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Tournadre - Manual of Standard Tibetan (Vocab)

105.05MB. 1448 audio & 48 images. Updated 2012-08-25.

This item is large, and may take some time to download.


Vocabulary from Tournadre's Manual of Standard Tibetan, matching Audio from the Tibetan and Himalayan Library (THL).

Sample (from 1403 notes)

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tibetan སང་ཉིན་
english tomorrow
type (adv.)
transcript sāngnyin
lesson 8
audio (female)
audio (male)
Tags words08 adverb
tibetan སྦུག་
english innermost part
type (n.)
transcript pu̱ʼ
lesson 31
audio (female)
audio (male)
Tags words31 noun
tibetan འབྲས་ལྗོངས་
english Sikkim (India)
transcript trä̱ncong
lesson 5
audio (female)
audio (male)
Tags words05

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on 1678162845
Has audio
on 1665714784
Good work! i really appreciate the effort!
on 1626685474
Amazing work, thank you!
on 1594050150
Wonderful work.
on 1556053009
Thumbs up for the EFFORT spent. I wish some of those who already did correct the serious typos in this deck would SHARE A CORRECTED VERSION please. Thank you!
jakub.cejka at gmail
on 1550985190
nice start
on 1530342888
You may think that there is a lot of useless words in this deck,and a lack of essential ones, I agree too. But note that this deck is to study along with the textbook, and it is a great help for that purpose as it covers the lack of audio for the vocabulary in the textbook. I really appreciate the work done on the deck.
on 1516492800
This deck is good but not great. Alot of mistakes and plenty of useless words and missing useful words.
To give you an example of a useless word. I have no idea who thought it would be a great idea for people to learn the Tibetan word for "awl" I didn't know what an awl was until I checked a dictionary, I have never used or seen this word or object my entire life. To investigate further the Tibetan was showed to a native speaker and he also didn't recognize this word. They include many stupid words like this but exclude essential words like the generic word for "tool" or a very fundamental word like "breakfast!". I deleted many, many cards from this deck, I suggest you do the same.
Also why the heck include transcribed English? We want to learn Tibetan not English! All the audio is there, therefore making the transcribed English doubly redundant, I'm still scratching my head about that one!
To be frank the accumulated time I've spent to double check the cards against my dictionary and then fixing it, could've been used to make my own deck. All in all better then nothing.
on 1491436800
on 1488931200
on 1453334400
on 1434844800
on 1414540800
Truly incredible resource

This deck includes native speaker audio and the phonetic transcriptions from the vocabulary of each lesson in Tournadre's book. Without this deck, it would be nearly impossible for me to divine how to pronounce the words in Tournadre. With this deck, I am actually learning Tibetan. I wish I could thank or donate to the person who was kind enough to make these recordings and share with us.
on 1386547200
on 1360281600