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German Synonyms

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This deck contains cards designed to help you split synonyms. The definitions are in English. Sample Cards: front: What is the difference between das Zimmer and der Raum meaning 'room'? back: When referring to a 4-walled 'room', they mean the same but Zimmer is for private dwellings and Raum for rooms in a public institution. Zimmer is associated with living/sleeping and Raum with a room for a specific purpose (classroom, meeting room etc.). front: What is the difference between krabbeln and kriechen meaning to crawl? back: krabbeln is for babies and spiders only (or things pretending to be them). kriechen is anything moving on 4 limbs with belly close to the ground (person, crocodile etc.)

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Front What is the difference between die Säule and der Pfeiler as columns or pillars?
Back der Pfeiler is usually supporting a bridge or large structure, die Säule  is artistically used as a free-standing decoration, or in ancient buildings etc..
Front For "there is" expressing permanent or temporary presence in a definite/limited place, do you use es gibt or es ist?(There is a small cafe in our street...)
Back es ist (Es ist ein kleines Café in unserer Straße.)
Front What is the difference between der Schluss and der Abschluss meaning the 'conclusion'/'end'/'final section' of an event/task etc?
Back Der Schluss means the part that brings the rest of the thing to a conclusion (neutral), der Abschluss emphasizes that all the ends are tied up nicely and that it was completed successfully.

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