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Low Intermediate Latin Amer Spanish Sentences (TTS accurate)

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Major Update! 22nd January 2018 - audio added. Level: Low Intermediate This is a deck of Latin American Spanish sentences with words and sentences designed to build comprehension. I have a particular interest in feelings and relationships, hence the verbs ‘discuplarse’ and sentences like ‘Quiero estar cerca de ti.’ Many of the sentences have been copied from Spanishdict.com, Wordreference.com and Tatoeba.org. There are around 30 sentences that are ‘Castellano’ like that spoken in Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia. As best as I could, first there is a card for an interesting noun (including an article to indicate it’s gender), or there is a card with a verb in the infinitive tense. Then the following cards are 2 or 3 sample sentences conjugated to a few different pronouns. (Card # 422) Front: to hide Back: esconder (Card # 423) Front: I hid the presents under the bed. Back: Escondí los regalos bajo la cama. (Card # 424) Front: The robber had hidden the jewelry in the bank! Back: El ladrón había escondido las joyas en el banco. (Card # 425) Front: I was hiding myself so well that he never found me. Back: Me escondía tan bien que él nunca me encontraba. * Unless otherwise stated, ‘you’ is always translated as the familiar pronoun tú. There are no instances of ‘vosotros’. * The diacritical marks are included so Text To Speech pronounces correctly. * There are no conditional, future or subjunctive verb tenses, and only a few imperative tense sentences. Download my other decks (search for stu40) if you want to learn those verb tenses. * The cards that introduce a new verb in the infinitive, will display the usual preposition for that verb as well (though I am still updating the deck for this). * To aid learning, I; 1. Put apostrophes ‘ ‘ or brackets ( ) around English phrases that need something unexpected in the Spanish translation, like a different verb tense, a noun in plural, or an unexpected preposition. 2. Translated using the English cognate (where the meaning is the same), so every Spanish word gets a distinct English translation. Sometimes this isn’t possible (eg. noticia, noticiero & novedad all get translated as ‘news’ and nene and bebé both get translated as ‘baby’). 3. Translated Spanish reflexive verbs with a phrasal verb in English. So 'casar' gets translated as 'to marry' whereas the reflexive verb 'casarse' gets translated as 'to get married'. 4. Indicated words more commonly spoken in Spain with “(Hispanic)” and words more commonly spoken in Latin America with “(Latino)”. I spent around a thousand hours over 4 years developing these cards, so any cards with the tag ‘verificada’ have been checked for correctness. Please rate this deck in AnkiWeb if you like it. To respond to the comment below, if someone orders every single card, with the infinitive verb appearing first, and the example sentence cards appearing directly afterwards, then you can send the deck to me and I will update it in AnkiWeb.

Sample (from 1100 notes)

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Front I arrived slightly late.
Back Llegué un poco tarde.
Tags frase
Front to pull on (Latino), to tug on
Back tirar de
Tags verbo verificada
Front What do you do when it rains?
Back Qué haces cuando llueve?

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Echoing the previous review, looks like lots of good hard work was put into this deck! Unfortunately the way it's designed to function becomes impossible because the cards are not ordered as they should be.
on 1427414400
Very useful, but...

The content of this deck is very good, and a lot of effort has gone into this.

The only issue is that for me, the cards are not in any particular order (it looks like the order is random, even though my settings are to show new cards in the order added).

I haven't had this issue with any other decks by the same user. It would be helpful to see the word in question, and then see the example sentences straight after.

If the ordering issue could be corrected, I would give this 5/5.