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Der große Artikeltest DE-DE (DaF) Marcin Perliński

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Ein Artikeltest mit 1063 Fragen. Stufe B1-C1.

Sample (from 1063 notes)

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Front Steuer, -n (Abgabe an den Staat)
Back die
Front Schallplatte
Back die
Front Westen
Back der

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on 1634320446
The best for finally remembering Artikel
on 1574109055
Macht Spaß!
on 1573643132
Toll, dass mehrdeutige Wörter mit Hinweisen versehen werden. So kann man z. B. das Steuer und die Steuer unterscheiden.
on 1481500800
Very good!

It's a very good deck. The choice of words suits me very well.
The only negative detail is that the plural form of the words is shown in the question and that gives clues about the gender. I would have put the plural form in the answer, not in the question. I'll make the changes when I have the time.
on 1475971200
Sort randomly

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on 1456358400
Very good