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Anime - Your Name

61.77MB. 895 audio & 894 images. Updated 2021-08-26.
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The deck is based on the anime Your Name (Kimi no Na ha). It was made using subs2srs, but each card was checked manually. All Furiganas are checked to avoid mistakes made by the Japanese Support addon. All names are put in brackets for more accurate results with Morphman. You can change the card type if you want to focus on reading or listening skills. CONTENT - All the japanese sentences from the movie - The english subtitle (not a direct translation from the japanese sentence) - Screenshot and japanese audio from each sentence - Definition for each word. THE DECK - The Front card will display audio, the screenshot, and your target word as a hint. - The Back card will display the english subtitle. Keep in mind it's not always a direct translation of the japanese sentence. - The website ichi.moe is directly embedded in the card style, and will analyse the sentence, giving the definition for each word. - The cards are ordered chronologically in the default field "ID". - There is a kanji pop-up dictionary included. Click on any kanji in the card, it will give you extra information. You can choose which information to display by editing the card, there are instructions in the css part. It may stop working with future anki updates. - Dont forget the necessary Japanese Support addon. - Deck works on phone and anki-web too. HOW TO USE - I use this card template with the Morphman addon and the Migaku Dictionary addon. You can use the deck without them. Fields will only appear on the card if they are filled out. - Morphman Use the Expression field to analyze the cards. The field for Focus morph is called "Morph" in this card style. Make sure it matches Morphman Preferences, or rename the field accordingly. - Migaku Morphman will automatically fill out the target field on the card. To add definitions, just select the word during reviews, and use Ctrl+S to open up Migaku dictionary. You can fill up the "Definition" field. In the browser mode, you can select all your cards with a target word add all the definitions at once. HISTORY V1 - 03/09/2020 Release OTHER DECKS on Anki Web - Study : Kanji, Grammar, Vocabulary - Reading: Manga (Yotsuba), Games (Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest) - Listening : Anime, Pimsleur Some decks for anime are too big to be posted on Anki web. I've compiled all my resources on my website. You can find hundreds of anime, manga, games ordered by difficulty, direct links to their anki decks; links to video-game japanese scripts, guide on how to study japanese, links to ressources for studying, and various tutorials to help you along the way. If you have any issue, you can use the contact author button, reach me on reddit, I'm Jo Mako, or on Discord.

Sample (from 895 notes)

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ID A_YourName_617
Expression か 軽いな
English That's it?
Reading か  軽[かる]いな
ID A_YourName_504
Expression ねえ 本当にこの場所なの
English Hey. Is this really the place?
Reading ねえ  本当[ほんとう]にこの 場所[ばしょ]なの
ID A_YourName_224
Expression はい
English Yes sir!
Reading はい

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on 1655726629
Hello, do you have a version of this that works with Anki 2.1.35?
on 1641939615
Thanks for your hard work 💜
on 1640286240
Don't work with the new version of anki :((, but is a good deck
Comment from author
You should download the deck again, I think you're using an old version.

That issue was fixed 4 months ago.
I just tested it again to make sure.
on 1633770078
on 1630404240
you are a legend, Jo Mako... deep appreciation from south korea
on 1625957191
god bless you
on 1625425666
very good!
on 1624432602
The author has made some very excellent decks, I am extremely grateful for all of them and have been using them to help me study. Not only are they very well laid out but they make my learning process a lot more fun overall.
on 1623019840
Thank you very much for sharing your decks!!! I really appreciate it! Thank you for spending your time making these anime decks! I wanted to make these kinds of decks as well, (because I watched Matt vs. Japan on YouTube), but it was to complicated for me...
You saved my learning progress! It is like watching my favorite movies that I love so much but with learning effects!!! xD

I just saw that you made some new decks recently.
I can't wait to download the new decks after I finished My Neighbor Totoro and Your Name!
I can't say it enough!
Thank you very much! ^-^
on 1619190062
on 1599828924
Certainly a breath of fresh air and pretty fun to learn with specially for those who love anime.
i don't know how much Your Name movie takes from the japanese spoken from real life but it's still fun.