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Kanji Damage

2.30MB. 0 audio & 231 images. Updated 2012-08-25.


schultzzz's Kanji Damage from http://kanjidamage.com This is so much better than Heisig seriously Updated for the new version of Anki, if the font sizes are weird or whatever

Sample (from 1760 notes)

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Back middle*****4 strokesSTRONG口 (mouth/small box radical) + 一 (one/line radical)ONYOMI: CHUULet's call the vertical line your tongue. So you could say,Your tongue is sticking out the middle of your mouth, and you are CHEWing on it. (FYI you are epileptic)DESCRIPTION: It means the physical middle of something, but also means "in the middle of doing something."KUNYOMI:なか    inside something -Usually, XXXの中である。    *****JUKUGO:世の中 ( よのなか )    the social, everyday world - more poetic than 世界。 Used in dramatic declarations like, "I'm sick of this fuckin' world!" "I don't care about this life!" "Poor Kurt Cobain, he was just too sensitive for this cruel world!" Also, usually implies JUST Japanese society.    世 (society) + 中 (middle) = 世の中 (the world)    ****中学校 ( ちゅうがっこう )    middle school    中 (middle) + 学校 (school) = 中学校 (middle school)    ***真ん中 ( まんなか )    the very center (KUNKUN)    真 (truth) + 中 (middle) = 真ん中 (the very center)    ***中央 ( ちゅうおう )    central. Tokyo has a famous train line: 中央線、(the central line).    中 (middle) + 央 (central) = 中央 (central)    ***中級 の ( ちゅうきゅう の)    intermediate-level    中 (middle) + 級 (level) = 中級 (intermediate-level)    ***中止 された ( ちゅうし された)    (temporarily) stopped or (permanently) canceled. This is a word you'd hear in an announcement. You wouldn't say to your friend, "I'm going to 中止 watching TV for a week." (NP)    中 (middle) + 止 (stop) = 中止 (stop/cancel)    **xxx 中 (xxx ちゅう )    in the middle of doing XXX.    XXX is always a noun: 電話中 (電話中)means 'I'm on the phone right now!' (SUF)    **USED IN:    * 仲    * 忠    * 虫    * 革
Back challenge***9 strokesHand (handleft) + 兆 (omen) (Same-ON)ONYOMI: CHOUIf you consider an omen to be a kind of sign, then you can say:Gangsters use hand-signs to challenge other. This is known as “hitting up" or “waving hi."DESCRIPTION: -KUNYOMI:( に or を ) いど*む    to challenge someone or something to a win-or-lose battle. Sports or sometimes politics. (challenge the world champ a fight / challenge the system) (1/2 KANA)    **JUKUGO:挑戦 する ( ちょうせん する)    challenge (challenge yourself to do better, test your limits / challenge the system) be defiant or provocative. take the pepsi challenge!    挑 (challenge) + 戦 (fight) = 挑戦 (challenge)    ***挑戦者 ( ちょうせんしゃ )    a contender, challenger    挑戦 (challenge (challenge yourself to do better, test your limits / challenge the system) be defiant or provocative. take the pepsi challenge! ) + 者 (professional) = 挑戦者 (a contender, challenger)    - zero stars! -
Back demand/ask***7 strokesILL PAIR, STRONGLid (beret) + 水 (water)ONYOMI: KYUUI demand that you take that CUTE beret off before you go swimming in the water. You don't want the colors to run!!!DESCRIPTION: -KUNYOMI:もと*める    to demand OR request    ****JUKUGO:要求 する ( ようきゅう する)    demand - more strident than the related word 求める (もとめる)    要 (important) + 求 (demand/ask) = 要求 (demand)    **欲求 ( よっきゅう )    personal needs (love, shelter, food).    欲 (want) + 求 (demand/ask) = 欲求 (personal needs)    *USED IN:    * 救    * 球

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The best Kanji deck I've used ever, and I've used around 10-15 different kanji learning methods!
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Nice deck

It is a good way to study Kanji. Good effort to create the tags and relevant Jukugo. Unlike other comprehensive decks where all the Jukugo are given, this one focus only on the most used ones. Hence minimize the effort of learner to remember only the most used words.
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Finnished this

It's a good deck and it's suitable for eink readers (probably more than the official KD deck).
For me, it was the best way to study kanji.

It took me about 14 months or 330 hours of study time to make 90% of the cards mature.
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this kanjidamage deck works

Not sure why the other one "kanjidamage" is downloaded more often with higher ratings when the images are broken there.
This deck "kanji damage" is not broken and seems great, but I am total beginner with this, so not sure about other differences.
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