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Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese Official Vocab

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Compiled deck from the vocabulary list found on the japan times website for the book (Revised Edition), complete with tags for the different lessons.

Sample (from 1658 notes)

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Expression (~に)こぎつける
Meaning to manage to ~
Tags L.14-読1
Expression 滑稽(な)
Reading こっけい(な)
Meaning funny; comical
Tags L.15-読2
Expression (~に…を)叩き込む
Reading たたきこむ
Meaning to hammer ... into ~’s head
Tags L.15-読1


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the BEST deck for the Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese book
Posted on 2013-01-10

Author correctly creates cards for both recall and recognition of the vocab.

Huge points for tagging each item into a lesson and lesson section. SUPER HELPFUL because it let's one add parts of the deck as they follow along in class.

To whoever the author is, SUPER HUGE THANK YOU! I'd buy you a beer if I could.