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500 Basic Hebrew Words (TeachMeHebrew.com)

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This deck is for learning 500 basic words in Hebrew. There are no verbs in this deck - mostly nouns, adjectives, preposition, and adverbs. See "100 Basic Hebrew Verbs" for a good verb list. The deck contains: -a Hebrew word, -a voice recording of the word by a native Hebrew speaker, and -the transliterated pronunciation of the word, including underlining of the appropriate emphasized syllable. Note: In Hebrew, words are generally emphasized on the last syllable. I underlined only the syllables in words that aren't emphasized on the last syllable. The fields are {{Hebrew}}, {{English}}, {{Transliteration}}, and {{Sound}}, so you can easily change up the order if you want. For learning Basic Hebrew, I recommend following the decks in this order: 1. Hebrew Alefbet 2. 500 Basic Hebrew Words 3. 100 Basic Hebrew Verbs 4. 100 Basic Hebrew Phrases Please visit www.TeachMeHebrew.com for much more.

Sample (from 500 notes)

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Hebrew אתן
English you (f.p.)
Transliteration a-ten
Hebrew רגל
English leg
Transliteration re-gel
Hebrew רימון
English pomegranate
Transliteration ri-mon

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on 1682340132
allah is the one true bro
on 1682209347
on 1659623397
I am trying to understand Hebrew not write. With these audio flashcards I can perfectly do that.
on 1647626456
on 1636289010
very useful tool!
on 1635196543
I speak hebrew - A-ten isn't "you". It's plural, female "you". Also other words are uselss.
on 1615086208
thank you!
on 1602726038
The audio is so helpful.
on 1598877429
gracias de gran ayuda
on 1598377243
on 1593281715
This is exactly what I have been looking for as a beginning student of the beautiful Hebrew language! Thank you!
on 1587041494
The Best.
on 1583029320
I love the audio! The Hebrew writing system works so differently, and it's often hard to sound out. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you whoever made this!
on 1578695235
Excellent selection of words. Very good for learning new words and their pronunciation.
on 1571435718
Good way to learn basic words while commuting to work.
on 1570701522
on 1562725472
Thanks! I'm Gabriel From Br. I've learning hebrew since 2017 through Duoliongo Course (Highly recomended). I used to watch your YT channel and I learned a lot, even practicing english listening.
on 1554754782
Just well made flashcards. There are not many good decks like this.
on 1553617777
!המון תודה! זה כל כך קשה למצוא חומר לימוד טוב בעברית. עשית עבודה נהדרת
on 1551986944
Well done
on 1550355598
Pretty good to get some basic vocabulary helps me a lot to get started.

However i noted an Issue with this word : קבלה
Instead of the audio I get this message on the screen:
I guessed how to pronounce it though :)
on 1542042002
Practice, practice, practice .....
on 1530449647
No text on front - only sound, with Hebrew AND English on back. Not helpful.
on 1528243200
This is so hyped for me. I am loving every bit of it. If I had a thousand tongues I couldn't thank you enough. Baruch Ata YHWH for your time and efforts in putting all this together.
on 1518566400
The words in Hebrew are spoken slowly. That is a good thing for me to hear in order to learn Hebrew. The words are common words used in Israel. That is very good. I like this teaching style and the lessons are good.
on 1517270400
I've just looked at your site and it appears to be beautifully organised. I wish I'd found it earlier!
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on 1476403200

Very nice deck full of new words.
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Thank you

This deck and the other decks that you have made, are excellent.
Todah rabah !