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Serbian Slang — Tipsy Pilgrim's Fluent in 20 Minutes

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'De si, brate! This selection of Serbian slang is designed to help fake a high level of cultural awareness, whether you speak the language or not. Obviously this is not the best deck to study if you want to be able to ask for directions to your hotel. But if you want to bullshit your way through a rakija-soaked conversation on a wild night out in Belgrade, this should do the trick. The deck has been double-checked and approved by Belgraders, but is somewhat applicable to Bosnian and Croatian, as well as other Serbian dialects. A full explanation of the vocabulary is at: http://www.tipsypilgrim.com/blog/fluent-serbian-in-20-minutes-bullshit-your-way-through-any-r.html

Sample (from 28 notes)

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Front Tebra(tay-bra)
Back brother, dude
Front Gesture: hold up one hand with your thumb, index and middle fingers, spread wide
Back Nationalist salute
Front Sve sam sjebao(svay sam syay-ba-oo)
Back I fucked it all up.

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