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Korean Grammar Sentences by Evita

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This deck is designed to make it easy for people to learn and review Korean grammar. The sentences are categorized into levels (using tags dif1 to dif7) so you can choose which level to start with. (You can suspend the cards that are too easy for you.) Level 1 is intended for people who have spent a few weeks learning the Korean alphabet and the basics of the language. Level 5 is the start of the intermediate grammar. The levels are a bit similar to the TTMIK levels (and a lot of sentences are from there) but I've moved some grammar points around based on how they are arranged in various textbooks and how difficult they are to learn. Here's a short description of each level: If you are planning to take the TOPIK exam, this deck currently contains enough grammar for TOPIK 4. Once it is finished it will go up to TOPIK 5. Please do not misunderstand - this deck on its own is not enough to prepare for TOPIK because it doesn't contain enough vocabulary, but the grammar points are all there. This deck is set up so that each new grammar point is briefly explained in the first card it appears in. Some cards are tagged not only by their difficulty level but also by their level of politeness. There's also a tag called 'reported_speech' for cards with such sentences. There's also the 'irregular' tag for irregular verbs and the 'honorific' tag for sentences including "시". If you have any questions or comments, please click the Contact Author button. --------------------- If you like this deck, you might also like my other deck called General Korean Sentences by Evita. It contains almost a thousand various sentences. If you want to study vocabulary separately, you can check out my Korean Vocabulary Deck. P.S. You can open this deck with the program called Anki. You can download it here. After downloading you need to install it.

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Korean 그럴 리가 없어요.
Translation It can't be true.
Alternative Translation That's not possible!
Notes '-(으)ㄹ 리가 없다' means that there is no reason or logic for something to be so it can't be.
Tags dif7
Korean 오늘 날씨 춥지요?
Translation The weather is cold today, isn't it?
Alternative Translation
Tags dif4
Korean 일을 미뤘다가 한꺼번에 하니까 힘들 수밖에 없지요.
Alternative Translation
Tags dif7

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on 1675299262
on 1671981852
on 1671464281
Real good
on 1671421889
good voice
on 1669136017
is easier learn with sentences
on 1666939152
very useful, thank you
on 1666840308
on 1664884095
on 1664836983
on 1664292333
on 1663375221
The sentences are easy to learn grammar from as it slowly introduces new words and grammar patterns, so you pick up vocabulary too!
on 1660766807
Best way to learn Korean grammar! It's comprehensive, and it becomes increasingly more complicated. You learn the grammar rules primarily by seeing the patterns in sentences instead of memorizing rules and charts. Every language needs a deck like this!
on 1659716254
I loved this deck, I had learnt lots of words in korean but was lacking of materials to learn abt sentence construction and i think this deck can help me with that.
on 1658665211
Thanks for good deck, the only thing missing is some audios, but overall great :)
on 1651505083
It's nice, although beginner sentences are missing particules which may build bad habits for beginners
on 1649857319
It's very practical.
on 1649719249
on 1648560235
on 1648497328
Great examples
on 1645196714
Easy to use
on 1644755476
very good
on 1644429230
Probably the best way to learn grammar. Wish other languages had similar decks.
on 1643450406
very nice :) thank you for putting so much effort into creating this
on 1636337939
It's well fleshed out. I like it.
on 1635985478
clean natural sentences with native recordings and properly organized by level
on 1634553826
on 1634291807
on 1633611749
Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to do this!!
on 1633016034
Thank you so much for making an effort to do this.
on 1632987835
My sincere thanks for the time and effort you put into making this high quality resource.

It is better than many commercial materials for language learning.
on 1632230750
on 1629823392
on 1629219644
on 1628507910
on 1624247549
on 1624124847
Very Detailed
on 1620574978
There are audios with explanation. I'm an absolute beginner and it helps me a lot. Thank you, Evita.
on 1620017263
really eases up my korean learning process
on 1618105644
Really awesome deck. This also goes really well with their other vocabulary deck too. I’ve seen some people complain that it doesn’t have pronunciation, as in romanization. I think this is a good thing though, because despite sounding similar to English sounds, Korean sounds aren’t the exact same and can’t always be romanized using the Latin alphabet. So getting romanization stuck in in your mind permanently really would do more harm than good when trying to sound like a native speaker. So I suppose I would recommend learning Hangul before starting this deck. But anyway, it’s a great deck, and incredibly useful.

Also, I’m wondering if there is a way to order the deck based on level (Dif1, Dif2, etc.) without having to make new, separate decks based on the tags?

Edit: if this^ happens to anyone else, for some reason it wasn’t in order on my app, but actually was randomized although the settings said they were displaying in order. So, I just changed the deck settings to “random” then back to “display in order added” and it went back to the correct way it was made and supposed to display. Not the creators fault but an Anki issue I suppose
Comment from author
The deck is already ordered based on level. If you open the card browser in Anki and look at the "Due" column, you will see that all cards from level 1 are due before level 2 and so on. If you have any other questions, please use the "Contact author" button. Thank you.

Edit: Good to hear you figured it out. You are not the first person to encounter this Anki issue but you are the first one to post a solution. Thank you!
on 1617762993
God bless you, thank you so much !
on 1617010878
Very useful
on 1616594541
Awesome. Thank you so much !!!
on 1615864005
on 1615847975
Thanks for your efforts and for still providing it for free
on 1615831393
Top notch content. Thanks for your hard work !
on 1613443768
The provided audio goes a long way in helping to get used to the sound of Korean words which is impossible to learn from reading alone.
on 1613325932
on 1612851209
on 1612802403
I is good
on 1611672374
형 고마워요 덕분에 잘쓸께요...
on 1611048523
on 1609304866
very useful
on 1607708998
on 1607545878
on 1607537315
Wooow such a beautiful work !!! Bless u
on 1606697322
Thank you!
on 1606401596
Good sentences with good audio.
on 1604453233
노무 좋아요! 감사합니다 ~
on 1602898810
Thanks for did it.
on 1602892904
Superb deck!
on 1602649187
Very systematic.
on 1601808584
I want to tell everyone learning Korean that I have noticed a real improvement in my everyday ability to get around and communicate in Korea since I started using this deck. Anki's software + the thoughtful organization of language elements makes this a really effective vocab building tool.
on 1601687306
on 1600875086
All grammar points in one place. Huge work has been done. Great deck.
on 1600551444
This sharing is awesome. 감사합니다
on 1599974136
Great decks with useful notes. Awesome job! Thanks a lot!
on 1598473207
on 1597607882
Great deck; well organized!
on 1597261535
지금까지 유용해요.
on 1595448743
i appreciate your hard work ! thanks alot
on 1594233337
It has a lot of cards and it has really useful sidenotes to help understand the cards. It's just really good
on 1593642829
on 1593424429
on 1593296768
Good info!!!
on 1593231597
on 1592865328
Great deck, the notes with the word breakdowns are especially useful! I combined this with your other deck with around 800 cards, and the "1000 simple Korean sentences ordered by ease" (or whatever it's called) deck, to get a grand total of 4124 korean cards in one deck. I then go through and turn them into cloze deletion cards as I learn a new card, which is where your notes are especially helpful, because otherwise I'd be looking up all the words myself on Wiktionary when I made a cloze deletion for each word and grammar point.
on 1590778181
Helping so much!!
on 1590353197
Thank you, so much. I'm really appreciate it.
on 1589951009
on 1587569829
Muito bom
on 1587566943
on 1587101400
요즘 외국인에게 한국어를 가르치고 있는데 이 자료를 유용하게 사용중입니다. 감사합니다 ^^
on 1586541695
Diverse vocabulary, nice explanations, and overall a really huge collection. Thank you for sharing this!
on 1586359672
This has been vital for my Korean learning. It’s great to learn new phrases gradually while remember past learned phrases. The amount of material is enough to progress to a a very advanced level. So helpful! I am thankful for this tool!...
on 1585515862
Very comprehensive! 감사합니다!
on 1585372729
thanks for sharing
on 1583853330
Amazing how much work you put into this. Kudos!
on 1581340567
Well done!
on 1580397596
if you can read Hangul, this is a really good deck to start learning. If you can't watch some youtube tutorials that explain this and get back to this deck!
Learning sentences is so important and the way this was combined with important sentence structures is really excellent.
Kudos to the author! This deck helped me a lot.
on 1579940858
on 1579169831
Thanks for your hard work!
Your decks are one of the best resources- they're comprehensive and reliable.
on 1578671154
good practice words for vocabulary
on 1575756538
I absolutely love this. It's great for a beginning learner. I particularly like the way it offers brief explanations of new grammar items & introduces them in groups.
on 1574420996
좋은 자료 감사합니다.
최고입니다. It is the best Korean materials for learner.
다름이 아니오라, 저와 언어교환을 하고 계시는 미국친구를 위해서,
Evita님이 만드신 자료를 이용하고 싶습니다.
본 Text자료와 voice자료를 이용해서 반복학습용 video를 만들고, 유튜브에 올리고 싶습니다.

가능할까요? 감사합니다.
on 1571099013
Great deck. Love the notes/tips on the cards, they're very helpful!
on 1570734922
It's clear to follow and umderstand
on 1570474413
on 1570056684
Great deck! It says the levels are 1-7. How do you know which card is in which level?
Comment from author
Each card has a tag, dif1 to dif7.
on 1567543390
I want to apologize to the author for mixing this deck up with Anno's deck. Sorry. lol
Comment from author before post was edited
I think you might have mixed up something because my deck doesn't contain such a sentence. What's more, the deck starts with really short and easy sentences so it is very useful for beginners. Many sentences even have two translations in order to better help people understand the meaning.

It's true that once you get past the first 1000 of cards, some sentence translations might not contain every nuance of the Korean sentence. That's because the more you know, the less hand-holding you need, and I rely on people already knowing those nuances because they have been introduced in previous cards.
on 1567514221
Fantastic deck, can be easily used instead of an introductory textbook!
Highly recommended, especially for people doing MIA/AJATT for Korean and looking for something to break through the grammar stage.
on 1567446499
Thank you so much
on 1566167738
very helpful
on 1565562863
Thanks!!! it was really a great help!
on 1565176212
Thank you for the deck. It helps me quite a lot.
on 1563984628
on 1563343970
Helpful! Easy to understand and sorted by difficulty.
on 1563240627
very good
on 1560946046
on 1560862128
Thank You for your hardwork!!!!!
on 1560666491
Great app
on 1559510908
Well done deck
on 1559350572
Very good, only have done a few cards and they are very similar to TTMIK very helpful thanks!
on 1559264690
Very useful
on 1557798637
Good card deck
on 1554856938
a great way to review the sentences that one might have encountered while studying with Korean Grammar in Use or TTMIK...
on 1553174580
Bonaj klarigoj, dankon !
on 1552973309
Great resource.
on 1551390255
Tip for other learners: I use this deck for listening practice, too! I close my eyes or look away when sound starts playing to see if I can identify the sentence from just the sound (this won't work with the cards with no audio, but they're in the minority).
on 1550920334
Thank you for sharing this.
on 1550096082
Ajuda muito nos vocabulários.
on 1546127634
on 1543991121
Thank you so much for this!
You are helping a lot of people with your deck!
on 1543282659
A great way to improve and build on vocabulary! It is useful, however, to know how to read Hangul (Korean script) before using this deck.
on 1542722139
Very useful
on 1542077190
Useless if you don't want to know how to read Korean, just how to speak it.
on 1542025677
very good
on 1539846747
on 1538388862
on 1538275481
on 1535948770
Extremely well made with fine level of detail
on 1534146453
This is really great! This is the best Korean learning material I ever had so far. Thank you!
on 1533386769
Thank you!
on 1532308394
on 1527379200
Thank you for your sharing.
on 1525219200
I didn't expect much from this, but it's actually really well made. Most sentences actually have very useful notes, and there is a lot of audio!

For people using this deck, I do recommend also created a reversed card. By default, this deck only contains cards from Korean to English.
on 1525219200
Thank you so much for creating this deck. 감사합니다
on 1521417600
I've used this deck over the years and it's been very useful in solidifying grammar in context.
on 1519603200
Perfect companion for everyone using Talk to Me in Korean as a basis
on 1517270400
Great deck overall!
on 1515888000
on 1515196800
It is an amazing Deck, that can help you with building an understanding of words and sentences stretcher. And the meaning of words that you don't understand or know of.100% recommend this deck to beginners and advance learners.
on 1514592000
Best deck around
on 1513123200
on 1509753600
on 1506470400
on 1505001600
on 1504915200
on 1503964800
Absolutely fantastic

This deck is just fabulous. Great job, and thanks so much for putting this together!
on 1503014400
on 1502409600
on 1501891200
Makes TTMIK more efficient!

Great to hear Kyung Eun's voice again. Really handy, compiling all of TTMIK's sentences into a flashcard format. I haven't gotten past TTMIK material yet, but I already give it 5 stars.
on 1500768000

on 1498435200
on 1498262400
on 1496102400
on 1495238400
on 1495065600
on 1495065600
on 1494460800
on 1493337600
on 1493337600
on 1491350400
on 1490486400
on 1489708800
on 1489622400
on 1489536000

on 1488153600
on 1487635200
on 1485993600
on 1484956800

The deck is great for learning in context. I love this just as much as I love TTMIK.
on 1484870400
on 1484265600
Thank you!

What a wonderful gift. Thank you so very much for making this available. I am grateful.
on 1483833600
on 1483660800
on 1482796800
on 1482364800
on 1480464000
on 1480291200
on 1480291200
on 1477353600
on 1477267200
on 1476144000
on 1475971200
on 1475452800
on 1475366400
on 1474588800
on 1473897600
on 1470009600
on 1466121600
Wholeheartedly recommended

I would like to thank you so much for making this deck, Ms. Evita.

To learners:
Using this deck to learn Korean is the best way because it is both efficient and easy to understand. I wholeheartedly recommend this deck to everyone.
on 1462924800
on 1462060800
on 1462060800
on 1461542400
on 1460937600
on 1460419200
on 1459814400
on 1459641600
on 1459382400
on 1458777600
on 1458777600
on 1457568000
on 1457481600
this is very helpful. but I wish you would write the pronounces of the word.
on 1457395200
on 1457395200
on 1456272000
on 1456012800

Thank you so much for creating this deck! The audio and translations are phenomenal!
on 1455235200
on 1452643200
on 1452643200
on 1450224000
on 1449100800
on 1448668800
on 1447372800
on 1445990400
on 1445644800
on 1442102400
on 1440979200
Really great material!

I don't usually use translations for my study, but the amount of audio and written Korean alone is just awesome!

One question I have though: where are the "eks" audios taken from? The material seems to be far superior then TTMIK audios (they feel more natural).
on 1437350400
on 1434931200
on 1433203200
on 1429056000
Amazing deck

Thanks so much for this deck, i love decks that you can use from beginner to intermediate++ I'd recommend this to everyone.

Also, please dont give this deck 1 star if there's a technical error like not opening because its not the decks fault :(
on 1427673600
Fantastic Educational Job

Thank you so much for this superior quality work!

Ps. If you are having technical trouble to download or similar stuff, don't underrate the deck because this has to do with the quality of the deck not your difficulties.
on 1425340800
Great deck

Thank you !
on 1424563200
on 1422662400
on 1421971200
on 1420675200
Very very good

The deck is excellent. Thank you so much.
on 1418342400
Super awesome!

This deck is so amazing! You do a wonderful work and I want to hug you! Thank you so much!
on 1413849600
on 1413072000
on 1412553600
on 1412380800
on 1411776000
Thumbs up

Great deck! Has been very helpful to me :)
on 1407024000
Really polished (at least at the start)

on 1406419200
on 1404864000
on 1396051200

Thank you for the hard work! This is a very, very good deck. I really like how it has kind of everything. It has helped me a lot in studying Korean!

Thank you once more!
on 1392422400
on 1375574400
on 1372723200
on 1371340800