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School of Thought - Fallacies and Biases

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This deck is an extraction of the 48 common fallacies and biases listed on https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/ and https://yourbias.is/ . Every note includes the name, icon, summary, an example and the description as seen on the websites. There are three types of cards with the front being either name & icon, the summary or the example and the back showing Tools used: jq for parsing JSON, https://icomoon.io/ for converting the icon fonts to images, wget, vim.

Sample (from 48 notes)

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Name & Picture just-world hypothesis
Summary Your preference for justice makes you presume it exists.
Description A world in which people don't always get what they deserve, hard work doesn't always pay off, and injustice happens is an uncomfortable one that threatens our preferred narrative. However, it is also the reality. This bias is often manifest in ideas such as 'what goes around comes around' or an expectation of 'karmic balance', and can also lead to blaming victims of crime and circumstance.
Example A more just world requires understanding rather than blame. ?Remember that everyone has their own life story, we’re all fallible, and bad things happen to good people.
Name & Picture optimism bias
Summary You overestimate the likelihood of positive outcomes.
Description There can be benefits to a positive attitude, but it's unwise to allow such an attitude to adversely affect our ability to make rational judgments (they're not mutually exclusive). Wishful thinking can be a tragic irony insofar as it can create more negative outcomes, such as in the case of problem gambling.
Example If you make rational, realistic judgments you'll have a lot more to ?feel positive about.
Name & Picture the backfire effect
Summary When some aspect of your core beliefs is challenged, it can cause you to believe even more strongly.
Description We can experience being wrong about some ideas as an attack upon our very selves, or our tribal identity. This can lead to motivated reasoning which causes a reinforcement of beliefs, despite disconfirming evidence. Recent research suggests that the backfire effect is limited to a certain amount of disconfirming evidence i.e. we tend to abandon a belief if there's enough evidence against it. It should also be noted that most people will accept a correction relating to specific facts, however the backfire effect may reinforce a related or 'parent' belief as we attempt to reconcile a new narrative in our understanding.
Example “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” - Mark Twain

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Excellent content
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Great concept, thanks!
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I believe this is a must-have deck. It makes learning biases and fallacies easy and fun, as the cards are already made
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Interesting ideas on how to create flashcards. Nice design.
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Must have deck
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How did you get the data off the website into the JSON format? Just curious.

Could be improved by putting names and images on separate fields.

Also Scotsman is capitalized.
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Must have deck!
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This is what I am looking for
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The World would be a better place if everybody would know these...
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Excellent deck. Multiple ways of approaching each fallacy and bias.
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Very nice
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Extremely well made and very insightful
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Very, very well-made.

Barnum should have a capital B: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barnum_effect
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Pretty good cards!
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Really great find.
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well organised, as someone else said, it's a great example of how a deck should be organised - probably good for a template for other decks
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Delightfully well-organized.
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Perfect, thanks!
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This is how a deck should be put together. It's elegant in both form and function. I'll be using this as a reference for my future decks.
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