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Tae Kim Grammar Guide Vocabulary

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I compiled the Vocabulary used in Tae Kim's Japanese Grammar Guide. The order of the words is the order they are introduced throughout the guide. The Front has the Kanji, and the Back is the kana pronunciation and meaning. This makes it optimized for reading purposes, so Japanese -> Eng. I ordered it this way for personal reasons, and a lot of these words going from English-Japanese have multiple Japanese words. It's also good for beginners, so you're not scrambling to memorize how to write each kanji, and can I included some words like the words for "you" but didn't include grammar pieces and particles in here. I made this deck because I was kind of intimidated with reading the guide, and I didn't want to keep flipping back or writing the words on the side. I also found that these words are pretty useful, but you may not find them early on in your other Japanese vocabulary sources. Things like the core2k covers a great variety of words so it takes a while to get around to a bunch of the words Tae Kim uses. I included the "Examples" vocab that Tae Kim mentioned. There weren't a whole lot, and they seem useful. A lot were loan words written in katakana.

Sample (from 1038 notes)

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Front 携帯
Back 【けい・たい】 handheld (phone)
Front 終わる
Back 【お・わる】(u-verb) to end
Front 朝ご飯
Back 【あさ・ご・はん】 breakfast

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Perfect. Goes directly in the order that Tae Kim is using. Includes not just the vocabulary but also entire sentences to help you with grammar. You can click on the Kanji to get the relevent details such as meaning, onyomi and kunyomi, attempts at mnemonics and base kanjis. The fonts are a little handwritten harder to read, but I can adjust easily. Sounds are also included. Perfect for reviewing and memorizing Tae Kim after reading the explanations. I use the multiple choice without looking at the choices, because there is no multiple choice in real life. Pretty awesome deck. Thank you.
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Great deck for when you're getting past the initial chapters of TK's Guide. A lot of new words come into play and it's hard to remember them while also learning new grammar (at least for me). I don't see it mentioned in the description, but this deck has sound!
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What one would expect

All the vocabulary from Tae Kim's Guide, nothing more, nothing less. It's a good idea to drill this vocabulary as you advance through the guide, to both learn the vocabulary Tae Kim uses and to remember it. There are a couple of duplicates and mistakes, though, so be alert. As I'm at an intermediate level I also deleted quite a lot of cards. I ended up with 500 total.