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Chinese Media: Lesson 1 (with audio and image)

33.37MB. Updated 2012-08-25.

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This Goal is designed to help you review over 300 basic words that you studied in first-year Chinese. All the items in this Goal are essential building blocks for both written and spoken Chinese. Deck imported from:

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Expression trad: 下班時間,地鐵裏的人超級多。hans: 下班时间,地铁里的人超级多。
Meaning During the afternoon rush hour, there are so many people in the subway.trad: 超級hans: 超级 -- super-
Reading Xiàbān shíjiān, dìtiě li de rén chāojí duō.
iKnowID sentence:334005
iKnowType sentence
Expression trad: 滿意hans: 满意
Meaning satisfied, pleased
iKnowID item:465860
iKnowType item
Expression 小梅常用信用卡付款。
Meaning Xiao Mei often pays by credit card.信用卡 -- credit card
Reading Xiǎo Méi cháng yòng xìnyòngkǎ fùkuǎn.
iKnowID sentence:333601
iKnowType sentence


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From the Maker's of Mastering Chinese Characters
Posted on 2014-03-09

The same group that made Mastering Chinese Characters deck made this deck, which is called Chinese News. This deck is meant to teach you the 1220 words/phrases to help you understand Chinese newspapers and magazines. Of course, the difficulty of listening to Chinese news comes from the fast-paced speech, the formal language instead of colloquial language and the use of Chinese idioms and chengyu. For this reason, this deck won't make you magically able to understand Chinese news, but it does list some important words such as "world" "reporter" "plan" etc. which are vital to any student looking to become fluent in Chinese.

Where else would you be able to find a deck that has high quality stock images, native pronunciation and readings of sentences and words, accurate translations in simplified, traditional and pinyin and card formats that test both listening and reading abilities? These decks are better than my own and without them I probably would have never learned how to read characters.