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Read Thai PHASE 1 - The Consonants - ครูกานต์

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Welcome to Phase 1. Learning to read is hands-down THE MOST IMPORTANT part of learning to communicate well in Thai. If you want to waste your time and try to learn to speak Thai without first putting in the work to read properly - don't bother with this deck. But if you really want to learn to speak well - this is your first step. A better way to study Thai consonants. No inaccurate transcriptions, just clear and accurate audio. The letters of Thai do not represent English letters, they represent sounds (most of which we have in English). This really comes into play when studying vowels. But that's a different deck. I have added notes to every card that explains the audio, with pronunciation tips and random helpful facts about each one. I recommend saying the name of the consonant when you see the consonant first, and writing it when you hear the audio first. This will ensure that you don't just recognize letters but comprehend them enough to write them down. To specifically address the concerns of some, the two letters that are missing are no longer used in Thai writing, and therefore it is a waste of time and mental effort to learn them. The consonant classes are not included because that has to do with tone rules, which I believe should be learned separately and only after you have a good hold on both the consonants and vowels of Thai. Kru Gaan's (ครูกานต์) complete read Thai course: Phase 1 - Consonants: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/3647082801 Phase 2 - Vowels: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/4636594 Phase 3 - Consonant Classes: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/519530098 Phase 4 - Tone Rules: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1918849490

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Back This is a notoriously hard sound to master. It is most similar the the "-ng" sound at the end of the English word "song." You can practice by saying "song" and then just repeating the last part of the word over and over like a broken record. It will sound like your missing brain cells. This is normal.
Back An "s" sound. Very unique from the rest. Key, again, is in the pronounciation.
Back This is the "L" sound that is so often derived from "ร" although that is technically incorrect. The associated word means "monkey."

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Just a suggestion: I'm new to this and it is a little intimidating to learn all of the consonants in one go. Might I suggest packaging them in subdecks, so that they can be studied perhaps 10 at a time. Or perhaps organizing them according to class. This looks like a fantastic resource.
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Have detailed explains
Comment from author
I tried to make them comprehensible. :)
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great deck for a beginner
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Great for reviewing consonants and also has interesting background info on each one.
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Far too verbose in explanation, which is a pity, as the audio is good
Comment from author
You can remove the explanations if they are distracting for you. Some find them helpful, and I usually find it is better to "cut too long rather than too short" when giving written instructions - to a reasonable degree, of course.
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pronunciations are good and all cards are there, excluding unused characters confirmed by Thai friend (so many Anki decks I've tried have included useless vocab as my Thai friend tells me they would just use the English word). After phase 2 I was able to read some Thai words and talk a little with my friend (I bought a children's Thai alphabet practice book which helps a lot with drawing the characters correctly and includes a bit of vocab). Excellent!
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I recommend switching out the audio with this https://www.thailanguagehut.com/thai-alphabet-description-and-sounds/. It seems like the robotic pronunciation is way off sometimes.
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easy to use
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Whoever made this is a genius.

Thank you.
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good sound recordings
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Explanations are too long.

No one wants to read two paragraphs of someone trying to explain what a sound sounds like. Just put the International Phonetic Alphabet symbol. If it's not perfect say, "Similar to [k]." If you don't know the difference between [k], [kʰ], and [g], then you shouldn't really be making an anki deck to explain consonant phonetics.
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Almost perfect

Very nice with clear audio files. The only problem with the deck is that it is missing the consonants ฃอขวด and ฅอคน so it only had 42 consonants instead of 44. Hopefully the deck will be updated.
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