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Persona 4 Japanese/English inc. audio

52.07MB. 4104 audio & 0 images. Updated 2016-01-19.

This item is large, and may take some time to download.


Has audio for both Japanese and English. I did not create this. I downloaded this, so now I want to share it. Sharing is caring!

Sample (from 2060 notes)

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Expression 160411ー067で、とにかく中の様子を知りたい訳なんだけど。。。
Meaning Anyways, we need to know what's going on inside--
Reading で、とにかく 中[なか]の 様子[ようす]を 知[し]りたい 訳[わけ]なんだけど。。。
Tags 16-Apr-11
Expression 120411ー116え、マジで?じゃあ今度、一緒にどっか出かける!?
Meaning Whoa, you serious? So then, you wanna hang out sometime!?
Reading え、マジで?じゃあ 今度[こんど]、 一緒[いっしょ]にどっか 出[で]かける!?
Tags 12-Apr-11
Expression 300411ー002おはようあの、私、もう大丈夫だから。今日から学校、来るから。。。よ、宜しくね。
Meaning “Mornin'.”Um, yes, I'm better now. I'll be coming to school again, so... Th-That'll be nice.
Reading おはようあの、 私[わたし]、もう 大丈夫[だいじょうぶ]だから。 今日[きょう]から 学校[がっこう]、 来[く]るから。。。よ、 宜[よろ]しくね。
Tags 30-Apr-11

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on 1597832882
Very useful and helpful!
on 1533372546
Really awesome. Thanks!
on 1528156800
Good audio files, but the structure is horrible. Everything packed together in one field. No chance to customize the appearance. Someone should split the contents into separate fields and upload the deck again.
on 1520208000
This deck is great with live audios. Could you pease tell me what the book or the website is? Thanks
on 1498694400
Good stuff. I was looking for something like this. I've been having issues understanding spoken Japanese that isn't textbook-like.