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Korean Vocabulary by Evita

6.82MB. 720 audio & 0 images. Updated 2017-08-20.


This deck starts with the most common beginner words (not the most common newspaper words) and gradually increases in difficulty. The word order is based on textbooks as well as frequency lists, TOPIK, and native materials. Words up to ~2500 have been ordered quite carefully; the cards in the second half of the deck are more haphazard. Words that are of Chinese origin also have their respective Chinese characters. If you are a beginner and don't want to study them, you can just ignore them. However, if you already know Chinese or Japanese, the characters may help you learn the Korean words easier. My other decks: Korean Grammar Sentences Korean Hanja If you have any questions: my Google Group

Sample (from 5270 notes)

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Korean 큰아버지
English father's elder brother
Number 4429
Korean 질투
English jealousy
Hanja 嫉妬
Number 2296
Korean 녹차
English green tea
Hanja 綠茶
Number 1373

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on 1542078121
No pronunciation, what about non-Korean readers ?
on 1542026457
thank you a looot
on 1540020440
Wow!! so good. The vocabulary also contains sound.
on 1537520818
fonts not working.
on 1537103990
on 1533386724
Thank you!
on 1529257744
Very complete set of words. Really helpful.

It'll accompany me for a couple of years of Korean learning!

I'd recommend creating a "backside" card and add a "type" field so that you have to enter the word in hangeul from English. This will help your learning.
on 1526515200
on 1522108800
on 1517702400
Exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much!
on 1517270400
Great deck overall!
on 1516060800
Really nice deck, I'm a total beginner and I love that the words start out basic and proceed to get harder, you can just suspend the ones that are too hard while you get a handle on the beginner vocab which comes up first. THANK YOU!
on 1515801600
Tons of cards for me to use when I am very bad at making my own decks.
on 1509148800

This deck has all the essential Korean vocabulary you need. Extremely useful. Thank you so much for sharing with us, it is very appreciated! :)
on 1487894400

Extremely useful review of Korean vocabulary. I have further modified the deck to have reversible can. I have further modified the deck to have reversible cards that give both Korean to English and English to Korean. That allows for improved recall from native language.
on 1457481600
this is good i think.
on 1421971200

A sweet gift to learners.

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