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Precalculus cards

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we have a precalculus deck here

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Front It’s early morning, you’re groggy, and you have to select something to wear for your 8 a.m. class. Fortunately, your “lecture wardrobe” is rather limited—just two pairs of jeans to choose from (one blue, one black), three T-shirts to choose from (one beige, one yellow, and one blue), and two pairs of sneakers to select from (one black pair, one red pair). Find the number of possible outfits.
Back 2 * 3 * 2 = 12.The Fundamental Counting PrincipleThe number of ways in which a series of successive things can occur is found by multiplying the number of ways in which each thing can occur.
Front Find the exact value of 
Back because theta is positive, it is a first-quadrant angle.
Text The complex number z = a + bi  is written in polar form as{{c1:: }}where {{c1::      , and  ::4 equations}}

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Comprehensive, with lots of graphics
on 1565661147
Very helpful!!! Good job!!!
on 1543799919
some references are really vague, like the imaginary number Z.
on 1542646934
on 1533776714
Quite thorough! Nice embedded graphs.