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Export Browser's card list contents to CSV file Enhanced

<10kB. Updated 2014-12-06. Only supports Anki 2.0.x.
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# NOT THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR!!! I UPLOADED this to fix the existing bugs on the original one (Null Object Error) # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- # Export the Browser's selected rows to a csv data file # I dont take credit for this because I'm not the original author # Now if i'm breaking the License: GNU GPL, version 3 , then i'm sorry because my English is my second language and # I Can tell you the terms used in that license description is ESL-unfriendly. So yes, i'm sorry for being irresponsible but no way # am I going to spend my whole week with my dictionary and decrypts the terms and agreement for the license. My Goal is to learn to read japanese, not formal English vocabs. # However, If you email me in Easy English that I should remove this add-on because it's against the rule, then i'll gladly remove this add-on. # Copyright (Original Author): Steve AW <steveawa@gmail.com> # License: GNU GPL, version 3 or later; http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html # # Support: None. Use at your own risk. If you do find a problem please email me # steveawa@gmail.com but no promises. # This addon exports the contents of the Browser's selected rows to a csv # file that is escaped/quoted etc to be compatible with MS Excel. # You can control which columns are exported by adding/removing # columns from the Browser's list. # To use: # 1. Open the Browse window. # 2. Select the rows you want to export. (If you want all rows, # click on the "Edit" menu, then click on "Select All". # 3. Click on the "Edit" menu, then click on "Export Selected to CSV". # 4. Select the file name/location where you want the file saved. # # Note: I wrote this because I wanted access to the Due dates and intervals # to analyze in another program. As far as I can see it exports the other types # of fields, including the text fields, without any problems. But I have not # looked closetly at anything except for the date fields. # # Warning: buyer beware ... The author is not a python, nor a qt programmer # # Support: None. Use at your own risk. If you do find a problem please email me # fickle_123@hotmail.com but no promises. # Rev Log (Original Author): # 1. 25-Jun-2013 Fix bug introduced in Anki2.09 due to change in getSaveFile() # Rev Log (What I modified): # 1. 06-12-2014 Fix Null object error which occurred when the field is blank # 2. 06-12-2014 changed default delimiter to tab (original delimiter was ,) so I can view it on excel # # Outstanding To-do: # 1. figure out how to export column in the order seen by the browser


The add-on author has not uploaded a version of this add-on compatible with Anki 2.1. Old add-ons for Anki 2.0 can be downloaded from the archive.

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on 1531127467
on 1529760314
I wanted to export and separate only the front of the card and it worked, thank you for the extension
on 1528760227
This just created a jumbled mess when I tried to export a Korean deck.

The newer "Export Notes in CSV format" add-on is way more organized. I recommend using that instead.
on 1513555200
Thanks for the extension. Very helpful. What must I do to convert the tags that are included in the texts.
on 1509321600
if you need to set ',' as the separator

the default separator is TAB and if your content have ',' in your Anki fields, the .cvs file would have both ',' and TAB as separator, when you open this file in MAC Excel 2016, the column relations would be broken.

you can modify the addon code from:
writer = csv.writer(file, dialect='excel',delimiter =' ')
writer = csv.writer(file, dialect='excel',delimiter =',')

and this would be helpful~
on 1491782400
works ok

works ok but i spilt my drink on my mouse and i cant use it properly now
on 1478563200
This saved my butt

Thanks for this add-on. Didn't expect it to work like it did, but it gave me a way to export just one field, which is what I was needing to do. Huge huge time save!
on 1472428800
Export from Browser

It's nice to be able to export from the Browser so that you don't end up having to create a filtered deck just for the purpose of export
on 1465603200
Works like a charm

I wish I could better decide which Anki field is used for sorting the contents, so my CSV would be easier to clean up and modify afterwards. But I think that might be due to what field I use for sorting in Anki, and there not all are possible.
on 1462406400
Due field

I've been looking for extension which could export the DUE FIELD data. This one does the job pretty well. Thank you! 5*
on 1451174400
Works well but remember...

Uninstall the old add-on FIRST, close and restart Anki, and then install this improved version. My error messages went away once I did this. Thank you for this wonderful add-on!
on 1429833600
What about the back side?!
on 1423872000
Thanks a lot!

It works like a charme! The original modul was buggy. You fixed it and make it a lot easier for us. A BIG BIG Thank you for that, but also to the original author for his good will at least!
on 1418515200
Thank you!

This enhanced version fixed the error I was getting when exporting the browser list to .CSV. Thank you for sharing it.