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Essential French

67.61MB. 614 audio & 622 images. Updated 2016-10-04.
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This high-quality deck contains over 600 essential French words, including pictures, audio, IPA, English translation, gender, and tags. Anki is the absolute best way to memorize French vocabulary! However, these Anki decks are time-consuming to make (20+ hours), and it's a significant time investment that shouldn't have to be repeated by everyone. It should be a resource for everyone. IF YOU FIND ERRORS, please list them in the review below, and I'll fix them for everyone. Check back periodically for additions/corrections. Feel free to mess with the card templates -- particularly if you want a dedicated gender-testing card. Finally, if this deck ends up being useful, please consider leaving a starred rating to help others find us. Good luck! --- I highly, highly recommend watching Fluent Forever's YouTube videos on pronunciation and French IPA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83sTgHd5Iw0 It's important stuff! I also recommend their Anki pronunciation trainers, which are really incredible decks that you can purchase to learn spelling and pronunciation rules. https://fluent-forever.com/product/fluent-forever-pronunciation-trainer/ I have no affiliation, I just think they're great. Finally, I think Kwiziq is the best online French learning tool right now: https://www.kwiziq.com/ And for those who are ready for listening, Yabla is really useful. https://french.yabla.com/ Last but not least, if you're a B2 speaker or above and are looking to review, I also made a comprehensive grammar deck. It'll only be useful if you're an advanced French speaker and have familiarity with most of French grammar. https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/2079651297 That's it! Bonne chance à tous ! Feel free to contact me for any reason at hadriandem@fastmail.fm.

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Word foule
English crowd
Word Specifics
Gender f
Pronunciation (IPA) ful
Example Sentence
Test Spelling? (y = yes, blank = no)
Past Participle
Tags French Frequency Noun Vocabulary
Word malade
English sick
Word Specifics
Pronunciation (IPA) ma.lad
Example Sentence
Test Spelling? (y = yes, blank = no)
Past Participle
Tags French Frequency Noun Vocabulary
Word nuit
English night
Word Specifics
Gender f
Pronunciation (IPA) /nɥi/
Example Sentence
Test Spelling? (y = yes, blank = no) s
Past Participle
Tags French Frequency Noun Vocabulary

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on 1614895237
Altogether, this is a good deck. However, it's easier to memorize the gender of nouns when they're written with their article, which this deck fails to consistently do. For example: "le ciel" is written with it's article, but "chien" is not. It's a bit annoying to edit the cards to reflect their proper articles. Some of the photos are headscratchers, as well.
on 1613015375
It's useful for a beginner to learning French words.
on 1607504745
This is not quite what I expected. I expected this to be easier to use and I expected the list to contain more than three target words at a time.
on 1606732942
just what i needed! thanks
on 1601582103
good stuff
on 1601176690
Wonderful, this helped me out tremendously to gain firm footing in the language!
on 1598710754
Useful starter for learning French.
on 1591206200
on 1590292596
on 1590012542
on 1589640029
Free good content.
on 1588470632
- soir's IPA seems to be the one for signer.
- souris IPA is the one for aveugle
- jeudi iPA is in the wrong place
- œil IPA should be œj
other than that nice deck thanks
on 1586839080
Just what I was looking for
on 1581801191
Great starter deck! I swapped out a lot of the images to make it more relevant to me.
on 1580600879
Great resource.
I have noticed that there is no voice recording for cent un (101).
Other than that it is great.
on 1579521182
very good, thank you
on 1579101862
very helpful, thank you
on 1570452266
Je ne comprends pas le français quand il est expliqué en Anglais!!!
on 1565164744
thanks for your sharing and all the links attached!
on 1561953654
I like this deck and the intros, hope it can help me with my french learning.
on 1560972840
I've used this deck for about 2 weeks and I love it. It is easy to customize the photos to be more personal for me.
Also for the nouns I change the color for all masculine to be the same and feminine to a different color to make it easier to learn gender.
Anki tip I picked up somewhere.
on 1559381716
très bien!
on 1554362183
Quality cards
on 1550899771
on 1550179373
Exactly what I was looking for!
on 1549112668
There are few cards broken (no audio, no translation) and the order is a bit odd, but I recommend that deck
on 1548085974
Fantastic - thanks so much!
on 1547133700
Useful information
on 1536672043
Very good starter. If you're planing to start learning french from level 0, invest 2 months in going through this deck. The sentences you'll encounter once your start your real course will make some sense from the very beginning - it makes a huge difference!
on 1524700800
It's been a big help to my vocabulary retention.
on 1523491200
on 1484006400

Just got to the end of this deck. Very useful with a few errors. Ones I can recall...

Missing audio:
- Boite de nuit

Wrong translation
- toit (says = patient)

Words with multiple meaning need to be edited for clarity e.g. light (not heavy) and light (not dark)
on 1480982400
Great resource ...how to get it to work on Android

This is an excellent resource on French. If this deck will not work for you on Android, here's how to get it to work.

1. Go to Ankiweb.net and setup an account.
2. Download and install Anki for your Windows/Mac/Linux machine at ankisrs.net
3. In your account ankiweb account, search for, download, and install this deck - Essential French
4. Sync your Anki account after the Essential French deck has installed.
5. On your Android device, with the same Ankiweb account as in step 1, now sync your Android device to your Ankiweb account. It should now download all of your new content (which may take a while for this deck).
6. Enjoy Essential French on your Android!

4-Stars because, while it is a fantastic deck, and I'm not so sure that this is the fault of the deck designer, it does take some jumping of hoops to get this deck running on my Android.
on 1477612800
Good deck

Well, for me it's working on Android without any problems
on 1477267200
Unable to import the deck on the Android app - the import process starts but then abruptly ends without error messages or explanations
on 1474156800
not working on android

This deck is not working on android