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The Greek Alphabet

1.79MB. 5 audio & 55 images. Updated 2016-12-06.


Ever wondered what the Greek letter Ξ is called? Then this deck is for you. Useful when studying math. News:

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Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Front Uppercase Rho
Back [$]P[/$]
Front Lowercase psi
Back [$]\psi[/$]
Front Uppercase Eta
Back [$$]H[/$$]

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on 1649674020
simple and good
on 1638031551
no letters
on 1627710869
No image and pronounciation
on 1622412325
on 1607009912
nice & simple. I like it
on 1601176683
No pics
on 1594648327
on 1588126913
I found this helpful.
on 1587119950
Great deck!
on 1587025172
Simple, but efficient
on 1579382115
No image shows up of the greek characters (Win10 desktop).
on 1566099227
Very good deck
on 1558965442
on the tin

make sure to TURN OFF NIGHT MODE to see the black font
on 1554180701
no pics
on 1544224577
Very useful
on 1537270739
Nice deck!
on 1534436431
Sadly I can't seem to be able to see the images on my phone. It works on my pc though.
on 1530235003
Works great, simple and useful
on 1526774400
useful for greek learning
on 1525737600
good stuff
on 1524268800
Simple and has all the letters, very useful in a physics degree as well!
on 1505606400
on 1499731200
Need LaTex installed

If the Greek isn't displaying on your machine, then you need to install LaTex. I don't think you can do this on android or ios, but like the other reviewer said, if you load the cards once on a laptop then your other devices will get the compiled LaTex.
on 1476835200
on 1458691200
Many characters do not appear in either Android or IOS apps

Update: This is an issue with Anki, not this card deck. The problem is cleared by viewing the card for the character on the destop app. Next time the deck data is synced with the Android or IOS app, the image on the card will be synced as well.

Original: Many characters appear as broken image blocks in both Android and IOS apps.

I don't have access to the desktop app now to check if this is an issue with the Android and IOS apps or the deck.
on 1458259200
on 1456963200
The Icons doesn`t work. There are only question mark boxes.
on 1454457600
Additional card for the sequence

Hey, this is a great deck! I added a card that shows the sequence of the alphabet. Looks great as a HTML table:
<th>groß &nbsp;</th>
<th>klein &nbsp;</th>
on 1444262400
on 1442707200
For many of the cards, the image that should show the letter isn't there.
on 1433462400
on 1432166400
on 1426550400
iota is missing

The letter iota has no entry. Also, the spelling of "lower case" versus "lowercase" is a little inconsistent. Same for "upper case" versus "uppercase" Anyway, those cards are great! Thank you very much for sharing.
on 1412640000
on 1406160000