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English -- français louisianais / Louisiana French

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This deck is meant to help English speakers learn Louisiana French vocabulary (sometimes referred to as Cajun French). This deck may also be useful to people who speak some Louisiana French but would like to increase their vocabulary. It may also be useful for those who speak the language fluently but don't get to use it often and so may forget words or simply be unaware of words used in other areas of Louisiana. All that said, a disclaimer: this deck is in no way a complete list of the vocabulary, though I do intend to expand it indefinitely and would gladly add suggested words. Also, I started this deck for my own use as I was learning the language and so it includes words that I've come across during that process as well as some words that are useful for myself but not necessarily for most other people. It is always possible to hide or simply delete words that you have no use for to get around this. Each note appears both forward and in reverse and includes the phonetic transcription using the International Phonetic Alphabet. Each item is also tagged as either a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, conjunction, preposition, or phrase, so that users can choose to focus on specific types of words. Sources for the words include personal conversations, literature, songs, interviews, and recordings. Definitions, spellings, and pronunciations are taken from the Dictionary of Louisiana French (2010) when possible. Pronunciations appear between slashes (e.g. / * /) and include all the variants possible. The /ɾ/ sound is written as /r/ as the trill isn't contrastive in the language and it's much easier to type the latter. A special note must be made for pronunciations with parentheses around them. These are Standard French pronunciations taken from the site WordReference or from the site Wiktionnaire when not available on WordReference. This is only done when the word is not listed in the Dictionary of Louisiana French. These words most often come from Louisiana sources, but in some cases they are simply words that I could not find Louisiana French equivalents for but which did exist in Standard French. While this may seem to defeat the purpose of the deck, it should be noted that both language varieties are still French and there is no reason the vocabulary of each cannot be enriched by that of the other. I hope people find this useful. If you'd like to contact me for whatever reason, visit www.joshmcneill.com.

Sample (from 4260 notes)

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Term fourbir/furbir fɔrbir frobir frubir/
Translation to scrub; to clean (a floor); to mop
Tags verb
Term une conceptualisation/ ? /
Translation conceptualization
Tags noun
Term une couilt(e)/kwil(t) kil(t)/
Translation quilt
Tags noun

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