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Ultimate Geography v. 1.0

13.35MB. 3 audio & 568 images. Updated 2014-07-03.
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I've taken the previous Ultimate Geography deck (https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/3965728956) and updated and improved it. Some information was missing, such as some capitals. I've also configured the cards based on fields using Anki 2's system, so you should see fewer sibling cards. Includes: 1071 cards All countries of the world with maps, flags, and capitals, as well as some unrecognized states. Countries and capitals are both forward and backward. All oceans and seas. Cards include Map>Country, Flag>Country, Capital>Country, and Country>Capital, depending on which fields are filled in for each card. Tags: -Africa Maps -Africa Capitals -Africa Flags -Asia Maps -Asia Capitals -Asia Flags -Caribbean Islands Maps -Caribbean Islands Capitals -Caribbean Islands Flags -Central America Maps -Central America Capitals -Central America Flags -Europe Maps -Europe Capitals -Europe Flags -North America Maps -North America Capitals -North America Flags -Oceania Maps -Oceania Capitals -Oceania Flags -South America Maps -South America Capitals -South America Flags -Oceans+Seas Please comment with suggestions for improvements or corrections.

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Name Singapore
Capital Singapore
Tags Asia_Capitals Asia_Flags Asia_Maps
Name Sri Lanka
Capital Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte(sree jah-yah-war-duh-na-puh-rah koh-tay)
Tags Asia_Capitals Asia_Flags Asia_Maps
Name Tanzania(tan-zuh-NEE-uh)
Capital Dodoma
Tags Africa_Capitals Africa_Flags Africa_Maps

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on 1646387864
We will never allow any change to the history, reality and universally-recognized legal status of Taiwan, that is, it has been an inalienable part of China's territory since ancient times!!!!!
on 1614452044
Thanks for adding flags from Asia
on 1570287398
on 1539535859
Install version 3 instead
on 1536837885
I'm fond of Geography and enjoy greatly while playing this game.
on 1517529600
Very Good, I Love It !!!
on 1511827200
on 1510272000
on 1485475200
on 1474761600
on 1472169600
on 1471651200
on 1470355200
on 1463702400
Error on Malawi flag

Great deck so far!

Just wanted to point out that the flag for Malawi is slightly incorrect. It doesn't depict the whole sun but only half of it. Furthermore it is not centered but printed on the upper color strip.
on 1457827200
on 1454544000
Update South Africa

South Africa has three capitals, the main one being Pretoria.

Your card incorrectly shows Bloemfontein, the smallest of the capitals.
on 1452902400

Works very good (I only had to change the cards for the Android version too, see above).

Small mistake: The capital of Equatorial Guinea is written MalAbo not MalObo.
on 1445558400
So far, good, but ....

So far, I am using it for a few days and enjoying it. However, the color filter applied to the flags makes some colors ambiguous -- it makes whites look gray, and reds look orange. So I'm having to replace some flags pictures myself to remove ambiguity.

Otherwise, I'm learning about places I never knew in my life! Thanks to the deck creator for the effort!
on 1439251200
on 1434067200
on 1432425600
on 1422576000
on 1422576000
on 1416787200
Great Deck

Works perfect in the desktop version, if you want to use it on Android there is a small mistake. On one of the cards (I don't remember whether it was Country >Capital or Capital >Country, because I already changed it some time ago) you have to re-arrange the order of the commands, so that they are nested correctly.

Capital: {{Capital}}

Capital: {{Capital}}
on 1412899200

Do you know if there is a way to switch to your deck from the original one while retain the scheduling information?
on 1411776000