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Irish from Duolingo

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Irish words I learnt with Duolingo's lessons. I have arranged them by themes, as I have done on my own repetition sheets. Please notify me if you find errors (I'm Crooty on Duolingo). NOTE: I finished the tree on 2nd April 2016. From now on I will try and improve these cards with more information (verb tense, noun gender… mostly in the tags).

Sample (from 2350 notes)

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Front léarscáil
Back map
Tags object
Front teoiric
Back theory
Tags abstract
Front faoi láthair
Back at the moment, currently
Tags time

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on 1608825347
Nice resource. Only downside is the word order is not the same as the course, so if you're trying to use them in sync it takes A LOT of time to reorder them manually
on 1593795547
Great resource. I've been using https://www.teanglann.ie/ to add audio where I can in my chosen dialect. It really has made a difference.
on 1576520383
Simple, straight forward, just what I was looking for.
on 1539552928
exactly what i was looking for while going through it!
on 1532083018
Exactly what I wanted while studying the Irish Duolingo
on 1478304000
on 1462233600