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Dancing Baloney

15.68MB. Updated 2020-03-27. Only supports Anki 2.1.x.
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This item is large, and may take some time to download.


NOTE: Due to the way Anki 2.1.36+ is packaged, all background addons will fail. This issue should be looked into. Update4: Added Matrix theme, zoom and rotate. Improved performance of previewer. Update5: Added Kittens theme, support for custom CSS stylesheets, background during review option and minor fixes. Update6: Added Transparent bottom toolbar. Fixed image case sensitive filename in themes. NOTE: Due to the way Anki 2.1.36+ is packaged, all background addons will fail. This issue should be looked into. =============================================== Go to View > Wallpaper to bring up the gui manager and change wallpaper settings. MP4 Demo, and more background photos here. Note1: Due to anki security rules, all wallpapers must be placed inside the "user_files" folder. Note2: Needless to say.... Only one background changing addon please. Sample themed mode: License: This addon is a labor of love and licensed under AGPL. If you find it useful, consider paying something forward by supporting some charitable endeavors. Suggestions: https://iccf-holland.org/ https://www.vim.org/sponsor/index.php Derivative works or forks published with no added values should also include the above statement.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1627022462
Any update incoming for 2.1.4x+?

P.S., amazing add-on. I miss it very much :(
Comment from author
If you miss it, you could always downgrade... Newer versions doesn't seem stable. I am upgrading this like a Millennial giving CPR*. Does this paint a good picture of the current situation?

* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TsmUW8Lf8k&t=15s
on 1625688190
The cat wallpaper for the home page is funny but the ones used within the decks are so cute! Really made me smile.

Edit: Not working
Comment from author
AnKing said he wants you: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1210908941

Hurry, before he changes his mind!
on 1624241620
Very great add-on, makes studying a blast
on 1619866365
It says error when downloading... Is this only for older versions and will it be updated?
Comment from author
That is correct. Writers block unfortunately, I haven't figure out how to code the new features yet.

Plenty of other background addons you can test out, btw. They are great too.
on 1619252744
Nice Add-on
on 1615381311
Addon is wonderful. 1 question: How can you change the font color in the main screen? When I download a dark-colored background/GIF, it's hard to see the decks. Halp.
Comment from author
You can change the opacity of the image. I'm afraid changing font colors is not what this addon was designed to do and will result in conflicts with other addons. But you can use CSS to accomplish that.
on 1614697654
This add-on is amazing! I previously used the "Custom Background Image and Gear Icon" add-on, but it interferes with the "Enhance main window" add-on and disables the gear icon. This add-on works perfectly with the "Enhance main window" add-on and is exactly what I need!

Although, with night mode on, the images for the gear icon will have inverted colors. But this is easy enough to workaround by getting an image with inverted/opposite colors so that you can get your desired visual effect.
on 1612404167
I can't download it. The code doesn't work.
Comment from author
Problem with ankiweb. It should be telling you your newer version isn't compatible with this addon.
on 1611244588
Really nice, but how do I stop my gear image colors from getting inverted with night mode on?

^^^i figured out through editing the deck browser css, thanks for this king
Comment from author
As the nightmode addon doesn't invert those images, that actually didn't bother me until you mentioned it. You really know how to set off a guy's OCD you know that? I'll try and add it in the next update.
on 1611237694
Doesn't work at all, only "Themes" are working, just switching the top bar, nothing else.

EDIT: Since the author himself is a very rude, unprofessional guy, this addon is NOT RECOMMENDED. Bug is also clearly stated above, see:
NOTE: Due to the way Anki 2.1.36+ is packaged, all background addons will fail. This issue should be looked into.

Clean install, still no backgrounds, no other addons installed, simply as that. Unusable.

I have switched to a similar addon already, never looking back at this again.
Comment from author
And what version are you using? Looks like something else not working either, your brain. If you want help, provide as much detail as possible. I'm just another user and not obligated to help you. This addon will work for the version it was made for.

You're free to do what you want. If you don't want to use this, then don't use it.


There are plenty of alternatives posted on Ankiweb.

"It's not working, go fix it" isn't being helpful at all, you might as well go bug someone else instead. Those guys probably have more time to deal with your kind, and they can keep you too.
on 1610959611
On version 2.1.35. The top toolbar is a light yellow color (when the blank/empty theme is selected) and I can't find a way to remove this entirely to reveal the original toolbar color (without deleting the theme folder which breaks the addon). The wallpaper also shows on reviews (and in browser previews) by default even when the option is unchecked in settings.
Comment from author
To clear the top, delete the text for top toolbar color in wallpaper settings (see above screenshots). The other issues are being looked into as this was originally written for 2.1.15 and CCBC.
on 1610792700
on 1610079593
I realli like a personalized version
on 1609800115
This is a very fun little add-on that helps brighten up my Anki reviews, thank you very much!

I don't know if you have plans for future releases or how feasible it is, but I would love to see and option to change the text color for the Deck text and/or put a box behind the Deck text. It'a a bit disheartening to find a background that you absolutely love only to realize that it makes the text illegible.

Anyways, thank for your efforts!
Comment from author
You can use CSS for that, it is not possible to control without causing conflict in other areas.
on 1608708404
This addon is great!

There just a little problem (version 2.1.35). When I set a color value for the top toolbar, it doesn't do anything. And if I hide the bottom toolbar, it creates a second one without hiding the first after a restart of Anki.

Update: Thanks for the info
Comment from author before post was edited
Press "d" key for bottom toolbar to refresh. It is a startup load order issue due to multi-addons loading. This can't be fixed in a non-intrusive way. An addon is just an addon. Top bar could be due to Qt toolkit, this comes a goes between versions.
on 1608352419
I love this add on. However, I am having trouble getting it to work for the main window and the bottom toolbar. Not sure what the problem is.
Comment from author
That's not a lot of info to go by is it?
on 1608323639
Great add on! I'm having trouble seeing the background when reviewing - it only appears when on each individual deck's screen.

Update: I tried deleting other addons/starting a new profile, but that seemed to break this addon entirely. I did notice before it broke that this addon only seemed to work if heatmap was toggled on, and I thought there might be a strange interaction. After deleting and reinstalling the addons (and Anki), the only feature that works now is changing the top toolbar when changing themes, but not the main window.
Comment from author
addon conflict or template issues? Test on new profile w/o other interferences.

It sounds like you were using .35 before but accidentally upgrade to .36 during testing. This version is known to cause problems, please upgrade to the newer .38 or downgrade back to .35 the current safe version. This addon will only work with .35 or below due to issues with later versions of anki.
on 1608065242
Absolutely love this... I've added a great GIF as a live background.

Question for the Author if possible!
Is there any way to code for it to cycle between the various png files in the user_files section, each time you turn it on? (cycle at random)
Then someone could put multiple funny GIF's or memes in it and have a different one every time?
I'd be happy to put together a drop box full of funny files for someone to download, if it would be possible for the add on to automatically cycle, etc.

Thanks a ton! Its great!
Comment from author
This was part of the plan, but on hold due to changes being made to Anki. An addon is just an addon, adding in too many features will have the workload dumped onto 3rd party maintainers.
on 1607853075

update: thanks a lot, (kappa)
Comment from author before post was edited
Desirable difficulty, now you will remember the name of this addon.

Dancing baloney: a technology slang term that refers to the use of small animated objects on a Web page to add excitement.
on 1607402814
非常赞 ,I like it !very much !!!
Comment from author
謝謝, 我也在學習漢子.
最喜歡看三個三, 三國 三體 三毛.
on 1606407965
It is very useful.
on 1603732666
Very good
on 1603633135
Me encanta
on 1602777803
on 1602451545
makes anki much more beautiful
on 1601562536
I love the array of images and gifs you can use as backgrounds. Feels very cosy.

Note to everyone:
If you want to change the color of deck titles, you should choose a wallpaper instead of theme and go to the "CSS Overwrite" section, where you choose your "deckbrowser.css" (css at the end must be kept).

The addons is incompatible with More Overview Stats 2.1, since the latter doesn't allow you to edit the overview.css.
on 1600566664
Awsome addon. I really like the Hide functionality with the bottom toolbar. Is there any way to do that with the top toolbar as well? So the Deck, Add, Browse, etc buttons are still there but the main window bg spills over into the top toolbar area.
Comment from author
Nope. Load order issues.
on 1600115859
Most favorite add on
on 1599968362
This add-on works but the other background app doesn't work for me for some reason. I get an error...
on 1598547280
Very cute themes. Yay kitties
on 1597919241
awesome and easy to use
on 1597221458
awesome work
on 1596986234
Its freaking beautiful. All the animated wallpapers are amazing and I love the 'rpg' one. I am ready to take up a quest :)
on 1595891267
Very nice addon!
on 1595559366
on 1594050250
on 1593508843
what a great add-on....
real gem...
on 1593419517
on 1593292263
Awesome resource. The program takes another face now
on 1591458854
Easy to use and customize
on 1589535473
Great add-on, one of the best!
on 1589113820
What I used to do with CSS, is now easy with a simple GUI. Thanks for this addon!
on 1587028613
on 1587000866
on 1586792456
I always need an addon that can make anki looks different, this makes me love it again.
on 1586486341
Nice add-on!!
Easy to change wallpapers. I'm looking forward to new themes.
Comment from author
Don't get your hopes up, the most I could add licensed free are cats and dogs.
on 1585667484
Awesome work!
on 1585396863
Can you enter the dimensions to create wallpapers for your addon without distortion?
Ex: my resolution is 1920x1080. What would be the dimensions of the image files?
Comment from author
This would be difficult as an addon. But anything is possible if you code it yourself. This is because Anki uses different sizes on different platforms and window managers.

The goal is to increase engagement during review, so don't focus too much on the little things or you will waste your mental energy on trivial matters rather than on doing your reviews.
on 1585350988
Bravo, everything works fine :)
on 1585324606
Exactly what I'm looking for
on 1585297417
on 1585278324
Everything works perfectly except the the theme modes. Specifically I wanted to use the chess theme mode that was shown on the page for the add on but for some reason its just not working.
Comment from author
Will have a fix in a jiffy. I used lower case in the image filename which was not a problem on win or mac. So you must be on gnu/linux then.
on 1585276639
Thank you!
on 1585177113
I stayed in 2.1.19 and this works wonderful. Also the opacity is right there in the settings, I literally modified my gif in 5 secs, no image editor, nothing, just the add-on. Thanks a lot!. I hope it doesnt break with future updates ;-;
on 1585168177
its like wallpaper engine
but on anki
i love it
on 1585167578
Awesome job. Easy to add your own images and user interface is great.
on 1585146645
Thank you so much for this lovac. Manually doing the above was very time consuming. What's funny is I was using that very adventure time gif as my own background.
Would you mind adding entries to quickly toggle to the tools menu?
Thank you!
These themes are amazing. Thanks for adding the opacity slider. Makes things extremely straightforward.
Comment from author before post was edited
Tisk tisk, you didn't think that was it did you?
on 1585142864
but can you please add more themes
Comment from author
I'll try. Rather I prefer if you share yours with me. I'll even pay for the high quality one's if they're good. Who knows, you might find your inner artist.
on 1585132931
Very cool
on 1585087679
Works great!
on 1585004882
Love this! Thanks for adding changing gear option too!

Edit: where can we submit bugs/errors?
Comment from author
There are no bugs, only features. But if you must tell me about it https://github.com/lovac42/DancingBaloney/issues
on 1584976871
Very cool, thanks a lot.
on 1584969922
Must-have. Just download it. No hate, but it's way better than anking's one (even though both are great addons)!
on 1584969182
Fantastic, you're a god!
on 1584916938
Way better than Anking's version in terms of user-friendliness. Very easy to change the background and I am glad to God I found this.
on 1584893938
hey bro can make the wallpaper fixed while scrolling

love it anyway! <3
Comment from author
Fixed. Looks like last update broke this.
on 1584869193
Awesome and easy to use
on 1584859948
Thanks man! I added my own pictures and the addon works perfectly!
on 1584621927
What an amazing addon! Its pretty easy to put an image that you like.
on 1584616247
Mario would give 1,000 thumbs up !!!