a godsend! I have had trouble getting any sounds or recordings before and had to rely on others to record their voices which was time consuming. Now I can make whatever sentences I want and hear them spoken back to me. There are very few problems and they are usually because I typed a character wrong. I think it is an awesome add-on and I am forever grateful. I am that much closer to fluency because of this program.
on 1459728000
on 1458777600
on 1457913600
on 1457913600
Sound missing

The addon works great, but it's not filling the sound section if the TTS engine is set to the Google one. It works if I set it to Baidu. I'm using OSX El Capitan
on 1457308800
on 1456444800
on 1456272000
on 1456272000
on 1455321600
on 1455148800
on 1454457600
on 1454198400
on 1453248000
on 1452211200
on 1451692800
Sound missing

Hi Thomas, thank you for excellent add-on! Makes me reviewing so much easier. Just one thing is missing: sound. I followed your instructions as per your excellent video but no sound shows up as it does in your video. I'm also using a Mac. Any ideas how to fix this?
on 1450051200
on 1449014400
on 1448409600
on 1447891200
on 1447459200
on 1447286400
on 1447200000

Its just great, learning Chinese vocabs with this is the most quick and easy way on the planet... Insane!!
on 1447113600

on 1445731200
on 1445040000
on 1444608000
Wonderful and comprehensive

As others have mentioned, 99% of the "flaws" you will find in your studying result not from the add-on itself, but from shortcomings in the integrations themselves (dictionaries and pronunciation libraries). That being said, the short amount of time spent catching and fixing the occasional translation error is far outweighed by the functional and efficient auto-filling capabilities that this add-on provides!

For those like me who worry about modularity and integration into existing deck structures, even in those environments the usage is seamless: trust me, no harm can be done in installing this add-on and giving it a spin.

My compliments go to the developer(s) putting such time and talent into programming this quintessential Anki add-on!
on 1443916800
Speeds up adding of words but you MUST double-check for errors

-saves me time when entering new words and for that I am grateful but you MUST double check pinyin, and the plugin doesn't correct pinyin for Tone changes, i.e. Tone Sandhi

-not the plugin's fault because the integration works beautifully, but the pronunciation is wrong for all of the TTS servers. there's major pronunciation flaw for letter 'i', it is pronouncing it as 'e' (like in the word keep) instead of 'ir' (like in the words shirt and chirp)
so zhi shi chi and others are wrong. Google TTS has a notable problem with the third tone, it is not low and flat. For pronunciation during study, I would say the word(s) or sentence(s) into your smartphone's translate app--using the microphone function--to make sure you are pronouncing the tones correctly.
on 1443571200
on 1442188800
on 1441584000
on 1441065600
on 1440979200
on 1440892800
on 1440633600
on 1440460800
on 1440374400
on 1440028800
on 1439510400
on 1438732800
on 1438473600
Google speech engine stopped working

Thank you for your work, this is by far the best open sourced tool I have discovered.

My Google translate speech engine stopped working recently, and the only change I can think of is the update to Windows 10. Does anyone else have this problem? Baidu still works fine.

Keep up the great work! I am self learning some Python as well to try and add my own features.
on 1438387200
on 1433808000
on 1433289600
This is a great tool, really helpful.
I don't know if this is the right place, buy I would suggest to automatically add tags according to HSK or TOCFL levels, for new and existing cards.
on 1433203200
on 1432684800
Very good add-on, making useful new cards is quick and easy now.

I have a question - is it possible to automatically reformat cards in existing decks to match these?
on 1430697600
on 1430352000
Some error

I've got a weird error

its says

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "aqt/addons.pyc", line 41, in loadAddons
File "/Users/espinoza/Documents/Anki/addons/Chinese_support.py", line 59, in <module>
File "/Users/espinoza/Documents/Anki/addons/chinese/ui.py", line 29, in <module>
File "/Users/espinoza/Documents/Anki/addons/chinese/edit_behavior.py", line 14, in <module>
File "/Users/espinoza/Documents/Anki/addons/chinese/edit_functions.py", line 14, in <module>
ImportError: No module named microsofttranslator
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "aqt/addons.pyc", line 41, in loadAddons
File "/Users/espinoza/Documents/Anki/addons/EMBED_FONT_FOR_IPHONE.py", line 8, in <module>
ImportError: No module named ankiqt
on 1429574400
on 1427760000
on 1426204800
on 1425686400
on 1424476800
on 1418342400
on 1418083200
Works great on OS X for me

Works great, thanks! I'm using it for studying with bopomofo and am very happy with it. The bopomofo isn't always right, but it's correct > 95% of the time. For example, 裙子 comes out as ㄑㄩㄋˊ ㄗ but should be ㄑㄩㄣˊ ㄗ˙ (the lack of a dot on the final also causes the colorized character to be incorrect). Not a deal breaker though.
on 1416441600
on 1416009600
on 1415404800
on 1414368000

love you guys
on 1413331200
on 1413331200
on 1413331200
on 1412640000
on 1411344000
on 1409443200
on 1405296000
on 1404604800
Great, but wheres the forum

This addon is great, but it would be even better if there was a support forum (the google group closed). I think in the future the ability to update empty fields recursively (such as in Pinyin Toolkit) and the ability to generate example usage sentences for words in the dictionary would be stellar contributions. Otherwise, I'm very please with this, thank you Thomas
on 1404518400
on 1401235200
on 1397606400
on 1396483200
on 1396310400
on 1395705600
on 1395705600
on 1394668800
Thank you!

This has really helped me a lot! Time entering cards is so much less compared to doing it manually!
on 1393286400
on 1392768000
on 1391990400

...to see the continuous improvement!
Thanks to bring back colour to the editor!!!
on 1391817600
on 1391731200
on 1391644800
on 1389657600
on 1389571200
on 1388707200
on 1388534400

Another foreigner, struggling to learn Chinese, wants to expess his gratitude:

Thank's a lot! Anki and your Chinese support has been one of the most helpful tools I have encountered for learning Chinese!

Keep up the excellent work and be assured that there are a lot of people out there, who really use your Add-on!
on 1388448000
on 1388361600
on 1388361600
on 1384905600

非常好!Works exactly as advertised, also compatible with AnkiDroid. No more fiddling with paper flash cards on the subway for me!
Fully customisable, as with the rest of Anki: all you need is basic HTML and CSS knowledge.
on 1384819200
Excellent addon

Thomas gives better support than most commersial programs. Thank you very much!
on 1384041600
Great Addon. Thank you!

Thank you for this great addon!

It helps me a lot when I input the new hanzi and phrases from my textbook. It saves time and shows the tones automatically. This makes studying Chinese easier.
on 1383955200
Thanks a lot!

Hi there,
this tool increased my card creation time significantly.

Thanks for your effort!
on 1378425600
Most usefull

I use this addon for chinese Learning and I find it most usefull.
Very good job !
on 1378339200
Loving the hanzi tone colors!

I'm using this plug-in to learn hundreds of hanzi characters with the correct tones according to the colors. Without colors, it would be much, much more difficult.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
on 1377734400
on 1376956800
on 1375833600
on 1373068800
Would be perfect, but no Traditional character support :(

on 1370131200
Great App!! You saved my life! Thank you so much for all your effort!!
on 1369699200
on 1368489600
on 1368144000
on 1367971200
on 1367366400
Far better than the previous version

It's been some time since I wrote my last review. I didn't like the add-on because of the pinyin problem. Now I am happy to give it a five star thanks to the pinyin improvement.
on 1366761600
on 1365292800
Great Addon

Works pretty well for me. Sometimes the wrong hanzi, pinyin or translation get selected, but this seems to be less an issue with the addon itself, but more a problem of the dictionary (http://www.mdbg.net). Thank you Thomas for the great work!
on 1365206400
Pinyin is a disaster!!!

the pinyin for many characters just doesn't fit. Must spend many hours rewrite the cards... this is really a big problem,especial when you learn new stuff.
on 1364947200
on 1364947200
Works great now

Thank you for the fix! And thank you for an automatic Simplification feature - don't plan on using it, but seems to work nicely.
on 1363392000
Doesn't work! Pinyin is WRONG.

This is a great effort... yet at the same time a huge fail. The pinyin just isn't correct at all, even on the most basic words. i can't even use this.... :(
on 1362096000
on 1359158400
on 1358640000
Right now, it's bad, but all we've got

Have any of the reviwers really tried to use this to study Chinese? This doesn't "just work" out of the box and in its current state doesn't really help because of the problems it has. I use the plugin primarily to be able to just paste some hanzi and have the card created for me.

First of all, it doesn't do sentence translation at all. Paste a sentence, you'll be putting the meaning in manually yourself.

Any sentence you try to add will have some major error in the pinyin, extremely simple characters coming up with a totally wrong pronunciation. I have to manually put in the pinyin myself every time I add anything, and check it myself, defeating the purpose of having a plugin.

The two new card types it adds have way too much information and need heavy editing before they are reasonable. I still can't get them to stop making sentences that need to be scrolled horizontally when I study on my phone. You need to do some CSS editing or something to get the expected behavior I guess.

The fields are not the same as the old plugin it seeks to replace; it's similar, but not compadible. I cannot use this to deal with my thousands of old cards.

It's a great start but I find it hard to believe people are really using this plugin in its current state and I'm surprised a fixed update hasn't come out already. What are anki 2 users doing to study Chinese? Come on.
on 1358640000
Thanks for the work, but the pinyin field sucks a lot

I am helping a friend organize a deck now ( I am Chinese), and it just frustrated me how many errors they have in the pinyin field. I know this add-on is still in its infancy, but rolling out a rotten beta still gets on my nerves. But let's be honest, the pinyin toolkit also did a poor job at this. So... Good luck!
on 1355702400
The pinyin and tones are wrong about 1/3 of the time. This can be a real pain in the ass.
on 1352937600
Great Plugin!

This plugin is now really getting good! Thanks a lot for the effort, now adding my cards is convenient again. :-D
on 1352678400
on 1352332800
Up and comer

Developer is a dude (regardless of gender).
The need for this plugin is great, and one person has risen to the challenge. Heartily await the planned features coming into fruition. From where it was, to where it is today, you can but give it high marks. 5/5 in its current state.

on 1352160000
on 1351468800
on 1350777600