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Vocabulary - Kanji order

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This a a kanji deck, but instead of focusing on the kanji only, you learn the vocabulary directly. As such the vocabulary is based on the kanji order, introducting them one at time. I picked KKLC order is I think it's objectively better than RTK. Here's a picture that hopefully makes it clear. I picked words from the JLPT lists, 5 to 1, 5 being the easiest. Keep in mind there is no official JLPT list, so I based mine on this tanos website. HOW TO USE The deck is basically a JLPT vocabulary deck built on top of my kanji deck. So it may be overbloated in informations. I made it easy to customize what you see in the card by editing the styling section. You'll know which lines display which information and you simply need to add the word "none" in the code to hide that part in the card. If it's still too much you can get rid of the "kanji deck" part and simply use the kanji pop-up window instead. Simply click on the kanji to display the information. Again, you can choose which information to display in the window in the same way. Here's the deck looks: HISTORY V2 - 02/01/2021 - Card style fixed and improved - Added vocabulary from JLPT levels 1 and 2 - Kanji pop up added V1 - 17/02/2020 Release OTHER DECKS - Study: Kanji, Grammar, Vocabulary. - Reading: Manga (Yotsuba), Games (Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest). - Listening: Anime, Pimsleur. I've compiled all my resources on my website. You can find hundreds of anime, manga, games ordered by difficulty, direct links to their anki decks; links to video-game japanese scripts, guide on how to study japanese, links to ressources for studying, and various tutorials to help you along the way. If you have any issues with deck, use the contact button, or you can reach me on reddit (Jo-Mako) or Discord (Jo-Mako#7531). Buy me a coffee

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Order 1813
Vocabulary_JLPT 4
Vocabulary_Reading むかし
Vocabulary_English olden days, former
Keyword_RTK Once upon a time
Look_Alike_Kanji KANJI RTK KKLC COMPONENTS普UniversalWIDESPREAD, common並: average; row (RTK)日: day; sun垣HedgeFENCE, wall土: ground; land; soil亘: span; request苗SeedlingSEEDLING艸: grass; plants; flowers (艹, 龷)田: rice field; brain (RTK)者SomeonePERSON老: old man日: day; sun著RenownedAUTHORCONSPICUOUS艸: grass; plants; flowers (艹, 龷)者: person; puppet (RTK)黄YellowYELLOW艸: grass; plants; flowers (艹, 龷)由: reason; sprout (RTK); shoot (RTK)ハ: animal legs (RTK)措Set asideDISPOSE (of), manage手: hand; fingers (扌) (RTK)昔: olden days; once upon a time (RTK)惜PityREGRET; begrudge, be sparing of心: heart; mind (忄; ⺗)昔: olden days; once upon a time (RTK)音SoundSOUND立: stand upx; vase (RTK)日: day; sun
Story_RTK Salad . . . days. This is the character with which Japanese fairytales commonly begin.
Story_Koohii_1 Once upon a time, the children were forced to eat their salad every day.
Story_Koohii_2 For those who don´t know the expression, "salad days" means the time of one´s youth. (originally from Shakespeare´s Antony and Cleopatra - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salad_days). I suspect Heisig chose "salad" as the name for the radical just for this phrase...
Story_Wanikani_Meaning_1 You’ve been playing blackjack in the sun since long ago. This is the longest game of blackjack you’ve ever played and it feels like ages since you started. You’ve been sitting out in the sun playing blackjack since long, long ago.
Story_Wanikani_Meaning_2 Imagine yourself playing a never-ending game of blackjack out in the hot sun. You’re sticky, sweaty, and tired. But all you can do is continue to play your game of blackjack. It’s miserable.
Story_Wanikani_Info_1 Once you finally finish the game, you walk the long walk back home, in the sun, barefoot, on a dirt road that hasn’t been maintained since long ago. Your feet are all sweaty from being out in the sun, and walking on this dirt road gives you muck ashi (むかし). Your ashi (feet) are all mucky and muddy from the combination of dirt and sweat. Your muck ashi are really gross, man.
Story_Wanikani_Info_2 Imagine your muck ashi, all dirty and muddy from walking on that old road from long ago. Feel the muck between the toes of your ashi, squishing with every step. Hear the sound the mud makes as it slides between your sweaty mucky toes.
ID_Wanikani 366
ID_RTK_4th_Edition 1184
ID_RTK_6th_Edition 1268
ID_RTK_Lesson_Number 32
ID_RRTK 1268
ID_KKLC_Page 122
Component 艸: grass; plants; flowers (艹, 龷)日: day; sun
Info_Stroke_Count 8
Info_Radical_Strokes 4
Info_Radical_Reading ひ・ひへん・にち・にちへん
Info_Radical_Number 72
Info_Traditionnal_Form (none)
Info_Classification 仮借 Loan
Info_Frequency 4
Info_JLPT_Level 3
Info_JouYou_Level 3
Reading_On セキ ・ シャク
Reading_Kun むかし
Reading_Main_On セキ
Vocabulary_List 昔(むかし): olden days; former
KKLC V1 J 今昔
KKLC V1 R こんじゃく
KKLC V1 E past and present, yesterday and today
KKLC V2 R むかし
KKLC V2 E old times
KKLC V3 J 昔話
KKLC V3 R むかしばなし
KKLC V3 E old tale
KKLC V4 J 大昔
KKLC V4 R おおむかし
KKLC V4 E ancient times
Order 951
Vocabulary_JLPT 3
Vocabulary 向かい
Vocabulary_Reading むかい
Vocabulary_English facing, opposite, across the street, other side
Keyword_RTK Yonder
Keyword_KKLC TURN TOWARD, direction; other side
Look_Alike_Kanji KANJI RTK KKLC COMPONENTS同SameSAME, similar冂: hood; belt (RTK)一: one; ceiling, floor (RTK)口: mouth否NegateSAY NOOR NOT不: not口: mouth伺Pay respectsINQUIRE, pay a visit人: human (亻); umbrella (𠆢) (RTK)司: director何WhatWHATHOW MANY, several人: human (亻); umbrella (𠆢) (RTK)可: can各EachEACH, every, all; various夂: winter; walking legs (RTK)口: mouth右RightRIGHT𠂇: side口: mouth后EmpressEMPRESS厂: cliff一: one; ceiling, floor (RTK)口: mouth仲Go-betweenINTERMEDIARYPERSONAL RELATIONS人: human (亻); umbrella (𠆢) (RTK)中: middle; in (RTK)合FitCOMBINE, joinFIT人: human (亻); umbrella (𠆢) (RTK)一: one; ceiling, floor (RTK)口: mouth
Story_RTK Something referred to as "over yonder" is usually far off in the distance and barely within sight - like a wee drop in the distance - and is usually an expression used in giving directions or pointing something out. Hence this kanji begins with a drop. Then we find a sort of transparent helmet with no eyes or nose, but only a prominent mouth under it, obviously an extraterrestrial. And what is it jabbering on about with its mouth open like that? Why, about his spaceship way over yonder with its fuel tank on empty.
Story_Koohii_1 Look over yonder ! That tiny dot is robin hood at the mouth of his secret cave !
Story_Koohii_2 There was an old woman named Wanda,// Who wanted to make herself blonder.// She covered her くち// With a glass hood from Gucci// And dropped some hair dye on from yonder.
Story_Wanikani_Meaning_1 A drop hits your mustache. Where did it come from? "Ah, it came from yonder," you say, facing that way.
Story_Wanikani_Meaning_2 Yonder is a bit of a weird word, but it fits the meaning of this kanji quite well. You'll have to trust me that it's more useful in Japanese than it is in English. When you imagine through this mnemonic, make sure the drop comes from the side and hits you in the mustache with quite a bit of force. That means it came from a far distance thus making you look over "yonder."
Story_Wanikani_Info_1 Who shot this drop at you from yonder? You look over yonder, and see a figure. It is こういち.
Story_Wanikani_Info_2 Who is that over yonder! you yell. "It is I, (こういち)," he yells back. "I shot at you over yonder because you weren't doing your kanji reviews often enough and you're taking up space on our database." "But I'm paying you!" "Oh, that's true. Well, I'm going to walk over yonder and leave you alone, then."
ID_Wanikani 173
ID_RTK_4th_Edition 183
ID_RTK_6th_Edition 195
ID_RTK_Lesson_Number 9
ID_KKLC_Page 78
Component 丶: dot; drop冂: hood; belt (RTK)口: mouth
Info_Stroke_Count 6
Info_Radical_Strokes 3
Info_Radical_Reading くち・くちへん
Info_Radical_Number 30
Info_Traditionnal_Form (none)
Info_Classification 会意 Compound Ideographic
Info_Frequency 3
Info_JLPT_Level 3
Info_JouYou_Level 3
Reading_On コウ
Reading_Kun む,くむ,き-む,きむ,ける-む,けむ,かうむ,こうむ,こう-
Reading_Nanori こお, た, な, むか, むかい, むこう
Reading_Main_On コウ
Vocabulary_List 方向(ほうこう): (1) direction; orientation; bearing; way (2) course (e.g. of action)意向(いこう): intention; idea; inclination傾向(けいこう): tendency; trend; inclination向上(こうじょう): elevation; rise; improvement; advancement; progress動向(どうこう): trend; tendency; movement; attitude向き(むき): direction; orientation; aspect; situation; exposure; suitability; tendency向かい(むかい): facing; opposite; across the street; other side向こう(むこう): (1) opposite side; other side; opposite direction (2) over there; that way; far away; beyond (3) the other party; the other person (4) future (starting now)日向(ひなた): sunny place; in the sun向かう(むかう): (1) to face (2) to go towards志向(しこう): intention; aim; preference (for)向く(むく): (1) to face (2) to turn toward (3) to be suited to; to be fit for向け(むけ): intended for ...; oriented towards ...; aimed at ...向ける(むける): to turn towards; to point振り向く(ふりむく): to turn one's face; to turn around; to look over one's shoulder
KKLC V1 J 方向
KKLC V1 R ほうこう
KKLC V1 E direction, bearing; course
KKLC V2 J 向かう
KKLC V2 R むかう
KKLC V2 E (vi] face; head toward
KKLC V3 J 意向
KKLC V3 R いこう
KKLC V3 E intention, inclination
KKLC V4 J 向く
KKLC V4 R むく
KKLC V4 E (vi] face; turn toward
Order 5264
Vocabulary_JLPT 1
Vocabulary 絶版
Vocabulary_Reading ぜっぱん
Vocabulary_English out of print
Keyword_RTK Discontinue
Story_RTK Thread . . . color.
Story_Koohii_1 I can't finish my sewing project because the thread color I was using was discontinued.
Story_Koohii_2 As times move on and fashion tastes inevitably change, threads of certain colors often get discontinued.
Story_Wanikani_Meaning_1 Sometime in the future, thread of every color will be faced with extinction. Eventually there will be nothing else to make thread out of, and thread of every kind and color will reach extinction.
Story_Wanikani_Meaning_2 Imagine what the world would be like without thread. No thread of any color. How would you fix tears in clothes or make new ones? It would be a strange world where thread is extinct.
Story_Wanikani_Info_1 The extinction of thread was brought on by a very strange thing. Deadly zits (ぜつ). These zits killed off all the producers of thread, and eventually the thread went extinct. Dang zits.
Story_Wanikani_Info_2 Pretend you have deadly zits. They’re everywhere, not just your face. You can’t pop them or you’ll die, but they’re all bulging and extremely painful. Now you’re facing extinction. Lousy.
ID_Wanikani 944
ID_RTK_4th_Edition 1754
ID_RTK_6th_Edition 1891
ID_RTK_Lesson_Number 45
ID_RRTK 1891
ID_KKLC 1271
ID_KKLC_Page 350
Component 糸: thread; Spider-Man (RTK)色: color
Info_Stroke_Count 12
Info_Radical_Strokes 6
Info_Radical_Reading いと・いとへん
Info_Radical_Number 120
Info_Traditionnal_Form (none)
Info_Classification 形声 Phonetic
Info_Frequency 6
Info_JLPT_Level 3
Info_JouYou_Level 5
Reading_On ゼツ
Reading_Kun た,えるた,やすた,つ
Reading_Main_On ゼツ
Vocabulary_List 絶つ(たつ): to sever; to cut off; to suppress; to abstain (from)絶対(ぜったい): (1) absolutely; unconditionally (2) absolute; unconditional; unmistakable (3) absoluteness絶望(ぜつぼう): despair; hopelessness絶滅(ぜつめつ): destruction; extinction途絶える(とだえる): to stop; to cease; to come to an end拒絶(きょぜつ): refusal; rejection絶える(たえる): (1) to die out; to peter out; to become extinct (2) to cease; to be stopped; to be discontinued; to be cut off絶えず(たえず): constantly; always; continually; steadily絶版(ぜっぱん): out of print謝絶(しゃぜつ): refusal
KKLC V1 J 通信は絶えた
KKLC V1 R つうしんはたえた
KKLC V1 E correspondence ceased
KKLC V2 J 絶対
KKLC V2 R ぜったい
KKLC V2 E absoluteness; absolute; absolutely
KKLC V3 J 連絡を絶つ
KKLC V3 R れんらくをたつ
KKLC V3 E sever the connection
KKLC V4 J 絶縁
KKLC V4 R ぜつえん
KKLC V4 E breaking off relations; insulation, isolation

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on 1654002740
Hi! I am fairly new to Japanese, and I have to say that your deck has helped me a lot throughout the learning process. Previously this software has frightened me for a while because of its daunting UI, and you have thrown my fear away! I appreciate your work compiling the kanji alongside its reading, stroke order, and vocabulary arranged by its difficulty level into this beautifully made and well-organized Anki deck. Now I don't have to go back and forth between various sources because it has been compiled in one place.

Before using this deck, I used your Kanji deck, which helped me learn a few dozen kanjis very well. I then considered learning vocabulary and came across this deck, made by the same author of the Kanji deck that I have been using. This deck has been doing as good as the kanji one.

I wonder, though, since you mentioned that this deck is built on top of your Kanji deck, is it fine for me to stop using your Kanji deck and rely on this deck alone for learning kanji and vocabulary together instead of having two separate decks, or is there any benefit in using both decks together? Does it provide kanji stroke review like the kanji deck has? (though I do not personally mind since I hand-write kanji during the review process anyway)

Also, thank you for all your efforts in arranging all this information into a beginner-friendly deck. You are the reason why the internet is great!
Comment from author
Thanks !

I don't have any advice on the matter. If you do this deck maybe you don't need the recognitions cards of the kanji deck.
Other than that, you're the one using the deck so trust that your judgement is better than mine.
on 1647095066
Thank you for the deck. Is it possible to remove JLPT1 words from this deck ?
Comment from author
Yes there is a field for that information.
Go in the browser mode and type: "deck:Vocabulary - Kanji order" Vocabulary_JLPT:1
Suspend all cards.
on 1645316096
I think if you turned them into TSC's or put the kanji into sentences it would be a lot easier to rep. I always have to try to think of both reading's because there's no context which one it is.
on 1640718498
I tried to use it together with Kanji deck (witch is very nice btw), but it is so bad... Multiple cards with the same kanji, but different readings and meaning (and without context you can't guess which one is on the card you are currently reviewing) and many words where learning them (on this level) seems pointless. I used it for something like 2 weeks with 15 cards per day, but after deleting something like every 4th new card I decided that there is no point and it is better to just switch to something else.
Comment from author
This is disheartening to read.

This is a deck to learn words from the JLPT. If you want to pass the JLPT, then learning them is not pointless.
I understand that may not want to learn them, I didn't either. But it just means that's it's not the deck for you, not there's something wrong with it.

Multiple cards have the same kanji since you're learning them by kanji order. If you're not interested in that information, you can delete the fields or modify the card style.
Some words only differ by readings, which is why it's also given as a hint on the front card, so you can know which word it is even when they are written with the same kanji.

If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve the deck, let me know.
on 1638502948
on 1628365869
cant run on latest anki
Comment from author
I fixed the card template so the deck can work with the latest update.
You can download it again.
on 1623620940
on 1617407069
the best I ever seen
on 1615477492
Thank you!!
on 1609529295
Hey, When I try to use this deck in Anki, nothing shows up, only this error message appears: Back template has a problem:
Found '⁨{{jlpt}}⁩', but there is no field called '⁨jlpt⁩'

Is there an add-on or alternate deck I have to download?
Comment from author
Hi, it's because I'm an idiot. The deck had two fields called "jlpt", one refering to the vocabulary and one to the kanji. On export, the field got renamed automatically and broke the card template.

Doesn't matter I fixed the deck, and finally updated it. You can redownload again, it will work.
on 1606384460
Very good!
on 1589572865
on 1589530291
a reason.