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EKG Deck of Awesomness

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EKG Deck of AwesomnessEKG Deck of AwesomnessEKG Deck of AwesomnessEKG Deck of AwesomnessEKG Deck of AwesomnessEKG Deck of AwesomnessEKG Deck of Awesomness

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Front What is this?
Front What is the morphology of Torsades de Pointes?
Back Torsades de Pointes is a very specific form of polymporphic Vtach.In it, the QRS complexes get rhythmically LARGER and then SMALLERE again, in a undulating, sinusoid pattern. This gives the impression that the QRS complexes are "spinning" around the baseline, hence the name. 
Front What is this?
Back Ventricular escape rhythm. Slow, but regular with wide QRS due to ventricle determinating beats. 

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it’s so great!
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Well made, not too large
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you are saviour my friend...
dope deck.
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dope deck
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Absolutely fantastic.