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[British English] The Oxford 3000 Essential Words

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Word hundred
WordType (number)
Phonetic BrE / ˈhʌndrəd / NAmE / ˈhʌndrəd /
Example one {{c1::hundred}} (of the children) have already been placed with foster families.there were just a {{c1::hundred}} of them there.this vase is worth several {{c1::hundred}} dollars.she must be over a {{c1::hundred}} (= a {{c1::hundred}} years old).
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Content hundred(number)BrE / ˈhʌndrəd / NAmE / ˈhʌndrəd / 100One hundred (of the children) have already been placed with foster families.There were just a hundred of them there.This vase is worth several hundred dollars.She must be over a hundred (= a hundred years old).Hundreds of thousands of people are at risk.a hundred-year leaseFour hundred (people) are expected to attend.Two hundred (pounds) was withdrawn from the account.a large amounthundreds of miles awayfor hundreds of yearsIf I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times.I have a hundred and one things to do.Men died in their hundreds.the numbers from 100 to 999We're talking about a figure in the low hundreds.the years of a particular centurythe early nineteen hundreds (= written ‘early 1900s’)used to express whole hours in the 24-hour systemtwelve hundred hours (= 12.00, midday)in every waysynonym completelyI'm not a hundred per cent sure.My family supports me one hundred per cent.completely fit and healthySee related entries: Good healthI still don't feel a hundred per cent.to put as much effort into something as you canEvery player gave a hundred per cent tonight.almost alwaysWord Originlate Old English, from hund ‘hundred’ (from an Indo-European root shared with Latin centum and Greek hekaton) + a second element meaning ‘number’; of Germanic origin and related to Dutch honderd and German hundert.
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Word successful
WordType (adjective)
Phonetic BrE / səkˈsesfl / NAmE / səkˈsesfl /
Example they were {{c1::successful}} in winning the contract.i wasn't very {{c1::successful}} at keeping the news secret.we congratulated them on the {{c1::successful}} completion of the project.the play was very {{c1::successful}} on broadway.
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Content successful(adjective)BrE / səkˈsesfl / NAmE / səkˈsesfl / achieving your aims or what was intendedThey were successful in winning the contract.I wasn't very successful at keeping the news secret.We congratulated them on the successful completion of the project.having become popular and/or made a lot of moneyopposite unsuccessfulThe play was very successful on Broadway.a successful actorThe company has had another successful year.The play was very successful on Broadway.The company has had another successful year.a highly profitable businessThe movie was not a commercial success (= made no profit).They do a lot of business in lucrative overseas markets.Small local shops stop being economic when a supermarket opens up nearby.Extra ExamplesThe alliance was ultimately successful in getting its message across.The operation was only partially successful.Their attempts had not been entirely successful.We hope the party will be successful in the elections.Winning is the only way they can feel successful.a politically successful manoeuvrehis phenomenally successful period as managerhoping their party would be successful in the electionsHe had a phenomenally successful period as manager.He had been successful at every job he had done.She has had a long and successful career in television.The company has been successful in controlling costs.The experiment was entirely successful.The police became more successful at clearing up crime.The successful candidate will be responsible for a large research project.
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Word odd
WordType (adjective)
Phonetic BrE / ɒd / NAmE / ɑːd /
Example they're very {{c1::odd}} people.there's something {{c1::odd}} about that man.it's most {{c1::odd}} that (= very {{c1::odd}} that) she hasn't written.the {{c1::odd}} thing was that he didn't recognize me.
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Content odd(adjective)BrE / ɒd / NAmE / ɑːd / strange or unusualcompare peculiarThey're very odd people.There's something odd about that man.It's most odd that (= very odd that) she hasn't written.The odd thing was that he didn't recognize me.She had the oddest feeling that he was avoiding her.strange or unusual in the way mentionedan odd-looking housean odd-sounding namehappening or appearing occasionally; not very regular or frequentsynonym occasionalHe makes the odd mistake—nothing too serious.of no particular type or size; variousdecorations made of odd scraps of papernot with the pair or set that it belongs to; not matchingYou're wearing odd socks!that cannot be divided exactly by the number twoopposite even1, 3, 5 and 7 are odd numbers.available; that somebody can usesynonym spareCould I see you when you've got an odd moment?approximately or a little more than the number mentionedHow old is she—seventy odd?He's worked there for twenty-odd years.a person who is slightly strange or crazySee related entries: Describing strange traitsa person or thing that is different from others or does not fit easily into a group or setAt school he was always the odd man out.Dog, cat, horse, shoe—which is the odd one out?Extra ExamplesI didn’t think it odd at the time.I find it odd that she takes so long to do that job.It’s odd to think I will never see her again.There’s something distinctly odd about her.There’s something odd going on.It’s most odd that she hasn’t written.The odd thing was that he didn’t recognize me.They’re very odd people.Word OriginMiddle English (in the numerical sense): from Old Norse odda-, found in combinations such as odda-mathr ‘third or odd man’, from oddi ‘angle’.
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