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Planets Of Our Solar System Plus (Orbit + Name Origin)

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A simple deck for learning the planets in our solar system and some other extra details. Name to Position Position to Name Picture to Name Name to Name Origin Name to Orbit Length Name to Day Length Images from: https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/overview/ Information from: https://www.space.com/16080-solar-system-planets.html

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Name Jupiter
Position 5th
NameOrigin Ruler of the Roman gods
Orbit 11.9 Earth years
Day 9.8 Earth hours
Name Neptune
Position 8th
NameOrigin Roman god of water
Orbit 165 Earth years
Day 19 Earth hours
Name Mars
Position 4th
NameOrigin Roman god of war
Orbit 687 Earth days
Day 24 hours, 37 minutes

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