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Korean Vocabulary by Evita

6.95MB. 734 audio & 0 images. Updated 2019-01-20.
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This deck starts out with the most common beginner words (not the most common newspaper words) and gradually increases in difficulty. The word order is loosely based on how many stars the word has in this Korean dictionary. Words that are of Chinese origin also have their respective Chinese characters. If you are a beginner and you don't want to study them, you can just ignore them. However, if you already know Chinese or Japanese, the characters may help you learn the Korean words easier. My other decks: Korean Grammar Sentences Korean Hanja If you have any questions: my Google Group

Sample (from 5808 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Korean 망원경
English telescope
Hanja 望遠鏡
Number 4246
Korean 다정하다
English to be affectionate, friendly, intimate
Hanja 多情
Number 2933
Korean 마르다
English to be dry, become dry;to become thin, lose weight
Number 742

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on 1634542441
Simple and helpful. Thank you!
on 1634247400
Great deck!
I would love to be able to review these cards from not only Korean to English but also English to Korean. Do you know how I could make this deck in reverse as well?

Thank you!
on 1633050405
My sincere thanks, for this exceedingly useful deck !
on 1633016184
Thank you so much for making an effort to do this.
on 1632230662
on 1631669287
on 1628853085
so so good! thank you!
on 1626261919
Anyone go through all of the context ? We need to verify if it anything wrong. This deck if all accurate and have more audio would be perfect, thank you very much for the author

P/s : I have merge Evita deck with my deck and check all context. Then I add image and audio for every note plus some examples. Should I share my deck ? (04 June 2021)

Start to check : 03 June : 1-200 : correct
04-06 June : 200 - 800 : correct
07 June : 800-1000 : correct
09 June : 1000-1200 : correct
10 June : 1200-1400 : correct
16 June : 1400-2200 : correct
27 June : 2200-2400 : correct
01 July : 2400-2800 : correct
14 July : 2800-3000 : correct

+ 23: 말하다 wrong pronunciation
+ 42 : 이빨 instead of 이
+ 444 : actor/actress
+ 1075 : tangerine, mandarin orange instead of tangerine, "mandarin"
Comment from author before post was edited
Please do not re-upload my deck (modified or otherwise), it's against Ankiweb's terms and conditions. If you find any mistakes you can let me know via the Google group. Thanks.
on 1625712764
Easy to use
on 1625389463
Its good
on 1622303444
Very helpful
on 1621833702
Simple, clean cards with audio. Good stuff.
on 1620583822
Thank you so much! This is so helpful. No romanization and there are audio: perfect :)
on 1620094109
very good
on 1619867869
Excellent resource.
on 1618774472
on 1618271817
Thanks to this deck my korean vocabulary has improved a lot. And the words are really commom. I'm seeing them everywhere. I'm being able to understand so may conversations and texts now. Thanks a lot for creating such an useful and good deck.
on 1617505726
Great deck! At first I’ve as worried it wouldn’t have audio because it doesn’t show on the webpage, but I’m glad that it does indeed have audio! This goes great with the other deck for sentences. As I said with the other, I’m glad it doesn’t have romanized pronunciation on the cards. Probably does more harm than good in the long run! Thanks for this deck.
on 1617141580
역으로, 한국인이 이걸 보고 영단어를 배워도 좋겠네요.
sentense notes랑 함께 보면 작문에 좋아 보입니다.
on 1617051002
awesome deck
on 1616985139
Deck is very good in itself; would be better if the pronunciation of the words is there for all 5808 words.
on 1615831470
Good Deck, thank you
on 1615356604
Excellent comprehensive deck. Ignore the dummy who downvoted the deck because it lacks romanization; if you’re serious about learning korean, you need to learn how to read it first. One would think that’s pretty obvious.
on 1613443676
Great compilation. I doubled the amount of cards to include English->Korean translation for dual direction learning.
on 1612840385
Very simple and useable
on 1612793043
Amazing deck
on 1612674027
Really good
on 1612047631
Good basic vocabulary list
on 1610924367
I became an intermediate speaker while living in Korea for two years. This deck has been AMAZING for staying proficient.
on 1609153449
Verry good
on 1608107355
Amazing, thank you! <3
on 1606697234
Thanks a lot!
on 1603940857
It's awesome!
on 1603836316
on 1603702153
Very nice deck
on 1602711267
Very helpful
on 1602327218
Just downloaded the deck. Incredible!
on 1601921118
Biggest collection of korean words with audio)
on 1601323358
Best option to get vocabulary for C1/C2 level
on 1597607909
Great deck; well organized!
on 1597073501
It is very well organized! I partially use this to boost my vocab for TOPIK II. I went through 40% of the whole deck and so far I am fully satisfied with it. (I personalize it by adding sentences of how the words are used in context just to get the most out of this deck.)
on 1593999245
Great deck. And I personally appreciate that hanja are included since I speak Chinese and it's helped me a bunch
on 1593668069
Very helpful for memorizing vocabulary. However, it would be nicer if *all* words were pronounced instead of most. For example, 다르다 does not have audio. This may not seem to be much of a problem as you need to be able to read anyway, but although I do know how it is pronounced, I want to avoid looking at the text to help my listening ability.
on 1590743088
이거가 좋다. 감사합니다.
on 1590715250
good its useful
on 1590354947
Very helpful!
on 1589350706
this helps me a lot
on 1589097901
It is good
on 1588372501
Studies 200 words so far, really well chosen in terms of frequency of use. Good audio quality for the most part and hanja is a nice addition
on 1587274329
It's good
on 1586359753
Awesome deck filled with incredibly useful words used in everyday life. I highly recommend it!
on 1586181919
First step after learning 한글
Just adjust your Anki settings to get all the benefit.
AnKing's yt channel is good to get settings
on 1585600635
Great deck! Helped so much!
on 1583031490
Very nice
on 1582754088
Good morning vocab for the train ride
on 1580993911
All I need to start!!
on 1579940834
on 1574863645
on 1573915583
on 1573008126
Fantastic. Love the audio and detailed descriptions.
on 1568533434
Very great deck, but it always ends up with my default deck, for Japanese, which creates a big mess for me.
Has anybody else this problem and a solution to it?
on 1568293946
To all Korean language learners

As a Korean, I suggest that you don`t have to learn Hanja
Hanja is not only very difficult for even native Korean, and but also It's very useless in almost everyday life.
on 1567446537
Thank you so much
on 1563376580
Deck never ends. Pronunciation here and there. Overall great deck.
on 1563240605
Very good
on 1561750998
It's good but I can't figure how to import inverted cards with audio on answers.

Maybe someone can help or upload a modified deck.
on 1556539756
Amazing deck with audio for better pronunciation
on 1556427477
Great deck. Vocab is good, and I like that it includes Hanja since I've studied Chinese. Audio is good. Overall amazing deck.
on 1556066148
Awesome! Quality deck, saved myself tons of time without having to make my own cards! If you can't read 한글 yet, you're doing yourself a disservice if you're truly wanting to be fluent.
on 1556030070
thank you so much💕😥
on 1553429336
Good selection
on 1553002753
Builds on itself really well. Most cards have written text and pronunciation.
on 1551389909
Very useful and well organized!
on 1550967165
Thumbs up
on 1550920468
Thank you for sharing this comprehensive list with us! :)
on 1550072270
on 1549329877
Thank you Evita - so much!
on 1546676493
Thank you, very well done :)
on 1546216257
Amazing !!! However make sure you sort your deck in a way that make sense to you
on 1546016236
Fantastic deck and incredibly useful collection. Thank you so much! Evita also offers great support in her google group. Couldn't recommend her material more.

As for the negative reviews I've seen.
"No pronunciation, what about non Korean speakers." That's exactly who this deck is for to learn vocabulary....? I'd be surprised if anyone had a native Korean record over 5,000 words to put together a deck for personal use and give it away for free. This is over 5,000 flash cards you didn't have to make, no? :)

"font doesn't work" - That's a problem you have on your machine, it's not a problem with the deck. Also: "Reminder: please do not rate decks according to technical issues, performance or experience. Only deck quality."
on 1545449717
Useful vocab
on 1542078121
No pronunciation, what about non-Korean readers ?
on 1542026457
thank you a looot
on 1540020440
Wow!! so good. The vocabulary also contains sound.
on 1537520818
fonts not working.
on 1537103990
on 1533386724
Thank you!
on 1529257744
Very complete set of words. Really helpful.

It'll accompany me for a couple of years of Korean learning!

I'd recommend creating a "backside" card and add a "type" field so that you have to enter the word in hangeul from English. This will help your learning.
on 1526515200
on 1522108800
on 1517702400
Exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much!
on 1517270400
Great deck overall!
on 1516060800
Really nice deck, I'm a total beginner and I love that the words start out basic and proceed to get harder, you can just suspend the ones that are too hard while you get a handle on the beginner vocab which comes up first. THANK YOU!
on 1515801600
Tons of cards for me to use when I am very bad at making my own decks.
on 1509148800

This deck has all the essential Korean vocabulary you need. Extremely useful. Thank you so much for sharing with us, it is very appreciated! :)
on 1487894400

Extremely useful review of Korean vocabulary. I have further modified the deck to have reversible can. I have further modified the deck to have reversible cards that give both Korean to English and English to Korean. That allows for improved recall from native language.
on 1457481600
this is good i think.
on 1421971200

A sweet gift to learners.

Reminder: please do not rate decks according to technical issues, performance or experience. Only deck quality.