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English vocabulary intermediate - advanced

41.98MB. 1265 audio & 572 images. Updated 2016-06-06.
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http://aitonenglish.com See website for more useful things.... This deck has 600+ cards with expressions for students of English intermediate to advanced. If you are intermediate, delete the cards that are too difficult, if you are advanced, delete the easy cards.

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Front He's just found out he's lost his job and he's d___ i__ the dumps. (sad, depressed)
Back He's down in the dumps. (idiomatic expression)
Front A person who likes to give and share with others is ge______. (the opposite of mean / selfish)
Back She's generous.
Front Children's enthusiasm can be very conta_____. (it makes other people enthusiastic)
Back contagious enthusiasm / laughter

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Thank you!
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Wondrous!Thanks a bunch :)
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Wow! Great Work, It must be very enthusiastic and hard work. Thanks for your zeal to help english learners.

I have another request if you can devote your time that would be great. There is a excellent book named as English Pronunciation in Use(Cambridge Publication) by Martin Hewings alongwith 6 CD-Rom's. Although they have done great work but there's nothing about spaced repitition and the content in CD's is distinguished and inconvenient to use. We all know that publications of Cambridge are qualitative and easily recognizable for all and your work on this product will definitely lead to make another great anki deck.
Official book and CD-ROM's can easily find by simple googling.
With Positive Hopes
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Because I like the common words of this level
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I wanna improve my English vocabularies
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pictures and short explanations help to remember the vocabulary
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Thanks a lot
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Very useful
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it's a good deck, thanks
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good job! thanks
on 1541290593
Amazing! It is extremely incredible to learn English. Thanks
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It´s very usefull! It´s one of the best I´ve ever seen!
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I like the narrator.
on 1529267244
Use simple words in a sentence makes it easier to remember.
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Very good work
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It's funky, especially that it has illustration with pics>> Thank you
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unfortunately I could not open it in Anki system.
please help me, please