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Pass JLPT N5 Vocabulary

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Hi everyone, This is Aaron from passjapanesetest.com. This is my first attempt at sharing a deck on ankiweb. If you like this deck, consider leaving an honest review to help others find this deck. This deck is for JLPT N5 vocabulary. It is meant to be a complete and simple deck. Most cards include: As you can see this is pretty basic information, just the way I like my study decks. Nothing more than what you need to drill the word into your head. A note about sources: **This deck uses the EDICT (http://www.edrdg.org/jmdict/edict.html) dictionary file for some of the definitions and pos. These files are the property of the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group (http://www.edrdg.org/), and are used in conformance with the Group's licence (http://www.edrdg.org/edrdg/licence.html). **This deck uses a handful of examples pr ovided by tatoeba.org under the CC-BY 2.0 License. Here are some screen shots: Front Back Simply change the card layout if you want to show/remove information. If you like this deck (or even if you find an error), consider leaving an honest review to help others find this deck.

Sample (from 687 notes)

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kanji ワイシャツ
kanji_furigana ワイシャツ
kana ワイシャツ
pos n
english dress shirt (button down shirt)
ex1_ja デートだからワイシャツを着る。
ex1_ja_furigana デートだからワイシャツを 着[き]る。
ex1_en I will wear a dress shirt because it is a date.
kanji 灰皿
kanji_furigana 灰皿[はいざら]
kana はいざら
pos n
english ashtray
ex1_ja テーブルに灰皿がないです。
ex1_ja_furigana テーブルに 灰皿[はいざら]がないです。
ex1_en There is no ashtray at the table.
kanji 初めて
kanji_furigana 初[はじ]めて
kana はじめて
pos adv,adj-no
english for the first time
ex1_ja 日本は初めてですか?
ex1_ja_furigana 日本[にほん]は 初[はじ]めてですか?
ex1_en Is this your first time in Japan?

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on 1601053973
The deck is organized
on 1591046338
I like this deck but I disliked to hopefully get your attention. is there a way to get rid of hurigana? It's too distracting for me.
on 1581280783
good deck
on 1575367989
Very helpful and quiet complete source to study for the JLPT. Also easy to customise if necessary. Thank you
on 1574260940
on 1569602201
じゃ、じゃあ card has a typo in the example sentence.
it should be Thai and not Italian.
Thanks for this awesome deck!

"I don't really like Chinese." "Well then, let's do Italian." TO "I don't really like Chinese." "Well then, let's do Thai."
on 1568658820
If you do 20 reviews a day, you would finish this in around 35-40 days!!! Then move on to JLPT N4 Vocabulary but keep doing this deck so u dont forget anything!!!
on 1565969040
grateful for a deck that has handcrafted example sentences that aren't far removed from daily reality unlike some.
on 1563391500
The example sentences and vocabulary used within them really help build and reinforce the knowledge base! Thank you so much for creating them!
on 1557227791
Awesome deck!
on 1554741159
Well done mate! (Currently it has 687 cards which i think is enough to pass n5)

edit - saw a grammar error on ~か月 , just add 2か月の前に日本に来ました。
And recommendation to add this:
ついたち, いちにち
(n) first day of the month,one day
on 1544079266
Great deck! Best N5 decks i have found. Well formatted, includes good example sentences. Covers the core vocab in the N5 although I would recommend to anyone going for the N5 that they study the core 2000 vocab lists as well, as you will definitely encounter vocab in the exam not covered in the official JLPT lists.
on 1528588800
I really like that all words consist of Kanji, not Hiragana. Definetely best JLPT N5 vocabulary deck on the site!
on 1527724800
Very good!
on 1525910400
Excellent examples. Appropriate to N5 level, and useful for everyday life, and re-inforcing good grammar.
Highly recommend.
Thank you for making this.
on 1525219200
is this deck new? these are the best examples i've seen in a deck so far. no random philosophy!