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ClozeAdv ( Cloze Advance )

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源码以及相关问题可以访问我的 Github Source Code is in my Github 特性
  1. 我们可以使用触摸/点击/键盘(制表符和反引号)来显示或覆盖完形填空。(感谢:kleinerpirat)
  2. 如果所有完形填空都显示出来,卡片会自动翻转到背面。(感谢:git9527)
  3. 我添加了一个悬浮按钮视图来显示下一个完形填空或覆盖上一个完形填空.(感谢:kleinerpirat)(自动支持英文和中文)
  4. 它可以通过 c[n] 支持多填空,解决了其他模板会将所有 c[n] 转换为 c1
  5. 现在支持 Mathjax 公式挖空自动识别!!!
  1. We can use touch/click/keyboard(Tab and Backquote) to reveal or cover the cloze.(Thanks: kleinerpirat)
  2. If all the clozes are revealed, the card will auto flip to back.(Thanks: git9527)
  3. I add a float button view for reveal next cloze or cover previous cloze.(Thanks: kleinerpirat)(Support English and Chinese automatically)
  4. It can support multi-cloze sperate by c[n], other templates will convert all the c[n] to c1
  5. Mathjax block is supported NOW!!!
Mathjax 演示(Demo for Mathjax)
背诵中文演示(Demo for reciting Chinese)

Sample (from 3 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Text {{c1::老一辈}}{{c2::革命家}}{{c1::和}}{{c2::老一代}}{{c1::共产党人}}{{c2::在}}{{c1::延安}}{{c2::时期}}{{c1::留下}}{{c2::的}}{{c1::优良传统}}{{c2::和}}{{c1::作风}}, {{c2::培育}}{{c1::形成}}{{c2::的}}{{c1::以}}{{c2::坚定}}{{c1::正确}}{{c2::的}}{{c1::政治}}{{c2::方向}}、 {{c1::解放思想}}{{c2::实事求是}}{{c1::的}}{{c2::思想路线}}、 {{c1::全心全意}}{{c2::为}}{{c1::人民}}{{c2::服务}}{{c1::的}}{{c2::根本宗旨}}、{{c1::自力更生}}{{c2::艰苦奋斗}}{{c1::的}}{{c2::创业精神}}{{c1::为}}{{c2::主要}}{{c1::内容}}{{c2::的}}{{c1::延安精神}}, {{c2::是}}{{c1::我们}}{{c2::党}}{{c1::的}}{{c2::宝贵}}{{c1::精神财富}}。 ——{{c2::习近平}}
Extra 延安精神If the Note does not contain MathJax blocks it will automatically flip to the back if all the clozes are revealed.
Text When \(a \ne 0\), there are two solutions to {{c1::\(ax^2 + bx + c = 0\)}} and they are \[x = {{{c1::-b::Hint2}} \pm \sqrt{ {{c1::b^2-4ac}} } \over {{c1::2a}} }\]Test Chinese:我{{c1::测试::Hint1}}一下
Text This note type supports native Anki clozes with hints. It partially supports MathJax:When \(a \ne 0\), there are two solutions to {{c1::\(ax^2 + bx + c = 0\)}} and they are \[x = {{{c1::-b}} \pm \sqrt{ {{c1::b^2-4ac}} } \over {{c1::2a}} }\] Reveal clozes {{c2::one}} {{c2::by}} {{c2::one}} with Key "{{c2::Tab}}". Reveal {{c3::all}} clozes {{c3::at}} {{c3::once}} with Key "{{c3::Backquote}}". You can change the shortcut keys easily (look for var shortcuts). If there is only one cloze on a card, it will be handled like a default cloze card:JavaScript is {{c4::your friend}}.
Extra AnkiWeb Forum: https://forums.ankiweb.net/t/cloze-one-by-one-uncovering/12584

After the file is downloaded, double-click on it to open it in the desktop program.

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Well done!