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Top 4047 German Vocab with Native Audio Sample Sentences

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I invested about $1400 to create this deck because I could not find another that had the top 4000+ German words with sample sentences that INCLUDED native speaker audio. At this point, you can find decks with audio for the words, but I've never seen real human recorded audio for the sample sentences. That's a shame because most of my learning happened with the sentences, not just hearing a single word out of context. The software read versions are ok, but you miss the nuance of pitch and tone, and it feels very unnatural. This deck fixes the problem. Studying the top frequency words is an amazing edge in learning a language. Doing it with excellent, native speaker recorded example sentences is like turbo studying (especially when paired with Anki). I made progress very quickly with my German, once I began studying this deck. HOW THE DECK WAS CREATED: I hired a team of 4 German native translators to record original audio for all 4027 of the top German words as well as for the sample sentences. I also had them produce their own translations of each sentence back into English. Many decks have the word translation but not the full sentence translation back to English. This is important, since computer translations are often quite bad, and it's annoying to learn a new German sentence only to see a very inaccurate English translation. It took weeks of work, but the translation team produced some magic for me! (NOTE: I left the English audio out of this upload, as I think it will annoy most people who already know English. I personally used it when studying passively, so I could study without looking at the screen. I don't think most people need that, so I removed it.) It's basically impossible to study this deck without improving your German. If you haven't already learned the first 500 words, I encourage you to copy the deck and use your copy to study the words by themselves, up to 500. After that, you'll learn best if you return to the original deck and challenge yourself to properly reproduce each sentence before marking the card a success. This deck is basically a fast track to vocab, comprehension, grammar, and speaking improvement. I put in a lot of sweat, passion, money, and late nights to make this deck what it is. I believe it's the only one of its kind. Now, I want to give it back to a community which has given so much to me. Have fun! Cheers, - Austin Szelkowski

Sample (from 4027 notes)

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GermanEntry unternehmen
GermanSampleSentence Am Ostersonntag unternehmen wir mit der Familie einen Ausflug in die Berge.
Rank 1802
EnglishMeaning to do, go on, take steps
RoughEnglishSentence On Easter Sunday we are going to go on a trip with the family to the mountains.
GermanEntry das Dokument
GermanSampleSentence Ein Zeugnis ist ein wichtiges Dokument.
Rank 3174
EnglishMeaning document
RoughEnglishSentence A certificate is an important document.
GermanEntry zweifellos
GermanSampleSentence Das bekannteste optische Gerät ist zweifellos die Brille.
Rank 4034
EnglishMeaning undoubtedly
RoughEnglishSentence The best-known optical device is undoubtedly the glasses.

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on 1553102265
on 1553024721
I think that the new audio is definitely an improvement on the old version of this deck. The only thing missing is a section for plural and inflected forms.
on 1551459450
Thanks for dedicating time to this
on 1551266163
Thanks a lot! It is awesome!
on 1551090039
Many thanks! I have just started using ANKI and found this deck, and I find it great! I am not a beginner and actually already live several years in Germany and now want to raise my German to a higher level. I do not mind that speakers talk different dialects (reading others complaints..) I often travel to south Germany and want to understand language in its different forms. I would suggest all people commenting should do some crowdfunding and come up with improved and enlarged version of this nice work!
on 1550271014
Best German vocabulary deck around!
on 1549674565
Great deck if you live in Austria and you want to learn the Austrian pronunciation instead of the standard one (Hochdeutsch).
on 1549428356
Pretty much what u need for b2
on 1548871483
I would love to be able to give a mark instead of a red thumb for the deck, as I feel that it is unfair for such a good deck to get a thumbs down. The sentences are really great and the words very well chosen, but I can't recommend this deck for a beginner because of the pronunciation. This deck would be absolutely amazing if the speakers had a neutral standard German accent.
on 1548628261
Fantastic compilation
on 1548457314
This deck is an absolute gem. Words, sentences, and audio. And half of the deck gives the German word / sentence and you have to guess the English translation, and the other half gives you the English word / sentence and you have to guess the German version. You end up learning a lot of grammar and sentence constructions that way.

Thank you Austin and the 4 German native speakers who made this deck! My German is improving so much thanks to you.
on 1548443777
Best German language learning tool ever!!
on 1547632795
Don't be scared by the comments that tell you the pronunciation is "not standard". That problem is only present with the first 1000 words, which are read by a lady that has a not-so-standard accent. However, if you already have some knowledge about German, this should not be a problem, as you will proceed through the first 1000 words relatively quickly, and all of the remaining words are read in the "standard way".
Anyway, amazing work! This deck helps me a lot and I really appreciate it.
on 1546862496
Not standard
on 1546721077
Anna is already sitting in the car. => Anna sitzt schon in der Bahn.

Bahn means train, not car.
on 1546438042
I can just wish that this amazing work was done in standard German pronounciation.
on 1546428540
on 1546388435
Perfekt, das ist fantastisch...
on 1546210882
good job
on 1545867184
Really Good Deck Really Helpful a lot of effort went into it really appreciate your kind Heart ^_^
on 1545823061
on 1545681744
Despite the huge work that as been done, that I respect a lot, I'll personally won't use this, because of the choice of the German speaking which is not the standard one. like another person has said. It can sound cruel, I know, excuse me, but for me, being a beginner, I have to make some choices.
on 1545581959
A high quality deck; thank you!
on 1544643602
Danke schön für Ihre Arbeit! Viel Glück und Gesundheit!
on 1544470705
Really good, essential to beginners!
on 1544288135
Thank you! This is exactly what I wanted.
on 1544042837
Great job !
on 1543931794
Quero aprender alemão
on 1543859265
Very useful.
on 1543582716
much obliged
on 1543394350
Good job
on 1542959917
I cannot overstate how awesome this deck is! It's exactly what I needed. Thanks.
on 1542639162
Very helpful for learning.
on 1542330383
Incredible quality!
on 1542249280
very useful
on 1542213855
Thanks, Austin!
on 1542120565
Super complete material!
on 1541860302
Amazing, thank you Austin.
on 1541838540
I love this deck. Thank you so much!
on 1541508467
Outstanding contribution.
on 1540954086
on 1540348935
It is very complete, helpful and free <3
on 1540240922
this is so helpful
on 1540227483
on 1540135870
on 1539707720
Sehr nutzlich. Vielen dank!
on 1539469854
danke schön .
on 1539018898
Good job. Thank you so much!
on 1538640468
on 1538598021
thanks a lot
on 1538149479
Great work, and thank you for sharing. This is what I was aiming for when I did the same back in 2015 by simply using the Google translator and a macro program, incurring no cost, merely my time, but the online translations are not ideal for beginners so I have now removed that.

I think constantly improving these decks in any manner that assists learning is the key objective and again it's the benevolence of people like yourself incurring costs/time to achieve these improvements and donating the output into the public domain which moves the entire usefulness of the Anki resource forward.

I note another version has been made available utilizing you're work as it's starting point that enhances it but I still think there is room for still further improvement beyond even that. Such as colour coding the definite articles der, die and das, and the word and adding images that would also serve as visual aids and memory joggers which may also be useful to many.

Thank you.
on 1537891916
Is there anyway to get this on the mobile app?
on 1537866714
on 1537594791
on 1537520267
Thank you very much... :)
on 1537312111
Thank you so much! My vocabulary increased a lot after a month of studying.
on 1536815602
Good audio and a nice selection of not only single words but common phrases
on 1536767281
thanks a lot!
on 1536692680
It improves my learning process
on 1536659254
An absolute must for students learning German. I've tried to revive my German many times since taking my A-Level, and this has been by far the most effective way. I have a separate deck for irregular verbs, which I use alongside this.
on 1536585708
Thanks for all the effort! helps a LOT to expand your vocabulary with this
on 1536487418
Thank you so much for putting all this effort into this very good deck!

Personally, I prefer not having any translation of the text, since I have a good understanding of German already. Instead I have stripped them bare of English text and use them for re-connecting and expanding my vocabulary as well as spot cases, genders, etc. which I am learning in my gramma deck.

All the negative rating of this deck with regards to long sentences, sound quality, etc. is not to be taken for anything severe. The deck is fine and no one can demand more from a free deck (of very high quality, and not so free for the author). It all depends on the purpose. I would find a different deck for learning gramma (make your own) and use this one for exposure to words and sentence(s) structure.
on 1536306585
The most completed German language course that iI have ever seen.
on 1536238154
on 1536067235
on 1535977272
Super good and sequence.
Would be better if containing images for nouns.
on 1535975541
Very good
on 1535894674
Amazing person and achievement dude
on 1535324061
Fantastisch, danke
on 1534875243
It is a very good work. But !!!ATTENTION PLEASE!!!! You will not learn Deutsch using Anki method because every world you will learn will be isolated from KNOWLEDGE. You will only remember the word you know when using ANKI Software, because of Illusion of Learning or Learning Illusion. If you find the a word you know from ANKI in one text, you will not remember the meaning of that word because you did not learn it when activating parts of your brain that analyses text and go to every linked neurons with words in Deutsch to relate with the text you are reading. So this shows you the best way to learn Deutsch: READ TEXT IN DEUTSCH AND WRITE THE NEW WORD YOU LEARN AND CONTINUE.
on 1534803690
on 1534078989
geweldig werk
on 1533889970
god bless you
on 1533504116
on 1533464744
Your work is much appreciated.
on 1533356296
This is amazing! You are a hero!
on 1533267006
you are awesome
on 1533108564
nice one!
on 1532948434
great effort
on 1532870253
Thank you for this fine deck
on 1532520531
Danke schön!
on 1532453700
Simply for taking the time/money to do this and upload it. It's surely better than a deck I'd come up with anytime soon.
on 1532230102
The pronunciation is far better than what I found on online dictionaries or google translate.
Thank you so much
on 1531990601
This is awesome, thank you very much!
We appreciate the work you did!
on 1531765937
just wow, thank you
on 1531128519
thank your very much for your effort
on 1531015462
Wunderbar! Open-source for the greater good! Thanks mate!
on 1530706809
I am very thankful to you my friend.
on 1530578557
It's great to see the effort that has been put into this deck and that it has been shared with all of us. It's very helpful to have a sentence for context with audio.

HOWEVER. Unfortunately, the speaker for the German audio does not use standard German pronunciation and so the audio is heavily influenced by their local dialect, assuming they are even really native speakers at all.

There are various sounds that are quite obviously different from the standard, but I'll give just a couple of examples, the word "wenig". Listen to the audio and then check online how the "g" is supposed to be pronounced in this word. Also, their "r" sometimes is really, really strange. like in "fragen" etc.

So, yeah, in Germany people speak German in plenty of different ways, and for sure if you go to Austria it sounds completely different. However, as a learner of the language, it's very important to follow the standard as we would naturally "emphasize" various sounds and make it worse.
on 1530403564
perfect (y)
on 1530337818
on 1529728132
sehr gut
on 1529140586
Great job!
on 1529118843
To trim keyboard clicks take a look at this plugin https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/47797846
on 1528992454
This has done more to help me improve my German than any other resource. Thank you so much!
on 1528983130
on 1528791200
Great deck, very helpful. Thanks a lot for sharing!
on 1528745027
amazing work
on 1527984000
on 1527724800
on 1527638400
vielen Dank für Ihre schöne Arbeit.
on 1527465600
Good job!
on 1527465600
You're awesome, thanks for the share with us.
on 1527206400
Very, very useful deck.
The learner needs to correct the not perfect english translations, in fact I rather translate it into my mother tounge.
Thank you!!!
on 1526688000
Thanks for your share. It's really helpful for me.
on 1526083200
I think that using sentences to memorize words is fundamental, and providing an appropriate mothertongue pronunciation is an excellent add on
on 1525737600
Good deck
on 1525737600
Ein Sehr gutes "Deck", die Leute die sich über die Schwierigkeit beschweren sollten bedenken, Das es sich nicht um ein Wörterbuch handelt sondern um eine Lern Methode um seine Sprachkenntnisse zu verbessern.

Wenn man einer neuen Sprache lernen will, darf man nicht faul sein! also die schwierige Wörter nochmal in einem Wörterbuch nachschlagen bitte! das hilft!
on 1525564800
The deck is a very useful tool to practice proper pronunciation and listening
on 1525564800
It's great!
on 1525219200
An excellent deck! Words can be remembered much faster in sentences, especially when they’re all with audio. The author has done a great job. Thank you very much for that!
on 1525046400
Thank you very much for your contribution. I liked it.
on 1524873600
This deck is different than any of the other ones. Not only does it have the word to be identified but including the example of how the word is used in a sentence spoken by native speakers is fantastic. I am glad that I was able to download this deck.
on 1524873600
excellent deck!
on 1524700800
on 1524700800
Very complete!
on 1523404800
Very good
on 1522972800
Great deck. German speakers accents vary, as they would in any country. Particularly USA.
on 1522972800
on 1522886400
شكرا جزيلا
on 1522800000
on 1522800000
on 1522540800
good work
on 1522368000
Well made, thank you for sharing!
on 1522281600
on 1522108800
Amazing :)
on 1520985600
on 1520899200
on 1520208000
Fantastic tool, especially if you know some basic german in advance I would say. Other decks might be better suited for absolute beginners due to the choise of sample sentences.
on 1520121600
Perfect deck. Danke!
on 1519948800
very helpful
on 1519948800
Obrigado pela ajuda! Deus abençoe você!
on 1519948800
I like the audio you give, also the fact you've ranked them seems nice
on 1519344000
wow!!! really helpful!
on 1519344000
Many thanks for compiling this gem. Would certainly give learning the German language a try.
on 1519257600
Very good.
on 1518998400
on 1518739200
Great deck!
on 1518652800
Great work!
on 1518220800
This is a very useful deck.
on 1518134400
on 1517961600
This is one of the most helpful decks out there, thank you!
on 1517270400
excellent resource
on 1517184000
Thank you so much!!!!
This deck will be very helpful :D
on 1517097600
Austin - sincere thanks. I taught myself German back in 2011, using anki to great effectiveness. I can only imagine how much faster I would have learned with a deck like this - mine was crude and self made. I'm using yours now to keep my German vocabulary fresh, and work on my pronunciation. Vielen Dank, mein Freund!
on 1516752000
An incredible contribution to the Anki community. Thank you!
on 1516579200
Great work. I'm trimming and enhancing audio files. The clicks are annoyoing. You should rather make a long recording and then cut it in pieces than recording directly in the Anki program. It would also save you a lot of money and sour finger.
on 1516492800
Fantastic deck - thank you very much for the time and money you put into this! If I was going to be pedantic, some of the English sentences are a bit shaky in terms of translation, which might have been because you had non-native speakers assemble them, but 95% is spot on.
on 1516406400
Excellent listening and read comprehension practice.
on 1516320000

this is about as good as a deck can get

I used a software called "mp3 diag" (also free) to even out the volume of the audio, thanks to the other reviewer for giving the idea

It seems that the native speakers of this deck have different accents. Specially how they pronounce R.

The letter R always confused me, because speakers of standard german always seemed to pronounce it differently...

So after listening to a lot of youtube videos from the german youtube https://www.youtube.de/ , I concluded that in formal speak the consonantal R always sounds like: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guttural_R ( with a trill, "rrrrrrrrrrr")
And in informal speak, it sounds like: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voiced_uvular_fricative in words like Recht and Reiz ... and it sounds like a very short u in words like "Gross", "Brille", "sprechen"

aaaand sometimes those pronunciations of R are interchangeably used, for example, in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jn94dQ8CyC0 he speaks R in all those different ways.

So while the pronunciation of this deck is correct, I'm pointing those things to avoid confusion.
Great deck!
I made some modifications to this deck, hope the owner doesn't mind.
I separated the sound into a different field, and I added a new field with more example sentences, that don't have advanced words. I also stabilized the volume of the audio, so every card has (more or less) the same volume.
If someone wants this modified version of the deck: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1520423974
on 1516060800
Great thank you so much, keep to improve deck.
on 1515801600
The audios are very helpful. Great job overall!
on 1515801600
on 1515628800
very high quality
on 1515283200
Very good effort
on 1514678400
on 1514419200
The beginning was nice. You get to here different varieties of sentences not much complexity.
on 1514419200
Thank you so much! I'm having a really excellent time using this so far.
on 1514246400
on 1514073600
All I can say is...WOW! Thank you.
(I was a hard working German major in college,
and what I would have given for something like this!)
on 1513987200
Great work!
on 1513814400
Amazing work ^^
on 1513555200
This deck is amazing
on 1512604800
You're a life saver! Awesome investment, thank you so much for sharing!
on 1512518400
The german audio sounds great!
Could you also upload the version with english audio? I think it could help a lot the people that are not native english.
on 1512259200
Incredibly helpful as a translation exercise. I've noticed a few small errors or oddities in usage, but they are very minor. Thank you!!
on 1512259200
wonderful deck!
on 1511740800
great. Thank you for your effort.
on 1511654400
Hi Austin, thank you very much for your hard work and sharing it! This deck lifts my German studies to another level. E.
on 1511395200
This is beyond awesome, dude! If Anki is the biggest blessing for humanity since sliced bread, than this deck is to German self-study what a razor sharp slicing machine was to that bread! Thank you!
on 1510963200
on 1510876800
on 1510790400
Super!!!Vielen Dank!!!
on 1510790400
sehr gut
on 1507766400
Speaker has dialect and sentences sometimes are strange

Good deck, but unfortunately the speaker has a dialekt (obviously she is from southern Germany) and the audio quality in general is not the best. If you decide to pay for a translator, why didn't you choose one who speaks "standard" German without dialect? You complain about the text-to-speech output of other decks but I have to tell you that the text-to-speech output at least is standard German, which sounds more natural in many cases.

The other thing is, that many sentences are unnecessarily complicated. It is impossible for beginners to understand their meaning. Why not use simple sentences at the beginning?
on 1507334400
thank you very much

thank u for the great masterpiece of a deck ) it's huge and rich of words in the context that is a first I see such a thing, thank u again I hope you good deed come back to you ten times more great job
on 1506211200
Excellent concept, but I have some concerns

At first I thought this was an excellent deck but now I’m starting to have some reservations. Before getting too far into it, users should be aware of the following.

1) A significant number of the English translations are poor
2) The choice of German sample sentences is often poor
3) It lacks English audio
4) the German audio varies in volume
5) It appears one of the audio files is missing (wahrscheinlich, 415)

The key problems are items 1 & 2 which are related to the frequency dictionary used. It does not provide English translations, so those putting the deck together have done their best to produce what they call a "RoughEnglishSentence". It is truly "rough" in many cases. Most, however, are good -- and that's saying a lot since we're talking 4000+ entries!

But my major concern is that the German sample sentences chosen do not always focus on helping the learner to learn the most frequent use of the word, and sometimes are unnecessarily difficult. For the learner, simple examples with clear, unambiguous translations are needed. Ideally this would focus on each word being learned as one progresses down the frequency list. Admittedly, selecting good examples like this requires a lot of work since at the beginning the learner will presumably not have a large vocabulary to work with.

Unfortunately the sample sentences chosen usually involve words which are much more complicated and difficult than the word which should be the focus of learning. What this means in practice is that you end up focusing on learning words at the beginning which are not high frequency words. This defeats the whole point of focusing on a high frequency list of words. Here are some examples to illustrate, with the word being learned and its frequency rank followed by the unnecessarily complicated sentence:

und (2): Erwin und Brigitte gehen heute Abend in den Auerbachkeller essen.
von (11): Nicht weit von hier gibt es ein gemütliches Restaurant.
ja (27): Ja, ich bin damit einverstanden.
doch (72): Boris wollte erst nicht am Turnier teilnehmen, doch dann haben sie ihn überredet.

Those who put the frequency dictionary together either never intended that it would be used as this deck does, or they were lousy teachers.

Nevertheless, I've been working on a deck to improve the English translations, add English audio (only to 500 so far), add fields to permit alternative German sample sentences and alternative English translations, and normalize the German audio. It's a lot of work.

So, I tip my hat to the hard work that's been done, and I’m definitely giving it a chance. But I thought it might be helpful to share my insights with others before they spend as much time as I have. If I eventually find out that this has nevertheless helped me learn German quickly, I’ll try to remember to come back and leave a note. But I’m starting to wonder...
on 1506038400

Simply the best deck there is in Anki. Thank you so much for the deck, you just helped a lowly broke student passing his German test :)
on 1504828800
Thank you

Thank you so much for investing your time and money in creating this amazing deck. Thank you for your effort. The best deck.
on 1504569600

on 1504137600
Do you may have the deck that includes the native english audio?

I'm not a native English speaker, and it would be usefull to have the have the english audio too.
The deck is great anyway, thanks a lot for that!
on 1503619200

Are the 500 words you are referring to part of this deck? If so, then surely I just have to work my way through the deck without any need for modification?

-- Anton
on 1499644800
Great deck, pity there are no plurals or strong verb conjugations

Thank you. Great effort.

Some feedback: If the deck included plurals I would be able to use this deck only. Also, strong verb conjugations would help too. e.g. vergisst; vergaß; hat vergessen.

So I still have to use other Anki decks to learn plurals and irregular verbs. But I will use this to learn sentence stress and pronunciation, especially when I've mastered the strong verbs.

I found the mp3s varied in volume, so I used MP3Gain (freeware) to normalise all mp3s to the same level.
on 1498694400
Best deck for start improving.

Hello, I'm very happy I found this deck, I was planning to do exactly what you just did, and now shared with the world. Just genious. I really appreciate your work. I hope it will help me and all the people out there who wants to learn or improve their german. I was studying with the frequency dictionary, but now, this is better! Audiooooo! :) Vielen Dank!
on 1497830400
Very good.

This is great, thank you.