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Somebody else’s problem

<10kB. Updated 2014-07-28. Only supports Anki 2.0.x.
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Hide audio or video files only on the desktop client. Put fields you don’t want to see on the desktop into {{sep:NN}} templates, and they become somebody else’s problem. On AnkiWeb and AnkiDroid (and AnkiMobile), the template is unknown and default behaviour is to show the text without modification – the field becomes visible again. This is only needed for audio/video files. Text or images can be hidden with just CSS. The problem was that i didn’t want to copy a bunch of video files to my Android device to save FAT directory entries, which are in short supply if you have a collection with many files with long names. See also the github manual page. Please report issues at github.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

This add-on previously supported Anki 2.0. You can download the last version supporting 2.0 here. As Anki 2.0 has been discontinued, no support is available for this version.

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