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Pop-up Wikipedia (Beta)

0.29MB. Updated 2020-01-09.
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AnkiWikiPopup Note due to lack of time, this addon is no longer been updated. Feel free to get in contact to take over maintaining this project so that it works in future versions, for fork it and raise a pull request - https://github.com/cfculhane/AnkiPopupWikipedia Anki 2.1 addon to display Wikipedia page previews inside of Anki. Shows a popup of the Mobile Wikipedia page / Extract for the selected text. In order to avoid conflicts with the Popup Dictionary addon, this addon only supports keyboard shortcuts (Control-Shift-W) for now. Currently it still clashes with Popup Dictionary, this will be fixed soon! Modes: Mobile (default) Extract (shorter, faster to load) Features This is currently in beta stage - things will almost certainly break! Please submit a bug report if it does. Installation The easiest way to install Pop-up Dictionary is through AnkiWeb. License and Credits Significant portions of the code (as marked in the source files) were based on the Anki add-on Pop-up Dictionary by Glutanimate. Click here to support Glutanimate's work. I would also like to thank the team at AMBOSS for their encouragment and inspiration for this work. Some css and js code was taken from their extremely good Anki Addon. Ships with the following javascript libraries: PopupWikipedia is free and open-source software. The add-on code that runs within Anki is released under the GNU AGPLv3 license. For more information please see the LICENSE file that accompanied this program. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. Known issues


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools->Add-ons menu item, then click on Get Add-ons and paste in the code.

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on 1672743040
Not working on newer version!!! 2.5.4 shame really would be useful
on 1664620975
Not working on Version 2.1.54 Qt5 on Windows 11
on 1647786498
Amazing really really appreciate it!
on 1646163138
fantastic work! please update :)
on 1637768944
It's not working!
on 1636728683
on 1628915992
not working
on 1620486319
Could I set two languages for wikipedia at the same time? Like, french and english?
on 1620202476
Hi this is not working for me, I understand this is only a beta version but i was wondering if there is anything to do with the fact I am using dark mode.
on 1619095389
😍 I'm loving it!
on 1617652159
Not working
on 1616069467
seems like a good idea but it only works on english words i think
on 1615829835
Very very good add-on but unfortunately doesn't work in 2.1.41... Please fix that!!
on 1615735495
Love this. I love that it works for other languages too!
Thanks again!
on 1615538310
This deserves more love. So much googling time can be saved now. It's so convenient. Thanks for making this.
on 1614866647
on 1613670633
Sometimes it bugs out onto the side of the screen. A quick restart solves this problem. Other than that, extremely useful.
on 1612601024
não funciona com wiki no Brasil
on 1612243084
Thanks! This seems like a useful add-on. I'm confused about one thing, though. How do I make it display the shorter extract?
on 1612198381
on 1607897335
on 1605680424
Outstanding add-on. Works like a charm!
on 1602785721
Awesome addon! Definitely looking forward to seeing this developed further.
on 1592167690
works great. 2.1.23 good to note that for mac users its command shift w, not control shit w.
on 1588418865
Very nice
on 1588079979
It's so bad. IT don't work, dictionary beta is either
on 1586810109
night mode problem
on 1586656202
Very nice!
on 1585238200
Logged in to leave a feedback. Great stuff man, you rock

By the way, what determines that the window automatically closes? Sometimes I'm trying to copy a text from the popup and it disappears
on 1584883237
Really good! but please make it compatible with Pop-up dictionary. I use both, and would for both to work together!
on 1583924976
Hoping this add-on picks up traction. Thank you for your effort
on 1583811724
Love it! Only thing is that it crashes when I search two words together like "separation anxiety."
on 1582655492
on 1581184658
Great idea, very useful, and awesome. Just a few things:
(1) Some searches "don't find anything" even though they exist (e.g. I think "Follicular Lymphoma" is a current example that has a whole Wiki page on the exact title but doesn't show when with this addon for me)
(2) Clicking outside the box does not currently close the window for me, but at least clicking the "x" at the top right of the pop-up does close it
(3) When both this and Pop Up Dictionary are enabled, Pop Up Dictionary no longer works for me (either with clicking or with the keyboard shortcut)
(4) I want to make the pop-up window bigger (so the text is also bigger as it looks small on my screen) - I was able to do this with Pop Up Dictionary, but could not find the correct or working settings to do this with this addon

If it helps, I am using Anki Version 2.1.20 on Linux (Debian). I do have nightmode enabled on it, but I am not using the nightmode addon, just the inherent nightmode that comes as an option from this Anki Version.

Thank you!
on 1581021977
Nice, has a lot of room for improvement though.
on 1579632087
on 1579468186
on 1579294319
please make this work with popup dictionary T_T
on 1578749223
Great! Do you think it would be possible to do the same with another language?
on 1578669262
Awesome addon! Only minor issue: it doesn't work on some characters ("é", "è", "ê", etc...).

Would be great if we could simply right click on text and select "Wikipedia" in the popup window under "Copy".
on 1578507807
A wonderful add-on that should be built right into anki itself :)