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Korean Grammar Sentences by Evita

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This deck is designed to make it easy for people to learn and review Korean grammar. The sentences are categorized into levels so you can choose which level to start with. (You can suspend the cards that are too easy for you.) Level 1 is intended for people who have spent a few weeks learning the Korean alphabet and the basics of the language. Level 5 is the start of the intermediate grammar. The levels are a bit similar to the TTMIK levels (and a lot of sentences are from there) but I've moved some grammar points around based on how they are arranged in various textbooks and how difficult they are to learn. Here's a short description of each level: This deck has been put together systematically and each new grammar point is briefly explained in the first card it appears in. Some cards are tagged not only by their difficulty level but also by their level of politeness. There's also a tag called 'reported_speech', and all cards using reported speech are tagged by it. There's also the 'irregular' tag for irregular verbs and the 'honorific' tag for sentences including "시". If you have any questions or comments, you can post them in my Google Group. --------------------- If you want to study vocabulary separately, you can check out my Korean Vocabulary Deck. P.S. To the person who asked below, you can open this deck with the program called Anki. You can download it here. After downloading you need to install it.

Sample (from 2160 notes)

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Korean 이 책하고 저 책 중에서
Translation between this book and that book
Alternative Translation
Notes Use this when choosing from a few options, not when describing location
Tags dif4 phrase
Korean 써야 해요.
Translation I have to write it.
Alternative Translation I should write it.
Notes 쓰다 - to write
Tags dif2 polite
Korean 올해도 벌써 반이나 지났어요.
Translation Half of the year has already passed.
Alternative Translation
Tags dif5

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on 2018-01-30
Great deck overall!
on 2018-01-14
on 2018-01-06
It is an amazing Deck, that can help you with building an understanding of words and sentences stretcher. And the meaning of words that you don't understand or know of.100% recommend this deck to beginners and advance learners.
on 2017-12-30
Best deck around
on 2017-12-13
on 2017-08-29
Absolutely fantastic

This deck is just fabulous. Great job, and thanks so much for putting this together!
on 2017-08-05
Makes TTMIK more efficient!

Great to hear Kyung Eun's voice again. Really handy, compiling all of TTMIK's sentences into a flashcard format. I haven't gotten past TTMIK material yet, but I already give it 5 stars.
on 2017-07-23

on 2017-03-15

on 2017-01-21

The deck is great for learning in context. I love this just as much as I love TTMIK.
on 2017-01-13
Thank you!

What a wonderful gift. Thank you so very much for making this available. I am grateful.
on 2016-06-17
Wholeheartedly recommended

I would like to thank you so much for making this deck, Ms. Evita.

To learners:
Using this deck to learn Korean is the best way because it is both efficient and easy to understand. I wholeheartedly recommend this deck to everyone.
on 2016-04-05
on 2016-03-09
this is very helpful. but I wish you would write the pronounces of the word.
on 2016-02-21

Thank you so much for creating this deck! The audio and translations are phenomenal!
on 2015-08-31
Really great material!

I don't usually use translations for my study, but the amount of audio and written Korean alone is just awesome!

One question I have though: where are the "eks" audios taken from? The material seems to be far superior then TTMIK audios (they feel more natural).
on 2015-04-15
Amazing deck

Thanks so much for this deck, i love decks that you can use from beginner to intermediate++ I'd recommend this to everyone.

Also, please dont give this deck 1 star if there's a technical error like not opening because its not the decks fault :(
on 2015-03-30
Fantastic Educational Job

Thank you so much for this superior quality work!

Ps. If you are having technical trouble to download or similar stuff, don't underrate the deck because this has to do with the quality of the deck not your difficulties.
on 2015-03-03
Great deck

Thank you !
on 2015-01-08
Very very good

The deck is excellent. Thank you so much.
on 2014-12-12
Super awesome!

This deck is so amazing! You do a wonderful work and I want to hug you! Thank you so much!
on 2014-09-27
Thumbs up

Great deck! Has been very helpful to me :)
on 2014-08-03
Really polished (at least at the start)

on 2014-03-29

Thank you for the hard work! This is a very, very good deck. I really like how it has kind of everything. It has helped me a lot in studying Korean!

Thank you once more!