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Outcomes Vocabulary Builder

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Source: Outcomes Vocabulary Builder. It has been written to provide you with the important vocabulary in the Student’s Book and to show you how these words are commonly used. It does not include easier words, which you should know from lower levels, or unusual words, which you probably don’t need to remember at this level. WHAT EACH ENTRY CONTAINS • Each entry has a short explanation of the word’s meaning and often gives information on other forms or opposites. • There is a list of up to six typical collocations and phrases that the word is used with. • Regular language boxes provide extra information on word families, phrasal verbs etc. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION This is a sample deck. For more information, please see "My Other Anki Decks" section on the Essential Idioms in English page. Nickolay <kelciour@gmail.com>

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Word hours
Transcription /ˈaʊə(r)z/
Part of Speech Noun plural
Definition your hours are the number of hours you have to spend at work every day or every week. The hours of a business are the times when it is open
Examples Collocates: work long hours | opening hoursworkers are demanding higher wages and shorter working hours | I’ve been working very long hours this week | my hours are 9 till 5 | the shop’s opening hours are from 8 till 8
Unit Unit 1
Extra Info
Text A phrasal verb is a verb and a particle that are used together with a particular meaning. In some cases the particle does not change the meaning of the verb. This is true for action verbs like walk and run. For example, she rushed out of the house / let’s walk down the stairs / they ran away with my bag / I fell over, mean that the person rushed, walked, ran or fell.However, sometimes adding the particle changes the meaning of the verb:He walked out on his wife. (he left his wife)They ran out of food and drink. (they used all the food and needed more)I fell out with my brother. (we had an argument)The other phrasal verbs in this unit are:get by (manage), pick up (learn), give up (stop doing)
Unit Unit 1
Extra Info
Phrase as dead as a dodo
Definition if you say that something is as dead as a dodo, you mean that it is no longer in existence or no longer active or interesting. A dodo was a bird that could not fly and is now extinct (does not exist at all)
Example the steel industry in this town is as dead as a dodo
Unit Unit 12
Extra Info

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