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Discover Romanian - All Vocabulary in Book by Rodica Boțoman

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This deck contains all 3,766 vocabulary words and phrases presented in the textbook "Discover Romanian" by Rodica Boțoman, published by Ohio State University in 1995. http://www.amazon.com/Discover-Romanian-Introduction-Language-Culture/dp/0814205364 The accented vowel of every word is written in bold, and the simplistic definitions given in the book have been augmented by consulting the Romanian dictionaries by Andrei Bantaș and Mihai Miroiu. The spelling of words with the letter î has also been updated to the contemporary spelling (e.g., "cînd" has been changed to "când"). Several minor corrections were made based on the DEX (Dicționarul Explicativ al Limbii Române). Each card has four fields: 1) Front (Romanian word or phrase) 2) Plural (the plural form of Romanian nouns) 3) Part of Speech 4) Back (English translation) When Anki presents a reverse card in this deck (i.e., it gives you the English word and expects the Romanian equivalent), if you type the answer in Romanian, Anki will automatically highlight any letters that are incorrect. The cards are tagged by chapter number, so that students may do a "custom study" to review the vocabulary words only in the chapters they have completed so far. Words tagged as "Chapter 21" are the additional words found only in the English-Romanian Vocabulary at the end of the book.

Sample (from 3763 notes)

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Front horă
Plural hore
Part of Speech s.f.
Back round (folk) dance; music accompanying the dance
Tags 14
Front mă numesc …
Part of Speech
Back my name is …
Tags 1
Front saxofonist
Plural saxofoniști
Part of Speech s.m.
Back saxophone player (male)
Tags 13

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I don't need a reason to upvote it..
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extremely helpful. Thanks for all the work.
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Thank you!

Not only did the author make flashcards for an entire textbook, but also meticulously added parts of speech, various forms for nouns/adjectives, and (most importantly) inflections.
For a language that's much more lacking in resources than its fellow Romance languages, this is an absolute lifesaver.