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The KING of Button Add-ons

0.96MB. Updated 2023-02-18.
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This is my first ever add-on! Huge thank you to u/ijgnord for helping me learn bits of python and making this possible. This button add-on that lets you customize multiple parts of the main screen and answer buttons including colors, font size and a confirmation tooltip. The confirmation tooltip is currently set over the buttons, but you can move it to wherever you'd like on the screen (if you're using the Progress Bar add-on at the bottom of the screen, you'll need to set the y-offset to 20) The confirmation tooltips were designed to use with the V2 scheduler because there are always 4 buttons- see this video on how to update If you like this add-on, please give it a like :) The following changes can be made in the Config of the add-on As this is a combination of many add-ons, it doesn't play well with Button Colours (Good, Again), Advanced Review Bottom Bar, Large and Colorful Buttons, Large Fancy Buttons, Review Button Colors, or Color Confirmation. Problems, Bugs, Errors, Improvements If you find a serious bug, please submit it on Github or email us ankingmed@gmail.com. Please remember that we are not coders and thus may not be able to provide support. Changelog 2020-3-10: Initial Release 2020-3-10: Improved compatiblity with other addons (e.g. Fill the blanks - Multiple Typeclose) thanks to Quip13. Easier to read code and windows/linux nightmode fixes thanks to ijgnord. 2020-3-12: Fixed an issue causing colors to not change when not using nightmode. Added an option to turn off the outline around the buttons in reviewer 2020-04-17: Updated to make it look better on 2.1.24 2022-12-19: Added support for 2.1.55 2023-02-17: Added changes for 2.1.57+ Please consider checking out our: YouTube Channel- How to use Anki for beginners and advanced users. Instagram/Facebook: @Ankingmed www.AnKingMed.com- Recommended add-ons, tutorials and more including how to download 40+ add-ons in < 5min Patreon- Support our work and get individualized Anki help!                              Check out our Anki Mastery Course!


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools->Add-ons menu item, then click on Get Add-ons and paste in the code.

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on 1680444450
Thank you!
on 1678636282
Good addon, thanks for sharing
on 1676939132
the colors help me make sure i am pressing the correct keys
on 1676841033
thank you for creating and maintaining this
on 1676217685
For some reason after the update the buttons are bigger than usual.
The S scale was smaller before the update and there isn't an option to scale it down even more.
It goes back to normal scale if I disable the add on.
Comment from author
Which update? What's not working? Can you send pictures? I don't get notifications or have any way to chat with you about issues on here so leaving a dislike doesn't do anything to fix the problem. If you post on Github, we would be happy to look into this and you can switch this to a like :)
on 1675654247
Comment from author
Is there any feedback you have that prompted you to give a negative review? "-" isn't really much help to us to improve things. Happy to address any issues if there are any!
on 1675069738
Nice Addon. But my tooltip is yellow and always appears in the lower left corner. I'm using V3 scheduler. How can I make them colourful appearing over the buttons?
on 1674714726
The best
on 1672157121
Amazing for my myopic eyes. Works perfectly. Thanks a lot!
on 1670571193
Amazing addon
on 1667295699
Thank you for this add-on!
on 1665955072
Amazing add on for all subjects. 99% of my cards use it.
on 1665230205
Left from this because can't change font color and make it bold
Comment from author
Please leave feedback on our Github. This doesn't give me enough information to troubleshoot and I can't notify you. Please remove or change this rating and submit the feedback via email or Github and we'll get it working for you!
on 1660544202
Causing lag when reviewing cards with Anki 2.1.54 - Issue resolves after disabling the addon. Please consider fixing - thanks :)
Comment from author
Sharing feedback like this here doesn't notify me and I can't troubleshoot it with you. If you actually want it fixed, please remove or change this rating and submit the feedback on Github where I'd be happy to look into how we can fix this asap!
on 1660402527
I'm personally not a fan of AnKing's add-ons due to the amount of bloat/logos and other crap (just my personal opinion).

That being said, this addon is a solid 10/10. Super nice color choices!

Thanks a lot for this! Deserves a coffee.
on 1657544167
looks cool
on 1657113782
I like the colors
on 1649220586
I like it a lot!
on 1647408414
Great addon! Keep up the good work! :)
on 1647197232
so cute <3
on 1646756489
Comment from author
on 1643308724
on 1643131480
Thank you :)
on 1642431006
on 1642352763
on 1641237754
Works quite nicely, I just have some problems with settings – I set "style main screen buttons" to false and it still affects the non-answer buttons. Maybe I'm just missing something, but that is not crucial.
on 1635721912
This is the only add-on that worked. It was exactly what I wanted. I tried Button Colours (Good, Again), Advanced Review Bottom Bar, Color Confirmation, and even paid for Glutanimate's visual feedback Add-on. None of the others worked. I wish I had found this an hour and a half ago!
on 1632782496
Works well! Would be cool to be able to change the text color as well :)
on 1631364646
you must go to Config window to choose what colour you want. there is not no other option.

Edit: Much appreciated
Comment from author before post was edited
Thank you for contacting me. I'm glad we were able to resolve your problem
on 1630445888
After downloading, i tried to search if there is a botton to activate the add-on. After a while i suddenly realized that i should restart the app to apply Add-on
on 1629533014
It's more attractive visually.
(Well, I wouldn't have called it "The KING of Button Add-ons" but it's okay)
on 1626769809
oh god this is what i was searching for, thanks a lot for your work!
on 1625912598
on 1624815691
on 1623858205
on 1623443167
The below rating doesn't make sense. You expected more than aesthetic changes from an add-on on buttons? Uhm what?
Anyways, great work OP, thanks for that. The default Anki buttons were really bothering me.
on 1623333069
Misleading title. All this does is cosmetic changes, which is useless for doing actual work. I'd expect something more than changing button color and size from a "king" of button add-ons...
Comment from author
I'm sorry you feel that way. The name is really just a play on AnKing and I tried to be clear about the add-ons functions in the description
on 1623091152
it looks mad
on 1622205322
For some reason after the update the buttons are bigger than usual. The S scale was smaller before the update and there isn't an option to scale it down even more. It goes back to normal scale if I disable the add on. Not a big deal but, just so you know :) Great add on btw
on 1622147135
Is there a way to hide / show buttons with this Addon? After the Update they added "Hard" button to the orange cards (learning cards) for some reason. But anyway good Add-On!
on 1621234548
just good and works well
on 1620968862
Amazing! Very user friendly.
on 1618703894
Amazing add on!
on 1618442497
you're an actual god, thank you
on 1618276013
really good!
on 1618217351
i didnt know from where can you change the button colours .so please help
Comment from author
You can change them all in the config :)
on 1617712196
White font in night mode please
on 1617361475
Should be implemented in Anki
Must have add-on
on 1616895161
You're awesome
on 1616190243
on 1615650502
on 1615442520
Many thanks.
on 1615366799
love it <3
on 1615012725
You suck.
Comment from author
Um.. I'm sorry for whatever I've done that offended you. If you're willing, please email me at ankingmed@gmail.com and I will do my best to remedy whatever it is that is bothering you
on 1614142409
on 1613560321
on 1611941467
Love it!
on 1610446445
on 1610278286
well done
on 1610220440
on 1609016486
Tried a couple of similar add-ons, but this one is probably the best among all of them. Crystal clean!
on 1608557193
on 1607709077
Great add-on ! However I second what my mate said below. There seems to have an interference with the "symbols as you type" add-on making it impossible to add symbols while editing during review.
Comment from author
My Symbols as you Type seems to be working just fine in the editor. Would you mind making an "Issue" on Github or emailing me at ankingmed@gmail.com with more specifics so I can look into it?
on 1607587734
Great add-on, but it seems to not be compatible with the 'Symbols As You Type' add-on. Any fix to this?
Comment from author
My Symbols as you Type seems to be working just fine. Would you mind making an "Issue" on Github or emailing me at ankingmed@gmail.com with more specifics so I can look into it?
on 1607390267
Beautiful and easily customizable to make it more beautiful! Thanks!
on 1607254276
on 1606163400
its the best!! very pretty colors and very customizable, instructions were clear in config
on 1605930827
it's great!!!
on 1604843749
Really nice. If anyone is confused you can change the settings in "add-ons" window under config.
on 1604665015
It's great.
on 1604428797
It's great. But how do I configure the size of the buttons?
Comment from author
In the config you can change the button height and button width
on 1602364858
It works!
on 1599441558
nice add-ons but one little problem:confirmation only show on edit button and offset dont work.Disabled other add-on and same result
on 1599416863
Love the design of the buttons!!!
on 1598911021
so cool!!! i love it. makes studying much more fun.
on 1597958054
on 1597571298
works like a charm on 2.1.28!
on 1595907248
on 1595579511
Good Job, thanks. also button text is not vertically aligned: anki 2.1.26, manjaro linux
on 1595528817
Really great. Wish it was standard
on 1595338382
Works well!
on 1594734968
on 1593911666
on 1591904615
Awesome add-on! Is there any way you can add the option of choosing the font color for both the text and the background? (e.g. choosing colors for the backgrounds but making the text appear white)
on 1591710155
on 1588663358
on 1587795442
A must have add-on!!
on 1587699913
on 1587243993
well made, makes anki look significantly better
on 1587237398
on 1587123857
exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
on 1586305265
Great job
on 1585531109
pretty neat add-on.
on 1585438270
nice, also it's compatible wit the hotmouse add on !
on 1585148853
Didn't work
Comment from author
This isn't helpful at all. Would you mind emailing me at ankingmed@gmail.com or submitting an issue on github? I would also really appreciate it if you removed this dislike or changed it to a like once we get it working :)
on 1584767303
Love it. Thanks for all the work you put in :)
on 1584666349
on 1584392922
Hello, did you remove the add-on? As it says invalid code?
Comment from author
No, but it only works for Anki 2.1.20+ so that might be why
on 1584072052
Its the best!
on 1584052769
Great add-on!
on 1584049761
It makes my best friend look prettier
on 1584048246
on 1583982801
Amazing add-on! I have habitica, distraction free screen, progress bar, and life drain and got it centered with x=15 y=10
on 1583981011
Excellent add-on!
on 1583965082
Nice add-on, keep on the good job ;)
on 1583941964
Super Duper Cool.
on 1583922565
on 1583894574
Solid work and very aesthetically pleasing! Only minor thing I've noticed is that the confirmation locations aren't always in the same location as the option you selected if you don't have 4 options available (again, hard, good, easy). Overall great work!

Edit: Awesome, will do! Another small thing I noticed is that the confirmations can appear before a card is flipped if you use a button other than the mouse. I think it's pretty cool because you can tell if you're accidentally pressing buttons.
Comment from author before post was edited
I couldn't figure out how to make it compatible with both and once you update to the V2 scheduler (which I would strongly recommend) there are always 4 buttons. See this video I recently put out on the V2 scheduler: https://youtu.be/Vo8PkFeVW3A
on 1583892209
I'll try it. thank you.
on 1583890632
Great work! For some reason my "Easy" and "Good" buttons colors are switched, but the confirmation colors are correct. Other than that it's working perfectly.

Edit: The issue was a conflict with addon 1765221856 "automatic scoring" which somehow messed up the colors. Thanks.
Edit2: For those using the "No Distractions Full Screen" and "Progress Bar" addons, set the X offset to 10 and the Y offset to 15 to make the tooltip centered when in fullscreen.
on 1583890385
on 1583887506
Like it very much .Thanks
on 1583877823
on 1583866101
This combined with the hitmarker make anki literally feel like playing COD w/ the HUD popups. Love it.
on 1583863604
Being able to see the buttons styled correctly in night mode is great! Go AnKing!
on 1583862805
The feedback is excellent especially when using a controller for Anki
on 1583861003
Clean - helps with the gamification of Anki!
on 1583859920
Truly the KING!
on 1583858975
The King
on 1583858244
Looks very nice thanks !
on 1583856396
on 1583856269
One of the best add-ons I have seen so far.
on 1583855732
I love the visual confirmation after answering! It helps a lot for people using controllers/remotes.
on 1583854007
This is the cleanest button add-on out there, love it.